A Little Peace Lord

We know we are loved. But, sometimes we need an extra dose of something to keep us from losing it, in the many challenges we meet in our human journey.

I believe that because of all the stressful events that permeate the news, worldwide or on our own doorsteps, more than ever we need the Lord to embue us with an extra dash of Peace. Otherwise how will we function in a way that is meaningful, loving and of service to ourselves, families, loved ones, neighbours, communities, cities, states/provinces, countries …?

To say it would be challenging is an understatement. If I am not at peace, have no peace within, then everything I encounter in the course of the day will become polluted with my negative vibrations. I will only serve to make things worse.

In Scriptures there is a prayer request (KJV) in 2 Thess. 3:16 that is a prayer that bequests to those listening a gift of peace:

Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means. The Lord be with you all.

The key words of this short prayer are:

“peace always” and
“by all means”

The Lord is being asked to bestow peace upon us always and by whatever means are Dove-2available to do so. In reading this my thoughts are that the second aspect, the “by all means” will be different for each of us and even different for me at different times, depending on what’s going on in my life in that moment.

The only parameters that are fixed in this prayer are those of the peace being always available for us. As to the wherewithal and how it will be done, that is left in the hands of the Lord.

Out of all of this, as recipients of this blessing, we must be willing to leave the method of how the Lord bestows this peace in our lives, in His hands.

Lord Knows Best (“Father Knows Best”)

Example: If I am in a financial bind and desperately need help just to keep the roof over my head or feed my family, I have no doubt in the faithfulness of the Father to meet my “needs.” He has never failed me and will never fail me. BUT if I want this financial help for something the Father knows I am not yet capable of handling and that it might be detrimental to me and/or someone else, the prayer request might be withheld for a time or might never come, if my purposes were not good purposes.

It’s like when someone on the street asks you for money. So many people are in dire straights and I help when I can. But, if my intuition tells me the person doesn’t want to buy a meal, but wants more drugs or alcohol, I might not give the money because it just might be the last drink or drug bought with my money that harms them. There is always an alternative, if they are asking for money for food; to offer to buy them a meal or get something for them.

If the person doesn’t accept the offer, then I likely will not give them the money.

If the Lord feels that by His answering my prayer I will be exposed to harm or someone else may be, I have no doubt He will withhold what I am ‘praying’ for at the time.

So, if the Lord doesn’t seem to be helping you out, in restoring your peace of mind by giving you what you are asking for, we need to trust Him; that He is doing what is best for us. Sometimes it is damn hard. I’ve been in situations where I thought I’d not make it, but I always have and have no doubt always will.

DovePeaceTime Goes By

As time goes by we all look back and wonder how we got through different challenges in our lives. The loss of my brother is one time for me. I know that if I had not lived the life I had gone through up to that point, I would not have had the strength I have had since my brother’s death.

The Lord was building my strength, my sense of inner peace, for such a time as this. Otherwise, I am afraid I might have restorted to my old ways of handling emotional stresses – the old addicts route of numbing the pain.

Peace He has given me in “all means,” which I now like to say I now have “al-ways” within me. It keeps me grounded with deep penetrating roots of love and peace.

Acknowledgement:  The accompanying sketch of the hands of Mother Teresa was drawn by my late brother Craig who loved the Lord and was so influential in my life.  He left us three years ago.


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