Listen to Your “Self”

I have come to know that when I do not listen to my self I miss out on some pretty great things.

We all too often make decisions that are based upon the influence of external events, other people’s ideas and tradition.

When we use the things that are external to us, we are not being true to ourselves.  We are analyzing the idea or event based upon preconceived ideas and notions.  We do not allow for the unknown to emerse.

This time that we are in is a time for the unexpected to take place, if we will but listen to our true selves; that small voice we hear that at times just does not seem to hold any logic.

Do I want to be free to express?  Yes I do, and yet I continue to seek the opinion of others who have gone before me.  On so many occasions when I have thrown all caution to the wind and gone ahead, despite people and things that scream out loudly, you are crazy, I have been blessed and have blessed others.

I am primarily talking about some of the things that I have expressed over the years in my writing.

A great example was my tendency to use the term, “my hearing heart.”  I would say things that came from my heart, things that were contrary to what the mind was telling me as formed by the reality of the world.  My hearing heart expressed things that would be labelled as being “out of this world.”  But, several years later, science proved me right when they published a paper confirming that the heart has a brain of its own.

My out of this world expression proved to be true.  Before it was “unreal” and now by worldly standards it was proven to be “real”.  For me, it was real all along and I often thought that this world in which we live is what is not real, just a dim reflection of what the human eye cannot see nor the human ear hear.

What the heart sees, hears and feels has become my reality and it is from these that I am given revelation of the most amazing truths.

So, my readers, you can expect to see and hear more of what is unreal (by worldly standards) that what you may, at the present moment consider to be your reality.

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