Feminine ~ Divine Feminine

I think I need to clarify what I mean when I use the word Feminine.

  • I am not using it as a term to distinguish between the male and female species.
  • I am using it to distinguish between the feminine and masculine qualities that every hu-man – that is man and wo-man has.

In the beginning (according to Genesis) we were created equal:  YHWH created man in His image, male and female he created man.  See that wording?  Me (wo-man) and my brothers (man) were created in His image – both male and female.

So, now let’s get down to business.

I write about the return of the Divine Feminine.  If we must use something as a guide, I Am of YHWHthen we will stick with the Bible (OT & NT).

Point of interest:  everywhere in the Bible the word wisdom is referred to in the female tense.

Where the Feminine stands out, above the Masculine, is that the Feminine is the wisdom side of the human and the more physical, worldly attributes are the Masculine qualities.

Being born into an Irish-French-Scottish Catholic family, I grew up in the church of the good old boys.  The church was male dominated, male run and all round good old boys’ club.  My brothers were altar boys.  I could not participate as an altar girl.  It has changed, a bit.  Priest doesn’t have his back to the congregation anymore and no longer says mass in Latin (smile).

It was a Pope of the Roman Church, Clementine, back in about 300 AD who started beefing up the church, changing dates and days for celebrations and feasts.  He needed to amass large congregations so he also set about swallowing up pre-existing religions, watering down Yeshua’s teachings to make the Pope’s organization more pleasing to the potential “customers.”

Well, we all know how well that worked.  Really well, because here I am still trying to defend myself and explain why I, a wo-man have as much right as any man (because YHWH used the term man to mean both male and female) to teach, preach, bless and all those other things.

Personally speaking, I think the Pope was afraid of what women had been given by YHWH, that the masculine was a little deficient in:  wisdom and with the getting of wisdom she also gained understanding.

King Solomon was known for his wisdom in decision-making. It is the Feminine (wisdom) aspect of King Solomon who tempered his decision as regard the claim for a child:  he qualities of Solomon knew that no adult who loved a child would agree to his terrible proposal to divide the child in two equal parts.  He had compassion for both people who sought custody of the child.

The Masculine qualities, of which I gladly admit I am deficient and am working on, are those that can be black and white in making decisions, not thinking with the heart’s brain but the one in the head.  Masculine strong people are more left than right brain.

Yes, I said the heart’s brain.  Couple of years ago I read an article about the scientists of this world having published, proof, that the heart has its own brain.  Now I know why I’ve always spoken like I already knew, about my hearing heart and messages from the heart.

The Feminine quality of intuition is a rich quality and I am sure many a shrewd business man would like to have if it meant a great deal – sort of insider trading.  But what man, or wo-man for that matter, would be upfront in saying that his/her decision was based on intuition, on a gut feeling?  In today’s business world, driven by the almighty dollar first (at least here in North America), they’d be laughed off the trading floor and likely fired from their job!

Growing up in the Catholic family as I did, I was taught that all this intuition stuff and talking about spirits etc. was witchcraft and I’d be burned at the stake and go to hell.

But wait, isn’t intuition the same idea as discernment?  And Scripture speaks of the gift of discernment as being a quality to be admired and cherished.  Two different words, I’ll give you that, but they both have the same intended meaning!  And, the Scriptures also tell us that only Spirit can know Spirit, can discern and understand what Spirit is saying, but people got called witches and heretics and were killed for doing those things?

I use the terms Feminine and Divine Feminine interchangeably.  It is the qualities in all of us like wisdom, intuition, understanding, compassion, empathy, sympathy, etc.  When we start using those capabilities, hand in hand with the Masculine capabilities, I have no doubt whatsoever that we will see quite a turn around in how the businesses and governments of this world operate.

I like to visualize a man or woman as a ruler of a country, consulting with others and making decisions that are as a result of having compassion or understanding, of wanting to rule just like King Solomon did, with wisdom.  I really do think we are on our way there, that it has begun as we see more rulers seeking counsel of their female counterparts and vice versa.

PRAYER:  Dear Lord – Please help my brothers to stop being so afraid of the wisdom, compassion and understanding of my sisters so that we can work together to heal this world.  Thank you, and A-men!