What is “Source”

When I speak of Source, I am talking about the very beginnings of our life as humans; who we were at the moment of Creation with all of our powers, abilities and Father’s abilities still present and accessible to us.

If you think about the child at birth, s/he is born with an opening in the top of their head, what we call the soft spot.  Over a period of time the skull closes over this soft spot, protecting the brain, etc.

I have wondered why we are born with this opening.  Over time I have come to think that perhaps the closing up of this soft spot is symbolic of our being locked out from accessibility to all of our powers and abilities.

In the death of Yeshua on the cross, he speaks of the veil being torn aside, opening the way for us to access – access what is my question.

I’ve also written about my thoughts as to why most humans have less than 20% access to the brain’s potential; at best a person whom we call a genius has access to 20%.

Is there a connection between these things:  our birth and the opening in our skull, the closing of that opening and then Yeshua’s death and an opening being made to give the human access?  I believe there is a connection.

It is my belief that although we all have this available Source, it is only as we become ready to use the gifts we find for the benefit of humanity and the multi-verses, that we will be given access.

Each of us has a very specific purpose in this journey, that no one else can accomplish with, for or on your behalf.  If you or I fail to grow to the place where we are fully equipped by Source to accomplish our purpose, we will be depriving all of life of a gift that only we could have shared.

We must return to the Source, to be beginning of our time when we entered this world, fully aware of who we are and be given access to what we, individually, will need to carry out our life’s purpose.

I will leave you with one other thing to think about and that is, do you think when Scripture said we must become as little children, there is a connection to all of this?  I believe it is key.  Think about the attitudes of a tiny child, how they behave in relation to what they first begin to discover – before they are influenced by the things of the world, parents’ behaviour and teaching, nursery schools, churches, etc.

Before any of those influences, what observations do you have about your child?  I think it will give you some answers and clarity.


    1. Thank you so much! I always appreciate feedback, knowing that what Spirit has me write (as I am being taught by Spirit), also “clicks” with another. Blessings and may 2018 fill you with all you desire, filled with love & joy!!


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