Touch Heals

I work in the fields of Reiki and Therapeutic Touch, both of which are therapies that work with the body’s energies and the universal energies.  These therapies are focusing on the 7 main chakras of the human body as shown in this image, with a general overview of the chakras and what they control.7Chakras

I always ask the client whether s/he is okay with touch as some people do not like to be touched.

It is not necessary to touch the body with our hands.  We feel the energies and they are felt from a distance, as the body’s aura are in several layers and extend a distance out from the body.  The image you see here gives you a general idea of how far these energies extend beyond the body.

Some people can see another’s aura.  I have seen auras on a few occasions, and regularly see auras around plants in my home, as well as a painting that my brother did of the “prayer hands” of Mother Teresa.

I will also see waves of energy and on a regular basis do see something that I would describe as being like little dancing firefly specks of energy.  Why not, right?  Energy abounds.  I am sure you’ve touched a door knob on occasion and received a shock.  That’s energy.

The human touch is the greatest tool there is for providing therapy, to yourself and another.   Hugging is an example of touching and a few years ago there was some kind of a movement going on “to reach out and hug someone today.”

Try that today and I am afraid you would probably be looked up for assault.  Not funny at all.  Unless you know the person, it isn’t safe to touch or hug anyone.

Anyone who has been to a hair dresser and had a shampoo will agree that the best part of the whole session is when the scalp is being massaged.  I’ve practically begged them not to stop.

Then there is the joy of getting a full body massage.  When I was working full time I Feet-PressPoints - MassageBefore Go Bedmade a point of going at least once every two weeks.  I would walk out of the appointment feeling like I was made of rubber.  I even questioned my ability to drive home from the appointment, I was that relaxed.

A foot massage is very relaxing and it gets the energy and body fluids flowing.  There is a pressure point in the foot for every major organ of the body.

Did you know that if you have a pain on the left side of your body that it is being caused by some malfunction in the opposite side of your body?  Pretty weird, but it is the truth.

We mustn’t leave out our hands.  They too have these pressure points, and a massage makes you feel good and is beneficial to your body.HandsGraphicChart

It is rather funny, thinking about touch and today’s news.  It seems we are shutting ourselves off more and more from human touch.  I mean, here I am, just me and my keyboard; I being the only human.  As a writer, I suppose I could get away with little or no human contact (let alone touch), because I don’t have to “leave home” to submit my articles, stories and even book drafts.

All of these alternative types of treatment are non-invasive and do not have any side effects.  This is the opposite of the prescription medications that our medical profession has been so quick to recommend as a treatment for just about every ache and pain of the human.  We are now seeing the contraindications of those loosely written prescriptions.  We are living in a society that is quite sick – hooked on street and prescription medications.

I highly recommend that if you are having aches and pains you try an alternative therapy.  It cannot hurt you and the worst thing that can happen is you may not feel any different than before the treatment.

The human touch has never carried with it any threat of causing side effects or some unknown illness.  Like I said, for some of these therapies like Reiki and Therapeutic Touch it isn’t even necessary to have direct touch.

Assignment: So, my dear friends and readers, your assignment for today is to reach out and hug yourself, give yourself a foot massage or do it for a loved one or ask them to reach out and touch you.

These are a few interesting facts about touch.

Touch-Facts About&Body



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