Forget to Remember

Seniors-Care4Those WhoCared4Us2A few weeks ago during meditation Spirit brought this weird message to me as I was thinking about the tragedy of Alzheimer’s and how we are losing so much of our untold history because of the effect it has on our memories.

Years ago my Girl Guide group visited a retirement home in Ottawa to sing Christmas Carols. It was, I suppose, what we call a Level 3 retirement home, in that the elderly who lived there required constant care. As a 14 year old child, I can still feel the shock I felt to see a grandmother in diapers.

It made me very sad and I can still feel the same sadness in my heart.  I had and do have an overwhelming sense of loss for all the memories and moments that they have stored up in their long-lived lives.  To forget so much of their many years, their generations of family.  It really is a heartbreaking thought.

Some things we do want to forget, right? But I haven’t forgotten, and it was that visit so long ago that engraved this burning passion and desire I have inside to make life better for the elderly, especially those whose families are unable to care for them.

Let Me Forget Only Things That Cause Pain

Many years later I wrote this poem you see. When I am prompted to write about something, a word or an idea, Spirit speaks through me, giving me a message, teaching me something of importance.

This poem is a conversation with God/YHWH reminding him that we have a lot of memories and suggesting that if He insists I have to forget something, then make it those things that caused me pain and hurt.

Only time will tell if He heard and will honour my request! 🙂

Spirit’s Message – Follow-Up on Forgetting

A few days later, Spirit said that we are chock full of thousands upon thousands upon thousands of memories, many of which we aren’t aware. She compared it to a wineglass that was full and said for each breath I take there are memories being created. Eventually they will overflow, and some of the good memories that you and I will continue to accumulate, may not make it into our wineglass.

At some point we have to start sorting through memories and letting some go. We mayWineglass Full Memories2 not consciously do that ourselves and I like to think that the Father who knows our all will help and will permit the emptying of those memories that will not serve any purpose in this present moment. I don’t think I would be able to choose which to keep or which to let go.

I have seen and experienced some of the “worst” memories (times of pain, sorrow, loneliness) and “greatest” memories so far in my life. I may not have immediately benefited, or at all, from some (or least not that I recognize, yet), but I know that someone “out there” who I have met or has read something I have transcribed from Spirit through me, has benefited.

Sometimes people, we just plain need to forget some things in order to store up new things for us to remember. Sometimes it isn’t even new things Spirit wants us to remember. Sometimes it is things we have totally forgotten about because they were buried in the sediment at the bottom of our wineglass, covered by the many years of memories that followed them.

The next time I forget something, perhaps I will remember to seek out what it is YHWH wants me to remember in its place.

We must never forget to remember how much we are loved.  And, we must never forget to tell those who may have forgotten, how much they are loved.

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