Talk With YHWH

TalkWithGodWhen is the last time you talked  with YHWH/God?

I emphasize with not to or at YHWH.  It may sound like semantics, but when I am speaking with you I am have a conversation.  When I am talking to you I am usually just telling you what I want you to know and not expecting a response.

I have arrived at the place where I sense that the Father likes it when we talk with Him.  What Father doesn’t like to have conversations with their child?

It’s more than going to Him because we have a problem we want Him to solve for us.  It is the simple things in life, maybe even consulting with Him and asking His opinion on whether you should go to this school or that, buy this book or that, or what to have for dinner.  That is how we speak with our parents, so why not God the Father?

I, and so many others, run to Him when we’re in deep “do-da!” or need a “miracle” ’cause we tried everybody and everything else and couldn’t get what we needed.  It’s like I once heard and am now heard saying so often, when we do have problems and need help, the first thing we should do is run to the throne not the phone.

Think about Him as one of your friends (besides being the Father).  If we only spoke to or with our friends when we wanted something, they wouldn’t be our friends for very long.

I believe that is how the Father wants us to be with Him, in a respectful and loving TalkGod-DontForgetfriendship with a Father we can tell anything to and know we won’t be judged or condemned, know that when He answers back (even if we don’t like it) He will do so with the answer we need, borne out of His love for us.

So, today when you’re tripping around, maybe shopping or at the water cooler at work, whisper a soft hello, a soft thanks … for the water you’re about to drink or the boots you’re about to purchase. Maybe you are taking one of your children to the dentist (and they hate it) – don’t just ask the Lord to calm your child, thank the Lord that you have such a wonderful, beautiful child.

Throughout the day, occasionally drop in and say hello.  You will be glad that you did, because I know I always feel so much better, and even more relaxed because I know who is my constant companion.

Have you ever thought that prayer is a privilege?  Until I saw this message, I hadn’t.  It is a privilege to be able to have a conversation with YHWH and to know that He is always listening.


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