Pilate Hears Testimony of Yeshua Healing

As an intro, I wanted to say that I have never been satisfied with how little is known about Yeshua.  Pretty much all we know is one incident of him astonishing the Priests in the Temple with his wisdom and knowledge of Scripture as a young boy.  Then we’re into what we call his actual years of ministry.  It began with what we are told was his first miracle, the changing of the water into wine at a wedding feast.  What little we are given is said to have occurred when Yeshua was ages 30-33.

I can go off on a tangent here, just on the wedding.  There is historical information suggesting it was actually Yeshua’s wedding and that is why his mother was sort of officiating and spoke to him about the shortage of wine.

LostBooksBible-1 (1)Anyway, this is about witnesses and people speaking out who were actually healed by Yeshua.

The additional historical information is found in a book called The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden.  The version I reference was published in 1926.

The book does contain historical information about Yeshua as a child.  He was definitely a typical boy who gave his parents a rough time, like most little kids.

This information now shared is testimony related to Pilate by various Jews, noblemen and non-Jews who testified before Pilate of how Yeshua healed them.  It also gives the response of the Pharisees who wanted Yeshua put to death.

There is extensively more information than in our current Bible versions on the accusations against Yeshua and response of the Pharisees.

When they first brought Yeshua they demanded his death because he was healing on the Sabbath.  Throughout the course of their trying to change Pilot’s mind, they changed their story several times, when things weren’t working as they had hoped.  It is of interest to note their reasons as they emerged.  They were just grasping at straws and sounding as desperate as I am sure they felt.

The real reason was they were afraid of the power that was exhibited by Yeshua.  They were afraid they would lose their authority and power over the people.  Sounds to me like the Romans too had the same fears when they were establishing the church because they took some of the exact same steps and held some of the same opinions as the Jews as to why certain things could or could not be done, why certain people could or could not hold positions within the church, and as to what was acceptable to the church and who was determined a heretic, and as the Jews held, deserved to be ostracized and put to death.

Gospel of Nicodemus, formerly called the Acts of Pontius Pilate

LostBooksBible-2 (1)The people bringing Yeshua before Pilate are listed by name.  They tell Pilate that Yeshua is the son of a carpenter and is declaring himself to be the Son of God and a king; and, “not only so, but attempts the dissolution of the sabbath, and the laws of our fathers.”  Pilate asks them what Yeshua is declaring & attempting to dissolve and the Jews respond:

“We have a law which forbids doing cures on the sabbath day; but he cures both the lame and the deaf, those afflicted with the palsy, the blind, and lepers, and demoniacs, on that day by wicked methods.”

Pilot asks them how he could do this by wicked methods and they answered saying:

“He is a conjurer, and casts out devils by the prince of the devils; and so all things become subject to him.”

I got a real chuckle when I read Pilate’s response to the Jews:

“Casting out devils seems not to be the work of an unclean spirit, but to proceed from the power of God.”

Sounds like the Jews were lost and so they suggest Pilate have Yeshua attend before him and tell Pilate himself what it is he does.  My thoughts here were, boy, now you’ve done it (the Pharisees & Scribes that is); you’ve sealed your fate!

Yeshua is summoned and we’re told that the Jews got ticked off because the messenger who was sent to get Yeshua bowed down before him and they told Pilate he should have sent something/someone they call the beadle.  Pilate spoke to the messenger and who said that when he had been sent from Jerusalem to Alexander he saw Yeshua “sitting on a she-ass, and the children of the Hebrews cried out, Hosannah, holding boughs of trees in their hands.” Others had spread their garments and said “Save us, thou who art in heaven; blessed is he who cometh in the name of the Lord.”

The Jews tried to explain this away by saying the Hebrews spoke in the Hebrew language so how could someone who is Greek understand?  The messenger told that he had asked one of the Jews what was said, what were the children saying, and the Jew explained to the messenger saying:

“They cry out Hosannah, which being interpreted, is O, Lord, save me; or, O Lord, save.

I needed to give you the above detail because I wanted to include the explanation of what Hosannah actually means.  Until I read that, I had no idea and in fact never really thought about its meaning; only thought of it as a word that was praising YHWH.

Pilate Speaks With Yeshua

Pilate called for the witnesses after his wife told to let Yeshua go because of the visions she had the night before.  In response to what she said, the Jews responded:

“Did we not say unto thee, He is a conjurer?  Behold, he had caused they wife to dream.”

Annas and Caiaphas tried to convince Pilate the peopled shouldn’t be listened to because they were Yeshua’s proselytes and disciples.  Those to testify told Pilate they weren’t proselytes but children of Jews and speak only the truth.


It is important that I mention here exactly what it is that Yeshua said to Pilate when asked if he was a king.  He told Pilate that the reason he came into this world was:

“I should bear witness to the truth; and every one who is of the truth, heareth my voice.” Pilate asked him, “What is truth?” Yeshua said, “Truth is from heaven.”  Pilate then said, “Therefore truth is not on earth.” and Yeshua said, “Believe that truth is on earth among those, who when they have the power of judgment, are governed by truth, and form right judgment.”

Those words are not found in any of the plethora of Bible versions I have ever used, read or seen and it is important.

If you will recall, if you have read anything I have written, the Lord impressed upon my Spirit the importance of truth 30 years ago!  I pondered about why all liars were going to the lake of fire and my Spirit spoke to me, finally giving me an answer I have stuck to.  It is found in the poem that Spirit wrote through me, which I called If I Lie.  If you click on this hyperlink it will take you to a blog that I recently wrote.

People Who are Healed Testify

  1. Nicodemus tells Pilate that Yeshua did many miracles, “such as no man on earth ever wrought before,nor will ever work.” He goes on to say that if the miracles aren’t from God then they won’t last (that is if they were miracles by a man).  He points out the miracles of Moses (Moshe) and Pharaoh, and that Pharaoh’s magicians couldn’t do everything Moses did by God.  Those who had performed the miracles and all who had believed them, perished.
  2. A certain Jew got up to speak and tells how he had lay for 38 years by a pool waiting Capernaum-synagoguefor a cure.  When Yeshua saw him he asked the man, “Wilt thou be made whole?”  The man said no one would put him in the water and Yeshua simply said, “Rise, take up thy bed and walk.”  He was healed immediately.  The Jews complained because it happened on sabbath and it was against the law.
  3. Another Jew speaks up and tells the he was blind, could hear sound and when he hear the people passing asked what was going on.  When he was told Yeshua was going by he cried out saying, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me.”  Yeshua stopped and told the people to bring the man to him and he asked the man, “What wilt thou?”  He asked Yeshua to receive his sight, and Yeshua said, “Receive thy sight.”  He saw immediately.
  4. Another Jew stood and testified he’d been a leper and, “he cured me by his word only, saying, I will, be thou clean.”
  5. Another Jew testified saying he was crooked, “and he made me straight by his word.”
  6. A certain woman named Veronica testified about an issue of blood she’d had for 12 Woman-Bloodyears, and “I touched the hem of his garments, and presently the issue of my blood stopped.”  The Jews responded by saying, “We have a law, that a woman shall not be allowed as an evidence.”
  7. Another Jew testifies about seeing Yeshua at a wedding in Cana of Galilee where they needed wine and Yeshua told them to bring six pots filled with water, and he “blessed them, and turned the water into wine.”
  8. Another Jew stood up and said he’d seen Yeshua teaching in the synagogue and there was a man in the synagogue who had a devil and he cried out to Yeshua, “Let me alone; what have we to do with thee, Jesus of Nazareth?  Art thou come to destroy us?  I know that thou art the Holy One of God.”  Yeshua rebuked the devil who left the man.
  9. A certain Pharisee speaks up an tells of seeing a great company come to Jesus from Galilee and Judea and the sea-coast and many countries about Jordan, and many infirm persons came to him, “and he healed them all.” He said he heard the unclean spirits, “crying out, and saying: Thou art the Son of God.”  He said that Yeshua DevilCast-Synagoguecharged them, “that they should not make him known.”
  10. Another man called Centurion said he saw Yeshua in Capernaum and told him about his sick servant at home.  Yeshua said he’d go with him to his house, but he said to Yeshua, “Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldst come under my roof; but only speak the word, and my servant shall be healed.”  Yeshua responded, “Go thy way; and as thou has believed, so be it done unto thee.”  The man said his servant was healed that very hour.
  11. A nobleman speaks about his son who was dying so he sought Yeshua asking him to go to his house and heal his son.  Yeshua told him to, “Go thy way, thy son liveth.”  His son was cured immediately.

Tools of Healing


  • had compassion
  • spoke
  • touched
  • commanded
  • used the earth’s elements
  • energy went out from him
  • asked what the person wanted, even though he already knew; they needed to ask


  • believed
  • sought
  • touched
  • reached out
  • received
  • responded immediately
  • were humble
  • were desperate
  • went to any lengths to receive healing
  • praised, worshipped and gave thanks

Healing is as natural as breathing; at least that is the way that we have been created.  Yeshua told the disciples and people that we could and would do even more than he did in his short three year ministry (age 30 to 33).  We have all of these abilities.  It’s just that the Lord pretty much has most of them under lock and key, in most humans.

I think the reason for this, of course, is that we are prone to abusing our spiritual and any supernatural powers or abilities.  There is the tendency to self-serve and not bother with the other-serve aspect of our gifts.

We have not because we seek to consume these abilities and satisfy our own individual lusts.  According to what is said by James, and I sadly wholeheartedly agree with these sentiments.

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