Miracles of Yeshua the Child

I know I am not alone in wanting to know more about Yeshua.  I am sharing with you some information that I have come across.  The choice belongs to each of us as to what to do or believe.

I’ve just found it rather odd that we know pretty much nothing about Yeshua, save his apparent miracles that first began with the changing of the water to wine, at about age 30 when his ministry began.

Please keep in mind as you read this the Scripture that tells us just how human Yeshua was.  It is the Scripture that tells us that Yeshua, “Learned obedience through the things he suffered.”  That is the Scripture that unequivocally told me how human he was and that yes, he can relate to the things that we suffer and go through in this life.

What I share with you below (believe it or not) are stories that also tell me that he was definitely human, through and through! He was arrogant, rude, got angry a lot and was disrespectful of his father and other adults.  He was like every little boy and girl I have ever known!  I dare say that he also went through his terrible two’s.

I finally stopped trying to find the right church to belong to after going to Bible College when I learned, vis-a-vis the Holy Spirit that my Teacher was within and that everything I wanted to know and even those things I didn’t even know I wanted to know, were within and would be given to me when I sought.

The following information is from The Lost Books of the Bible and The Forgotten Books Jesus-Baby-Maryof Eden.  It is information found in the chapter entitled Thomas’ Gospel of the Infancy of Jesus Christ (also known as the Gnostic Gospels of Thomas) and is conjectured to have been connected with the Gospel of Mary (of Magdala).

Thomas describes it as , “An account of the actions and miracles of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in his infancy.”

By way of intro, Thomas calls himself an Israelite, who judged it necessary to make known to the brethren among the Gentiles, the actions and miracles of Christ in his childhood, which he wrought after his birth in Bethlehem, “at which I myself was astonished.”

Thomas goes on to say that it began when Yeshua was 5 years old and it had rained.  Yeshua was playing with other Hebrew children in the running water that ran over the banks forming little lakes.

  • The water, “instantly became clear and useful again; he [Yeshua] having smote them only by his word…”.
  • Yeshua then took some clay and formed 12 sparrows out of it.

A Jew saw this and complained because he did it on the Sabbath, and went and told Joseph:

“… thy boy is playing by the river side, and has taken clay and formed it into twelve sparrows, and profaneth the Sabbath.”

Jesus-Sparrows out of ClayJoseph went to Yeshua and admonished him for “doing what is not lawful to do on the Sabbath day.”

  • “Yeshua clapping together the palms of his hands, called to the sparrows and said to them:  go fly away; and while ye live remember me.”

The Jews went off and told their chief people about the miracle.

Later the son of Anna the scribe was standing with Joseph and he took a bough of a willow tree and scattered the water that Yeshua had formed into little lakes.  Yeshua got angry and said to him,

  • “Thou fool, what harm did the lake do thee, that thou shouldest scatter the water?  Behold, now thou shalt wither as a tree, and shalt not bring forth either leaves, or branches, or fruit.”  Immediately the boy became withered all over.

Yeshua left and later everyone came after him begging him to heal the boy, so he healed the boy, “leaving only some small member to continue withered, that they might take warning.”

Another time when Yeshua was in the street a boy ran past him and accidentally brushed against his shoulder,

  • “At which Jesus being angry, said to him, thou shalt go no farther.  And he instantly fell down dead.”

People were amazed and commented that everything that Yeshua spoke, “presently cometh to pass?” wondering who he was. The dead boys’ parents went to Joseph and pretty much told him to teach Yeshua not to curse but to bless, and if he couldn’t do that, to get out of town.

When Joseph spoke with Yeshua about hurting other people and that the people were complaining and that they hated them because of what Yeshua was doing.  In response Yeshua said to Joseph

  • “I know that what thou sayest is not of thyself, but for thy sake I will say nothing; But they who have said these things to thee, shall suffer everlasting punishment.”  And immediately they who had accused him became blind.

The people were terrified because everything Yeshua said came to pass.

Zacchaeus, a school master heard how Yeshua was speaking to his father and was a bit surprised.  A few days later he went to Joseph and asked Joseph if he would send Yeshua to him so he could teach Yeshua how to read.Jesus-Synagogue2_copy

Zacchaeus sat down to teach the alphabet to Yeshua beginning with the first letter Aleph.

  • But Yeshua kept on and pronounced the second (Beth) and the third (Gimel) and spoke all of the letters.
  • Yeshua then opened a book and taught his master the prophets:  “but he was ashamed and was at a loss to conceive how he came to know the letters.”

There is much more but I am going to leave off here with an image that lists all of the miracles of Yeshua as recorded in Matthew, during Yeshua’s ministry.  Can you imagine how long the list would be of all of the miracles that Yeshua performed from the time of his birth until he turned 30?  Wow.

Jesus Miracles in Gospel

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