Healing: Your Responsibility

Whenever you go to someone because you are not feeling well, your desire is that you be healed of whatever is bothering you.  You have chosen to go to this person because there is a belief that they can help you accomplish this goal.

The person you see, whether a regular medical doctor or alternative practitioner, always want their clients to be feeling 100%; to be healthy.

The first requirement of any healing is met when the two – client (patient) and practitioner (I use that term generically to cover standard or alternative treatment) desire health.

The second requirement that must be met is that both client and practitioner have an agreed upon intent that the client become healthy.

Both are required to see a healing take place.  If the client or the practitioner does not agree, then healing will not take place.

Who’s Responsibility is Healing

I will explain this in terms of my practice as a Reiki practitioner.  I will also share a personal story about healing from cancer.

Healer-Self FirstSo, who does the healing?  Is it me, for instance, when I work as a Reiki practitioner with a client, or a family doctor working with his or her patient?  No.  No one outside of the patient/client does the healing.

The client is solely responsible for his or her own healing.

The client on my massage table, having agreed to be made healthy, accepts the healing energies from me for the client’s own self-healing processes.  When I speak of the healer I am talking about the person who transfers the healing energies required to the client.

It is always the client who is responsible for his or her own healing and a practitioner should never have any preconceived idea that he or she can heal someone else.  No person should ever think that they can heal someone else, because they cannot.

Healing belongs to the person who seeks it.  No one else can do it for them.

We are our own physicians and so that saying, “Physician heal thyself,” is very appropriate.

During the sessions with a client who conscientiously wants to be healed, to accept the healing energies, and I have properly prepared for the session and am in the right state of mind, so to speak, there will be an effective session.

I remember years ago quite figuratively stomping my foot on the ground and practically yelling out at the world, “Okay, this stops here; right here, right now with me!”  I was talking about my family’s history of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

How many of you have said, “Oh well.  It’s to be expected.  It’s been in my family for generations,” when someone mentions something like cancer and you automatically assume you or another family member will succumb to it?

If you have ever said or thought those words, then wash your mouth out with soap and Heal-Hands-2erase them from your mind.  Replace your thoughts and words with an affirmation to the effect of those words that I mentioned earlier that I said about my family’s history.

Now, about when I made that bold statement! It was years before I got into Reiki or anything to do with energy or alternative therapies.  I was still seeing the GP and regular doctors.

Healing by Declaration & Faith

You see, I had been diagnosed with cervical cancer.  I told the doctor I needed to wait for surgery for three months until my medical insurance kicked in at my new job.  He said it could, but he would prefer I didn’t.  I took the chance.  I prayed and all that kind of stuff.  When I went back for the follow-up and to book the hospital I asked him to run another test.  Reluctantly he agreed and a week later I got a call from the office.  I went in to get the results, was calm and smiling like it was just another day.

I went into his office and he looked and asked what was new or something like that and I remember saying something like, “I’m here for the test results and I’m okay.  There’s nothing there, so we don’t have to book the surgery.”  He just smiled at me in that kind of, “Well I’m the doctor, okay dear.  We’ll see,” look.  He opened the file, looked down then back up, looked at me and said, “You’re right.  The test results are clear.”

I had deliberately declared the intention that I not follow the family tradition of cancer.  I prayed, I believed and people prayed with me and there was a laying on of hands.

The doctor intended that I be healed by surgery.  I believe the Lord set it up that way, that I found out about the cancer when I couldn’t afford to take time off for surgery, so I had to wait.  I was given time to see my miracle take place.

Physician (You) Heal Thyself

In saying I am responsible for my own healing, what I mean is no other human is involved in my healing.  I may have a Reiki Master use her hands, imparting energy, or someone at church laying hands on me.  Neither is healing me.  We have formed a situation of two people being in agreement and believing in miracles and the ability to heal.

Then the environment is ripe for the Creator who made these bodies to restore them to health in what we call miracles.

Something Very Important Think About

Heal-1It’s been said that some people’s subconscious minds agreed to experience a disease in order to learn a lesson.  It’d have to be damn subconscious as far as I am concerned, to agree to accept cancer!!

If you have agreed (subconsciously) to accept something and the lesson hasn’t been learned, the disease and its symptoms will remain until you “get it” on a conscious level; like I got it when I uttered those words about my family’s medical history stopping right here right now, with me!  I got it – obviously I had subconsciously agreed to endure having cancer, for a reason.  I think the reason, for me, was to save my two daughters and generations to some from “stinking thinking” that because it was “traditional” my family have cancer, then they too should expect the same.



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