The Masks We Wear

“She threw away all of her masks
To put on her soul.”

There is a Scripture that warns us that anything that is not whole, that is divided, will eventually ‘fall’; cease to be.  Note the use of the word “kingdom” in these verses and remember that we are told that the “kingdom is within” us. Same thing for the word “house”.  This body we are is the house/home of Spirit.

If we continue as we are, divided against our true selves, we cannot reasonably expect that we will succeed in accomplishing our life’s purpose.  Our efforts succeed for a while, but eventually that which is not true will dissolve into nothingness.  What is not born of the eternal is not eternal.  Everything born and created of and by the flesh, eventually dissolves into nothingness.

Matt 12:25 And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:

Luke 11:17 But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth.

Luke 12:52 For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.

In Life We Wear Many Masks – None of Which Are Real

How many masks do we wear?  These are my thoughts, looking back at my life.  I am not suggesting that I lied my way through life (just added this as a postscript after finished writing…just so you know! :-))

Mask #1 – Newborn

We were born with a mask, the one that forms the human body.  We are not the body.  We are Spirit, that is our true essence.

Mask #2 – Infant

As an infant we are not aware of our being.  As an infant we are still more Spirit than flesh.  But, it doesn’t take too long for us to start identifying with the masks of the people around us.  We look up at the eyes of our parents, we listen to their words (perhaps not understanding yet) and soon, in order to communicate with them, we start identifying with the masks of an infant, slightly more than a newborn.  We start using the mask of the face to communicate and respond in accordance with what our entire body mask has sensed.

We begin to identify, quantify and respond in accordance with the clothing into which we were born.

I don’t think that as an infant I said, okay now in order to communicate and do what is expecting of me, I better tone down my Spirit and start using the tool I’ve been born into.  After repeated observance of the world with the five senses (our tools) we begin to naturally mimic.

Mask #3 – Child

By the time I became fully aware and able to communicate, to manipulate and get what I wanted from my parents, I was pretty much governed by what my five senses knew and how they would respond.

I began to adopt my facial mask to suit my environment and to get what I wanted from the people around me.  I somehow sensed (though perhaps not conscientiously) that if I put on the crying mask I would get what I wanted.  I sensed that if I put on the cute face mask that people would pay attention, that they would smooth my brow or pat my face and say words that I longed to hear (perhaps not conscientiously):  oh, isn’t she just so cute; oh, what beautiful red hair; and so on.

Mask #4 – Teen

By this stage I knew what I was doing and what mask to wear for whatever situation House Divided-Matthewarose.  Sadly, in some instances I had to learn how to lie so that my mask fit what I wanted.  For instance, I come from a family of mostly boys and if I wanted one to get in trouble, I’d put on the pain mask and lie saying something like XXXX hit me, just to get him in trouble and make me the good guy.

We are in full scale manipulation mode, and depending on the family environment, some of us may never come out of that mode.  If we’ve spent most of our teen years wearing this mask and using our other tools to accomplish what the mask wanted, we are going to carry that into our late teens early adulthood.

As a teen I am very much influenced by my peers and the need to belong and be a part of various groups or clubs.  I remember a girl who I thought was gorgeous.  She had developed quite nicely and had gorgeous blonde hair.  All the guys wanted to be with her, so I tried to change my mask to be like her.  It didn’t work because you see I had very, very red hair and the freckles that went along with it.  I couldn’t dye my hair because it wouldn’t go with the freckles.  But, I did try to shave off my freckles; seriously.  I also tried to bleach them off using lemon juice.  Nothing worked and so I never dyed my hair.  Of course later on I was glad I didn’t, but as a teen I desperately wanted a face and exterior that matched, so that I would fit in and be one of the cool people.

We’ve worn the mask of the obedient child, the disobedient child, the victim, the precocious child, the rebel.  I think you get where I am going. If any of these masks served us well, we will bring them with us into the adult world of university, work and raising a family.

Mask #5 – Young Adult

As young adults and entering the workplace, depending on family upbringing, we bring with us some of the manipulative tools of our earlier years.  We still wear the mask to suite the occasion.  If we’re late for work, we’ll put on this mask that looks like we’ve been hurt or had some tragedy in our live that gives us an excuse for being late or not showing up.

As young adults we start thinking about relationships, possibly getting married. We’ve no reason to change the way we approach this aspect of our journey.  We’ll continue to use what once worked.  We’ll wear the same facial expressions, tell the same lies or truth.  We’ll do what we think the other wants to see or hear from us.

Remember as a young adult, we are made up of the ingrained attitudes and aptitudes honed in wearing and utilizing the preceding five masks.

Mask #6 – Adult: Exec-Worker-Politician-Leader-Ruler

Turn on your television and watch the faces of those in the news the most these days.  Watch their expressions, listen to their words.  Is it true or is it fake news?

Do the words of the people match their actions?

What about the people in your own life:  at home, at work, local politicians? When you interact with them do they look at you when they speak, do you see unwavering truth in their eyes or does something feel not quite right?

Do you listen to your “self” when your “self” tells you something just doesn’t seem right, despite what is being said or done? Do you continue to wear your mask of compliance and acceptance of tradition?  Are you afraid to take off your mask and stand – because you don’t want to look like a fool; because it has always been traditionally the way it is now so what should anyone listen to you?

When you look or speak with someone have you ever thought that what doesn’t seem quite right is perhaps a reflection of your own inner self:  a message telling you that it is time to change?

House Divided-MarkWe have successfully utilized tools of facial expressions with matching lies or truth to get what we want all years up to this moment. Why change now?

We may want to be different, and it will take as much work to rid ourselves of these ingrained masks and habits as it did to acquire them.

Mask #7 – Parents

Take all of the prior masks we’ve worn into our roles as parents.  What kind of masks will we wear as we raise our children.  Will our children begin to respond the same way as we did when we were their ages?  What do you think the chances are that they will turn out better or worse or the same; wearing the same or different masks in the stages of their growth?

Spirit Awakens – No Mask

As I was writing I remembered a book I read years ago.  It was by John Powell and called, “Why Am I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am?”  This book, the title only, gave me food for thought for a lot of years.  You may wish to think about it as well.  Think about how you posture when meeting different kinds of people, in different scenarios.

Society has expectations that we adopt without question as to how we should behave, look and be in different situations.  Are you wearing a mask to meet society’s expectations, following traditions, or are you being true to how you feel and listening to your true self?

More and more we are beginning to shed societal and even our own inherited expectations.  We becoming true to ourselves, not in a domineering or arrogant way.  We are learning to simply say no without justification to anyone, including trying to convince ourselves.

The masks are coming off.

I believe that shortly after our birth our true essence and the power that we are becomes locked away, inaccessible to the human form.

I’ve often thought the “soft spot” on the top of the baby’s head that is open when born is symbolic that Spirit is still very much in charge.  Within a very short period of time that soft spot closes and I have seen that as being symbolic that the power of the Spirit that infuses and flows, has been shut off.  I think that Creator has done this because of the weaknesses inherent in being a human; because of our tendency to seek things to satisfy our own needs, not necessarily to help others.

Certainly history has shown this to be true.  We kill for power, money and control.  We hurt people, even our own family when we want something.

What is needed and what I see happening is that Spirit is coming back into its own.  That the body (masks and clothing we’ve worn) is returning to being simply tools in the hands of Spirit in fulfilling our purposes on this human journey.

I know my human mask is beginning to disintegrate (so to speak) when you can look at me and see, and feel this something different, something special:  an energy that is comforting and warm; an energy that speaks without speaking that you are safe here with me, that somehow you know you are loved and I would never think of hurting you; that you know my heart and soul mean it when I tell you that whatever I have is yours, whatever you need I will help in any way I can.

You will know your Spirit is awakening when despite the chaos all around us you have this deep sense of peace.  You will know that you know, all is well with your Soul.  Your thinking changes, desires change, you cringe at not speaking Truth.

Your light will shine through your eyes, people will see You and may tell you that you are different.  You will smile, because you know that you know …. A-men!


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