Healing the Energy Fields

This is primarily about our emotional and mental energy bodies.  The reason being that I believe that any physical ailments we have stem from an initial emotional or mental misalignment causing blockage of the energy flow necessary for balanced chakras and good health.

Energy Fields – Three Planes, Four Layers

First of all, as you can see from the first image, there are three planes:  Spiritual, Astral and Physical.  I only make note of this because I think it is important for us to see there is EF 3 Aura Planesmore than meets the eye especially in regards to who we are and how we think about ourselves.

If we have never thought there is  more to reality than “meets the eye,” then we will never even know to start asking questions and investigation.  I learned I could not seek or ask because I had no idea there was anything else beyond my small little world to be looking for or asking about.  I lived the typical life that said the only thing that is truly real is what I see, hear, smell and touch.  Nothing else exists.  I was not alone in that thinking; certainly my parents and theirs and even their peers and my own all thought the same.  I was an inquisitive child, though, and not until much later did I realize no one else was asking the questions I asked, and by the way which I was told were dumb or stupid questions and that I was weird.  Gotta love my big brother and his friends!!

The layer we will be focusing on is the Physical Plane. Within the Physical Plane there are four energy fields:

  1. the one closest to the body is the physical energy field;
  2. the next field out from the body is the etheric;
  3. then the emotional; and
  4. lastly the mental.

Our focus will be on the two outer layers within the Physical Plane, the emotional and the mental, which is the furthest from the body.  When you look at the body it makes 7 Levels Human Energy Fieldsense that the first point of entry where energy is affected is the mental energy field.

This stresses the importance of what we hold in our minds; our thoughts and ideas about life and more particularly about who we are as individuals. Our self-talk and the words and images we get from others enter into this energy field.  This will include things that we have inherited and do simply because it has always been a societal (religion, moral laws, etc.) or family tradition; the way it has always been.  Too often we never give these traditions and ways any thought.  We perform and think by rote, rarely thinking about the why or how of what it is we do.

All too often we are ignorant of things that are contributing to a situation today, that is not one we gladly choose:  i.e. difficult relationships with people, money, self-esteem, etc.  These things could be a result of something that was said or done to us as a child.  We may simply have forgotten these, or we may have deliberately buried them deep because we did not want to deal with them.  After a while we might even have forgotten about those, because we have convinced ourselves that they never happened.  Childhood traumas will fit into this category of buried thoughts and events.

Drilling down to the emotional level, the thoughts from our mind determine the state of

Chart 1 – 7 Chakras & Faulty Thinking

our emotions.  I am talking about conscious thoughts of today.  Say, for instance, if you were made fun of by someone you thought was a friend, what they have said will stick with you and get you thinking, because they are your friend, that what they said is true.


The image you see here is a chart listing the 7 major chakras, the general issues associated with each of the chakras, and a typical negative thought we might hold that causes blockages.

My Story

Just reviewing these suggested thoughts we  might have that can cause issues with our energy fields I have to be honest and say that I pretty much own all of them!

Despite who I am as a person and the intellect that Creator has given me, despite my ability to pickup and learn just about anything, I continued to struggle with the issue called money.  Somewhere within my subconscious I never felt that I was worthy of having wealth.  It took me a long time to realize this fact and just as long to admit to myself that I really did not think I was worthy; but, it wasn’t just financial wealth, I had to be honest and admit that I pretty much struggled with this feeling of unworthiness in every area of my life.

I have been able to revisit and find some of those negative thoughts that became a part of who I grew to be.  I am hoping that in my honest sharing, something may click with you and help you to become who you truly are – a divine Spiritual Being with all power and ability, who has decided to take a trip on earth in order to benefit others.

The things I share I have discovered they go back to my childhood, to something a relative or someone I knew said to me at an early stage in my development.  I do not blame them because I have learned that people were not educated in the importance of their spoken words with their children.

In fact, I think…no, I have come to realize that the loose tongue of so long ago that so words hurtnegatively impacted me as a child and later in adulthood, it is the very reason that I am so obsessed with the importance of thoughts and words.  I have seen and have felt, I have experienced first hand how a tiny word, tiny as a mustard seed, can be planted in the soil of a child’s heart and become the stumbling block to their realization of their true self.

So, here are a few of the loose words that were thrown my way as a child:

  • boys are better than girls
  • girls just grew up so they could get married
  • girls didn’t need to go to university because the husband was responsible and worked
  • young ladies don’t run around yelling and whistling
  • children should be seen and not heard
  • I’d never amount to anything
  • I was funny looking, I was ugly
  • I was so ugly because of my ugly red hair and worse, my freckles that made me look like, “someone through sh** at me through a screen door”.  I know, I know …. but it isn’t funny because I obviously believed some of it
  • I wasn’t smart enough (even though I skipped from Grade 8 to Grade 10 in school)
  • a parent told me they wished I had been a boy – even though I have 6 brothers

Perhaps these things don’t mean a lot to you, but as a child they obviously meant a lot to me.  I won’t tell you how ‘young’ I am now, just say it has been a lot of years, and I’ve never forgotten those words. Without consciously being aware, almost from childhood I grew up feeling that I wasn’t good enough; I was unworthy.

How I felt about myself as a teenager and then young adult and ultimately a wife was instrumental in determining the types of relationships I had, based on my sense of worth.  Even when my marriage was falling apart my ex said to me once that if I ever got my hair cut, I’d have nothing going for me!  What’s surprising about that statement is it is the complete opposite of what kids said to me about my red hair as a child.  My husband thought it was the best thing about me!  Something should have clicked with me then and there.  By the way, the first thing I did after the separation was get my hair cut!!


Which Chakra

Most mental and emotional baggage is associated with a specific chakra, as you can see

HEFChart blkd & healed
Chart 2 – 4 Planes & Aspects of Human Condition

in the chart.


The day I walked into my first Reiki class a woman looked at me (one of the students) and told me I had a blockage of my throat chakra.  It was my first day and I don’t think I knew anything at all about what a chakra was.

She explained I had problems expressing myself and I wondered how in the neck she knew that; later to find out she’d seen something off in my aura in the area of my throat!

Do not be overly concerned about your ability to source or identify exactly what and where within your energy fields and your body.  We are guided by our Spiritual self, and if we can learn to listen without question and then respond, we will be pleasantly surprised at the insight that we are given.

Not one of us is any more equipped than another to meet our needs.  We are Created by the same loving Creator who created us in perfect love that includes perfect health.  If we ask we will be given the knowledge and the how to in order to maintain that perfect health.

Ultimately your health, my health is our responsibility (as previously stated).  We are electrical, energized and equipped to maintain these human computers.  When you learn to trust yourself, I promise you that you will overjoyed with your need found (dormant) abilities!




  1. It looks like you are looking at a range of truths to come to your conclusions. I am drawn to this method as that is the direction I was instructed to go by Yeshua a number of years ago. Also, your realizations on how our the words of those close to us affects us, mimic my own. I remember spending a couple of days disowning all those hurtful impressions that I’d carried with me. It was a watershed moment. It opened up many other areas of understanding which continue to expand to this day.


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