The Mind: Conscious & Subconscious

My mind has been on my mind a lot recently as you may have noticed from previous blogs.  I’ve had recent thoughts about the conscious and the subconscious mind and this is the focus of this blog.

I meditate daily, sometimes not very well.  When I am able to settle into meditation it is always revelatory.

What I have learned though, from my experiences, is that what has seemed inconsequential to me has ended up being consequential. As a person who often learns things the more difficult way, I wasn’t surprised that was so in this instance.

It is important for anyone who is seeking themselves to not make the same mistake as I did by not journaling the thoughts that popped into my mind.  A general example of what I am talking about is say I thought of or saw in meditation a butterfly and didn’t make note of it or even think about it, for the next few days images of butterflies popped up on the television and/or butterflies came around me daily when I was outdoors.

There was obviously a message for me as regards the butterfly and if I had taken it seriously I would have investigated the possible meanings of a butterfly in my life.  I would have researched the anatomical, spiritual, and other aspects of a butterfly.

During good meditation periods I am relaxed and these things that come to mind likely Mind Use Your for Truth&Lovewould not have come to mind during of course of everyday activity.

Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is that part of our mind that we utilize daily.  No one will disagree that sometimes our minds are swarming with thoughts and ideas and when we try to relax we just can’t seem to turn it off.

At times we will be living in yesterday or tomorrow because of these thoughts, and all too rarely are we living in the present.  When I am speaking with someone, if I have a lot going on in my life at the time, my mind is focused on those things and not what is being said by the person who is talking.

We have expressions that quantify different states of the conscious mind:

  • my mind is racing
  • I’m out of my mind
  • what’s on your mind.  Notice it doesn’t say what’s in your mind and I think that is important because there is a difference between something being on and in.  My opinion is that things that are on our mind are superfluous, fleeting and coming and going.  Things that are in our mind sound like things that are embedded in our mind and likely have deep roots.
  • I’m of two minds (about a subject, etc.)
  • I can’t make up my mind

Some of these expressions are speaking of duplicity; we waiver to and fro in making a decision.  To me they are things that are on our mind and not in our mind.  I believe that if the decision to be made was determined by what is in our mind, we would have less difficulty in making a decision because it would be based upon something that has become important to us, perhaps our moral or spiritual or legalistic principals by which we live our lives.

I am realizing that these things that are in my mind and by which I make my decisions are not all good things; are not beneficial to me and my journey at all, and quite likely are my stumbling blocks to achieving my life’s purpose, my heart’s desire, my passion.

Our conscious mind is very analytical.  It dissects everything and uses the tools we’ve acquired from the world in our journey.  It has as a basis the law of the land, the opinions of the masses, the religious beliefs we hold (as taught by others, if we have not self-analyzed and researched for ourselves).  It is working with things that are flawed because they have come from a source that is flawed and people who are not infallible.

Subconscious Mind

What is in our subconscious mind and how does it get there?  How do we access our subconscious mind?


Relax into the Subconscious Mind

To answer the 2nd question above, we must be in a relaxed ‘state of mind’ to access the subconscious.  It is not something we can give a command to.  What is in the subconscious mind arises when the conscious mind, the analytical part of us, is tuned out.  Easier said than done, but it is done and I use prayer and meditation for this purpose.


I believe the most important thing we must know about the subconscious mind is that it does not analyze to determine what is true or is false.  The subconscious mind accepts all that our conscious mind has determined to be true and of value to us in our journey.

When I was growing up I was taught the religion of the RC Church.  I believed that only Catholics were going to heaven.  That is the truth I fed my subconscious mind, who accepted it at face value.  It was only after I “changed my mind” about what I believed that the new truth became embedded in my conscious mind, filtering down into the subconscious mind, because that is what I fed it as my then truth.

There are things in my subconscious mind that I know nothing about.  I have inherited this through the generations of family and their beliefs.

A Belief I Hold But Cannot Prove

As a result of my meditation a lot of ideas have come to the surface.  An example is thoughts I have had over the years about my Irish grandparents and great grandparents.  Long before finding anything out about them, for some reason I believed I was of Jewish descent, that my relatives in Ireland were descendants of the Jewish Diaspora.

I have also held, and still do, the believe that my relatives are descendants of the House of David.  I have no proof.  It is just something that I believe to be a truth.

When preparing for a trip to Ireland a few years ago I did some research on Ireland and also on the history of the Jewish people in Ireland.  I also got hold of my grandmother’s birth certificate; my father’s mother.  I found out where she was born in Ireland and I also found out that her name was not the name I knew; neither her first nor her family name.

I knew my grandmother as Dorothy Crawley.  On her birth certificate her name is Hannah Keohane.  Apparently a lot of the Irish changed their names to Crowley on arriving in Boston during the potato famine. Hannah Keohane is a Jewish name.  This is one step closer to proving what I believe about being descendants of the House of David.

Healing Faulty Beliefs

In an earlier blog I gave you a list of the things said to me as a child that I believe (because I’ve never forgotten them) have been the basis of my negative thoughts about myself.  These beliefs became the foundation for all of the things that I have done in my life to date.

One or more of these fault beliefs have been the reason why, throughout my entire life, as soon as I was about to accomplish something great or I was offered a great position, or even heard a compliment about myself – I bucked!  I always did something to cause whatever it was to either not happen or to fail.

In looking back and in being honest so that I can perhaps help you from making the same mistakes, I openly and honestly tell you that I ran away from all the good things that life wanted to give me, all the opportunities and potential successes, and sadly, potentially amazing relationships!

Why in the he** would anyone ever do something so stupid, you ask?  I have one simple answer to all of those sad things.  I did this repeatedly because,

I did not think that I was worthy to receive anything of value, and worse still, could it be that I simply did not believe that I was of any value?  I actually think that is closer to the truth.

There, I’ve said it. I’ve put it out into the air and I have finally admitted to myself these flawed, faulty and deceitful lies that have been the fuel of my life.  Phew!  I just exhaled.

I am going to close this off for now because I could so easily go off on a tangent.  I just want to say that I believe the reason I have always been an encourager and supporter of others to do and be their best, is because Spirit was really telling me that I have all these potentials.  Instead of first applying it to myself, as I believe my writing does, and then to others – I left me out of the equations.

Typing the last period above, I realized that Spirit has just shown me my truth.  I hope you too are blessed.

Listen and pay attention to everything that comes to you during meditation, dreams etc.  Jot them down.  I can promise you that you will eventually come to know they are a message to help you in your journey.

Consciousness Means


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  1. Interesting. What I would call unconsciousness, you are calling the conscious mind – that which deals with the everyday physical relation we have to this world. What you term subconscious, comes closer to what I would call conscious – spiritual awareness of our reality and the changes that are brought about because of our chosen way of being.
    Anyway, I think it is your consciousness, in my way of thinking, that is bringing you to an awareness of your Jewish roots. ;^)


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