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With respect to the human body, there are five energy bodies, including the physical body.   It is important to understand the relationship between each layer of energy and how it interacts and the impact on the physical body when the energy flow is blocked or interrupted.

I will go through each layer starting with the Physical Energy Body and working out through each to the furthest from the physical body, the Spiritual Energy Body.

In attempting to explain about the human energy field and have you conceded that they do exist, think of the radio, television and other energy signals that surround us everywhere, penetrating our bodies.  They move through all solid matter and there is a constant flow of these types of energies (airwaves, radio, wifi, etc.) far above the level and our ability to detect them with our physical senses.

Just because we cannot handle them with our five senses as we do in our everyday lives, does not mean that they do not exist.  They do exist.

Physical Energy Body

This is comprised of our entire physical body that includes the organs, cells and tissues.  It is the densest form of energy which our consciousness uses to explore and interact with the environment.  The body’s frequency levels are low enough to be seen by the human eye and are within the spectrum of visible light; we can hear with our ears and can experience with the senses of touch, taste and smell.  The vibrational energy level is sufficiently low that we can experience all of these things.

Etheric Energy Body

There is an etheric matrix of energy gridlines upon which the cells of our body grow and take form.  They are the “blueprint” for our bodies.  Whatever pattern is present in the etheric will, in time, e reflected in the physical.

The Etheric starts within the body, it doesn’t just exist outside of the physical but exists within the physical body, and extends outward. Outside of the physical it is the first energy body in frequency just above the physical.

It extends out of the body about one to two inches away from the skin.  It’s purpose is to provide the energy template or matrix for the development, maintenance and repair of the physical body.  It contains a vibrational energy counterpart for every organ, blood vessel and bond in the physical body.  It contains the energetic blueprint for the pathways that guide the location and development of every cell of the physical body.

The bony structure, muscular and vascular tissues, the nerves, brain and other substances are all represented in the etheric mould by currents of energy on specific frequencies.

“The physical tissues exist as such only because of the vital (etheric) field behind them; that it, the etheric field is prior to, not a result of the physical body.”

Frankly, I was surprised when I came across this information because in all of the training that I have had and workshops I have participated in and literature I have read, I do not remember ever seeing much, if anything, on the etheric energy field. This information is found in a book by Howard Battie, “Healing Mind, Body & Spirit – A Guide to Energy Based Healing.”

Emotional Energy Body

The feelings and emotional patterns that we form in response to what we believe and the thoughts that we have in our mind (Mental Body) become our emotional responses.

Mental Energy Body

This is my favourite place to start – for anything going wrong or right in my life.  I am such an adamant advocate of cleaning up my life by cleaning up my thoughts.  I am continually preaching about it and following that, the importance of the words we speak and write.  Energy vibrates and does not evaporate.  You speak it, you can’t take it back.

The cultural and personal beliefs we hold and the thoughts we have about ourselves and how we interact with others are influenced by the mental body.  I would also like to point out that sometimes there are thoughts and beliefs that we hold and are not even aware that we have them, and yet they will and do influence how we interact with ourselves and with others; what we think about ourselves.

Spiritual Energy Body

Within this energy level we find our higher purpose, goals, intentions and inner sense for accomplishing our ultimate life’s purpose, the greatest good possible.

I believe that this is where we started, before being born.  I believe that when I say I am returning to Source (the name of this Site and on FB – chosen by Spirit), this is where I am heading, where each of us is heading – the return to pick up the tools and abilities that we came into this world with to accomplish our greatest good for All.

This then is where I believe we will find the seat of our conscience (the best part of which is submerged like an iceberg and which I think is what we call our subconscience) and sense of connection with others, the environment, the universe and our Source.

Disease & Illness

It is my belief that long before the physical body becomes ill, all illnesses begins at Rumi PainMessengersthe layers furthest from the body, eventually melding its way inwards through each energy layer until finally entering the physical and becoming what we call disease, illness or sickness.

If we can get ourselves in tune with ourselves, starting with the Spiritual (our Source), then we have four energy bodies advance notice within which we can do something to prevent the physical body from becoming sick.

I also believe that if we really seek to return to source, and become who we are, then we will not need the added preventative layers of mental, emotional and etheric to prevent an illness, because we can stop all illness at Source.


If we would journey within and take that journey back to Source, we can prevent all illnesses and diseases (mental, emotional and physical) from ever getting to the point where our bodies become sick.  Our Creator created us in perfect health, and I cannot and will not believe that we were left without the means of maintaining that perfection.

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