Etheric Energy Body – Part 2

This blog continues with the topic of our etheric energy body.  Since writing the last blog on this energy body, I felt there was so much more that came up in my writing, it warranted a follow-up.

As many know, when I write it is because during prayer and/or meditation a singular ideea or a word comes to me, and it is not until I sit to write, and in fact finish writing, that I know for myself what the message would be.

Messages, like words are like two-edged swords; first they apply to the holder of the sword (s)word and then they apply externally to what is around the holder of the (s)word.

Scriptures Point to Health & Healing Abilities

As I discovered when writing Part 1 of this blog, there is a correlation between what is found in Scriptures and what I am trying to uncover today about our Energy Bodies. Anyone like me who never takes things at their “face” or “surface” value will find it easy to transfer from one to the other and come up with one and the same thing.

It didn’t take much for me to see that the etheric body could very easily be those things described in Scriptures as a curtain or a veil, or even a light body.

Let’s take a familiar word from Scriptures (actually it is two), Holy Spirit.  When I hear the word Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) I think of the three who comprise the “Godhead”: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit was who Yeshua send he would send to us after he returned to the Father.

When we are baptized we are baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

There are other words within Scriptures that are used interchangeably in the place of the Holy Spirit; that are symbolic of the Holy Spirit.  These are:

  • Dove – Luke 3:22, Matthew 3:16,
  • Fire – Exo 3:2,  Exo 13:21,  Exo 13:22, Exo 14:24, Exo 19:18, Exo 24:17, Exo 40:38, Psa 105:39, Acts 2:3-4
  • Wine – Isa 24:11, Isa 27:2, Isa 29:9, Isa 65:8, Jer 25:15, Joel 1:5, Matthew 9:16-17, Mark 2:22, Luke 5:38, Eph 5:18, Rev 16:19
  • Wind – “wind” occurs 123 times in 113 verses of the KJV, primarily in the OT (Gen 8:1 to Isa 11:15) and several in the NT, but only one reference equating it to Spirit as found in Acts 2:1-4
  • Water – Isaiah 44:3, John 4:14, John 7:37-39
  • Cloud – Exo 13:22, Exo 40:38, Psa 105:39, 2 Chron 5:13, Ezek 10:3-5, Romans 6:4, Romans 8:11

Etheric Body and Physical Body

When the etheric body is unbalanced and the energetic vibrations are disrupted it impacts the physical body, ultimately ending with what we call diseases of the body.  Conversely, when our bodies are traumatized by things like broken bones and cuts, they will eventually be reflected in the etheric body unless there is an intervention to prevent this from happening, i.e. such as the use of energy treatments like Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, etc. which restore the original vibration pattern that existed before the trauma.

This is precisely the type of work energy therapists do when working with a client’s vibrating energy fields by forming a basis for a rapid and effective energy based physical healing.

An illness can appear in an energy field weeks and even months befoe it appears in the physical body.  Richard Gerber, a Detroit physician notes that, “the etheric body is a holographic energy template that guides the growth and development of the physical body.”

Something to Think About – Are We Holographic Beings

The etheric energy body is a “holographic” energy template.  If this doesn’t sound surreal and out of this world, what does.  Take this another step further and ask yourself, “If the etheric is such and it is an energy field just like the body, the only difference being the body vibration is at a slower pace, then can we not describe this body in which we, Spirit, live as a “holographic” energy of a denser quality?”


  1. Absolutely agree with your comments Advanced Research Technology. I’d go so far as to say we’re “holographic”. Always maintained when I was doing scripture studies that given we’re made in image of creator (Spirit) that when the first purported male-female (Adam & Eve) blew it, the clothing they were given was of course the skin and bones we now wear.


  2. I’ve been contending for several years now that our physical body, our dense body, is just an outer manifestation of our soul, or our spiritual body. I was waiting for a time in which others would see this too. And now some are.


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