Mind to Brain to Immune System

In the recent blogs on the etheric energy body, I closed with a suggestion we consider the possibility that our bodies are holographic.

This morning I came across some information that hints that my wild suggestion of yesterday, may not be so wild after all.  Just because something has never been proven by science, doesn’t mean it isn’t a possibility.  Anyone like me, working in the energy therapies, I am sure has equally weird ideas – look at what we do and we do it because we believe in what we are doing.

Brain & Immune System

At a conference on new science studying the way the mind (our psycho), the nervous system (neuro) and the immune system (immunology) interact, Candace Pert, chief of brain biochemistry at the National Institute of Mental Health announced that the immune cells have neuropeptide receptors.  Neuropeptides are the molecules that the brain uses to communicate (send its telegrams).  At one time science believed neuropeptides were only located in the brain.

It appears our wo/men of science are catching up with truth in this area as well.  The existence of receptors brain-neuroplasticity(telegram receivers) on the cells in our immune system implies that the immune system is not separate from but is an extension of the brain!  Neuropeptides have also been found in other parts of the body, and apparently Dr. Pert admitted she can, “no longer tell where the brain leaves off and the body begins.”

I came across an image that talks about how the immune system impacts the brain health, but as you may have gathered, I rather think it is the other way around, or at least first for the immune system to be under attack it must receive its transmissions from somewhere.  Then it does become a catch-22 for then the immune system in its illness and deficiencies does impact every part of the body, brain included.

With science now being on board it serves to reinforce the belief of energy therapists, as well as, I suppose, play into the placebo effect insofar as diagnosing and treating health issues?

As an energy therapist and (yes I am saying it again) as someone who believes that nothing happens to our bodies that doesn’t start in our minds, with our thoughts.

Mind Feeds the Brain

As I think about these things, it comes to mind that I must first convince my brain, vis-a-vis my thoughts to accept what I want it to believe, and thereby ensure that it transmits the right energies to the immune system.  I believe that there is an unbreakable connection between the mind (thoughts) and the brain, and that whatever it is we are thinking, the appropriate neuro energies are being communicated to the brain.

Let’s think about a simple example.  Have you ever been having a great day, and everything is going well.  The weather, work, your kids and job are all working just perfectly and you feel on top of the world.  You feel that your life is absolutely perfect and you have energy to spare.

Then along comes a friend and stopping to chat with you the first thing they say is, “Are you okay?  You look awful.”

Brain Feeds the Immune System

Put yourself into this situation, right now, for a few moments and pay attention to your thoughts and how your body is feeling.  I bet you will notice changes in your attitude, what you are thinking and even perhaps how you are feeling.  Before you were carefree and happy with not a worry in the world.

Face Meridians2But, now, this friend with just a few words has turned it around on you.  You’re beginning to self-examine, your face wrinkles up in a worried look with a frowning brow.  The kids who were laughing and running around now seem to bother you.

If the friend goes on to give you details of how you look like you are pale, your eyes are red, your XXX is out of whack, perhaps you will even begin to feel some kind of twinge or pain.  If the friend new your family had a history of heart disease, they may be reading the symptoms into your head.

It’s plausible and I believe it is very likely true, that because your own thoughts have flipped, you will begin to see, feel and notice some kinds of symptoms.  You see, you have transmitted this to the brain and the brain, just doing its job, is transmitting the appropriate energies to the connected immune system.  And, you know the rest.

Unless you check your thoughts at the door, and continue to feed those negative energies that end up in the immune system, you will continue to develop and worsen symtpoms and signs of an illness.  Blockages form and illness takes hold.

When we want to get better, we have to start at the place where the sickness took its first tiny step.  The thoughts we hold and embrace will feed their particular energies throughout the body.

As we are recovering from an illness, we must not lie in our beds thinking and saying, “Oh, I’m so sick.  I’ll never get over this!”  If you are too sick to get out of bed, that’s okay.  But while you are there, start thinking positive and healing thoughts.  Listen to healing music or read a positive and uplifting book, something that will make you feel good about yourself; that will make you laugh.  Did you know that every time we laugh we massage our inner organs?  Who doesn’t like a good massage!