Years ago I took some courses in Iridology – the “eye”dea that looking into the eye, various points are connected to and relate to various organs of the body, and that you can diagnose the condition of your body’s health by checking on any changes in these parts of the eye.  It’s absolutely amazing.

Before I continue, I would like to make one point and that is the author is of the opinion that key to good health starts in our gut!  That is another topic for another day which I will write on, including sharing some of my own personal experiences and diagnosis based on the principles of iridology and focusing on my gut health.


Acupuncture would appear to have the same principals as iridology, that is there are different points in the body that can be tuned to affect different physical aspects of the body and its health.

Reflexology operates along the same principles – the various pressure points in the foot and in hands as well that have a direct connection and impact on various parts of the body.

In speaking about acupuncture I will reference the points in the ear that are directly related to different aspects of the human body.  I will talk of something called the “man in the ear,” something discovered by the Chinese about 4000 years ago, and which a French physician and acupuncturist by the name of Paul Nogier published a book called “Treatise of Auriculotherapy” in 1957.

Ear Acupuncture-2
Little Man in the Ear – Pressure Points

Ear Meridians

In this image you can see the points in the ear with a description of which organ or part of the body it is related to.  We must keep in mind that we are working with energy at all times.

These pressure points, as I call them, are known as microsystems.  Acupuncture is based on the idea that every organ and bone in the body is connected to specific points on the body’s surface.

So, if you take into consideration the energy layer that starts within the body and extends just beyond the skin surface about one to two inches, then in accessing these pressure points, we are really “drilling in” and through the blue print energy layer called the etheric energy body.

What I see here with acupuncture is simply a way of ensuring we are working through the path of the energy flow, as laid out in the etheric energy layer just above and just beneath the layer of the skin.

Body (Skin) & Etheric Energy Body Interconnected

Acupuncture operates on the basis that it is stimulating these points with either needles Meridians-Acupunctureor some other form of stimulation.  I have to suggest that as an energy therapist, when I hold my hands over these areas radiating energy into these points, my hands are operating in the same way as the needle used by the acupuncturist.  Acupuncture holds the same belief that diseases and imbalances affecting parts of the body connected to the points can be alleviated and even cured.  They are rectifying the imbalances so that the body can do what the body does.  The body heals itself.

Dr. Terry Oleson, a psychobiologist at the Pain Management Clinic at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, discovered that the ear microsystem can be used to diagnose accurately what’s going on in the body.  This is the same concept that those who practise iridology operate within.

Oleson discovered that increased electrical activity (energy) in one of the acupuncture points in the ear generally indicates a pathological condition (either past or present) in the corresponding area of the body.

Dr. Oleson has expressed that he believes this is because the body is a hologram and each of its portions contains an image of the whole.


You have to wonder why and how prescription medications became so invasive and have taken over the actually treatment of the human condition.  I speak from my own experiences and stories from people over the years in saying that in well over 50% of the people taking prescription medications, none of the treatment by the physician included any type of intervention to get to the bottom or underlying issue that resulted in the illness.  All they were doing was providing a drug that masked the pain and discomfort of the person seeking help.

In alternative therapies, like Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Acupuncture, Reflexology, etc. the treatment course is the reverse of the standard medical process.  These types of alternative treatments are primarily concerned with getting to and alleviating the root cause that produced the symptoms of pain and inflammation.

I am so glad to see more and more people turning to alternative therapies.  The procedures are less invasive, if at all, and the treatments produce long lasting and often permanent results.

I share one last image showing the areas of the skin on the face that are accessed for the organs of the body when doing Acupuncture.  We really are amazing pieces of holographic machinery.  It blows my mind as I look at this image to think that the tip of my nose and the part just over the upper lip and both eyebrows are related to the heart, and our chins are related to the genitals and endocrine system!

Face Meridians2


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