Connecting With Brain Power

I know many are aware of how little access we have to the brain’s potential.  It is said that at best those with a ‘genius’ level utilize 20% of the brain’s potential.  The remainder use less than that, so I have to wonder what’s with the 80% that Created provided to every human being in her/his creation, at the time of birth?

Simply put, I believe that we’ve been denied access to the 80% so that we don’t immediately destroy not just humanity but the universe.  Certainly history (what little I know) has shown our potential to wipe out anything that “gets in our way.”

Brain as Holograph

The mind/body can’t distinguish the difference between the neural holograms that the brain uses to experience reality and the ones it conjures up while imagining reality.  Any one who day dreams will attest to being quite aware they are only day dreaming, but if science is correct, the brain doesn’t know it is not a reality.  For all intents and purposes, all of the pictures our thoughts feed to the mind are real.  Just as the brain messages the immune system with our thoughts about “how sick I am,” the brain transmits other messages as required (electrical energy) to various parts of the body, with no distinction. To the brain a message is simply a message.

Having transmitted the electrical messages, it matters not whether negative or positive, both will have a dramatic effect on the human organism; one so powerful, as I’ve said it can:

  • modulate the immune system
  • duplicate and/or negate the effects of potent drugs
  • heal wounds
  • melt tumours
  • override genetic programming, and
  • reshape the living flesh in ways that often defy belief

Regrow Lost Anatomical Body Parts

Think about that last point about reshaping our flesh and bones.  If animals can regrow their appendages, why can’t the human regrow lost parts of the anatomy that it requires?  I believe we can, and in fact have been seeking the Creator for the replacement of teeth lost due to a dentist that caused an infection in my mouth.  Financially I cannot afford the implants, and as in the past the Lord has put me in a place where the Red Sea is in front of me and the enemy at my back, with mountains to the left and right.

I’ve no way out, other than to turn to the Creator in prayer and believe.  As Spirit has revealed many things to me, and yes this simple thought that if my Creator allows an animal to regrow a lost appendage, how much more so would He provide for you and me, His greatest Creations?

Our bodies are equipped to regenerate.  We’re allows replacing skin, shedding skin cells all the time.  Why not new teeth?  They came from “nowhere” in the first place, can’t my Creator re-do what was done in the beginning?  Of course, Creator can do all things.

I’ll keep you posted on the results.  I am using therapy, massage, energy application (Reiki & TT).  When it happens, I’ll post some photos.  Just for info, it is the upper left (my left your right) back two teeth.  (:-)

Harness Your Power – Direct Your Energies

Everyone possesses the ability, at some level, to influence their health and to control our physical form (we gain weight, we lose weight, etc.), some times in ways that are nothing short of amazing!

Everyone of us has the potential to be what we call “miracle workers.”  We call it a miracle, but I do not believe they are miracles at all.  I believe that what you and I came to this earth with, and with we presently call miracles, were the tools to enable us to maintain this human form we are wearing in perfect operational form.

No creator, no mechanic, no engineer who builds or creates something does so without providing it with the ability to be maintained in perfect operating form.  It’s not that far off to believe the same of ourselves.

We need to go within, return to source, and reclaim the tools for use in maintaining our perfect human form in its perfection.  We are given these, and somewhere within the 80% of that locked up “brain” of ours we will find exactly what we need at exactly the POSITIVETHINK=POSITIVERESULTStime it is needed.

We have not because we ask not, we seek not.  Seek and you will find.  Knock and the door (to the compartment of the brain) will be opened to you in order to find what you need.

But first, before we waste our time doing all of that, be forewarned that unless we enter in on the wings of Faith and Trust, it won’t matter what tools we pick up, we won’t be able to figure out how they work.  Because – the working belongs to the One we have Faith and Trust in.  Creator works through this physical body to perform those things you and I call miracles.

Remember that if what we are asking for is simply to satisfy or benefit ourselves, we may get it for a while, but eventually it will disappear.  When we ask for things not for selfish but for selfless reasons, to help our fellow humans, I have no doubt at all it will be provided because:

We all have the same purpose, to help one another in this Spiritual journey as human beings.

Remember what our friend James, who was the brother of Yeshua, says about this:

  • James 4:3  “Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.”