Thoughts & The Computer Chip

Being a very visual person especially when I read or hear something I always thought everyone else was the same as me and so I never shared these things with others.  I’ve finally realized that when I say that no two people are the same, I forgot to include this aspect of how our minds interpret and ultimately we, as individuals, see and/or understand what it is we see.

For instance, I had a great big ah ha moment yesterday when I was finishing off a section in a book that I had been reading.  It shouldn’t have been an ah ha moment but it was. It was something I had heard many times and have expressed the same sentiment myself that:

“We marvel at the complexity of the computers and technology, yet none can touch the complexity and wonders of the human brain.”

Holographic Nature of the Human Form

David Bohm, a protege of Einstein, was a physicist at the University of London and one of the world’s most respected quantum physicists.  He and Karl Pribram, a neurophysiologist at Stanford University, author of the neuropsychological book, “Languages of the Brain,” both arrived at the conclusion regarding the holographic nature of the human form, including the brain. They had approached this research/investigation from two different directions and neither was aware of the other’s work.

They felt that the holographic model made sense of a wide range of phenomena, things that were so elusive and strange they were outside the ability of scientific understanding, things like:

  • telepathy
  • precognition
  • mystical feelings of oneness with the universe
  • psychokinesis and the ability to move things with the mind.

In 1980 Dr. Kenneth Ring, a psychologist at the University of Connecticut suggested that near-death experiences could be explained by this holographic model.Mind Everything - Buddha

Dr. Ring was the president of the International Association for Near-Death Studies and believed that near-death experiences and death itself are nothing more than the shifting of the person’s consciousness from one level of the hologram of reality to another.

When I was read Dr. Ring’s opinion my thoughts were different.  I think it was simply the Spirit shedding its human clothing and returning to its natural form.

I am not certain that we can equate “consciousness”  as being the same as “Spirit?”  I personally can’t do so.  But, I am a lay person not scientifically or medically trained and am just expressing my opinion.

Thoughts: Subjectively & Objectively Active Meaning

Bohm believes that something he calls “holomovement “provides us with context to explain things that science has been unable to before.  As an example we are asked to think about walking down the street and being confronted by a dark shadow that appears out of nowhere.  If the first thought is one of threat and danger, these thoughts will give rise to a range of imagined activities such as trying to run away, or getting hurt or fighting off the person.

The presence of these imagined activities are not purely a “mental” process because they are inseparable from what is taking place in your body:

  • excitation of nerves
  • rapid heart beat
  • release of adrenaline and other hormones
  • muscle tensing
  • sweating, etc.

If your first thought was not one of feeling threatened or in danger, what happens in your physical body will not be the same.  Their might be little if any change at all as you continue to merrily walk on.

So, we will react both mentally and physically and how we react physically is totally dependent upon what you are thinking.  We’ve heard stories how people who have found this unbelievable power to help another out of a dangerous situation; i.e. lifting a car or some other extraordinary item that is beyond the normal ability of any human.

A word’s meaning promotes both a mental and physical response.

Most people, I dare say, think meaning is something that can only have an active effect on a subjective reality, on the thoughts in our heads, not something that can engender a response in the physical world.

Regarding subjective and objective realities Bohm has expressed that:

“Meaning can thus serve as a link or bridge between these two sides of reality.”

Computer Chips: Objectively Active Meaning

According to Bohm examples of objectively active meaning can be found in other physical processes like the functioning of a computer chip.

Computer chips contain information (thoughts?) and the meaning of this information is active in that it determines how the electrical currents flow through the computer.

A simple computer chip contains so much information and though it is an inanimate object, somehow it knows where to direct what energy.  A computer chip is only one component of a computer.  To a lay person like me a computer is mind boggling.  I wouldn’t know where to begin to try and figure how how it works.

Energy Knows

Energy Flows & HealsOne thing I am beginning to understand is that in all of this – the paranormal activities, the extraordinary strength of a person in danger, the computer chip and everything else you can think of – there is one common element and it is the most important element in everything.

I am talking about energy.  The energy of our bodies amazes me; how it knows where and when to flow.  I am beginning to think that energy is a mind of its own.  It is much like when I am in meditation and asking for healing, I do not tell the energy where to flow or go.  I have come to realize and believe that simply inviting healing energy (almost like a person) to come in and do its thing is all I need to do.  I do not have to tell it what needs healing or where to travel within my body.

Some people will envision a colour that relates to a certain chakra or organ.  I used to do that but have since envisioned the pureness of a white light flowing in, through and around me as it does its holy and healing work.  This healing, flowing energy does know and like I said I almost think of it like a person of wisdom and a whole lot of heart and love.

Do I need to know?  No, I do not need to know.  But I do believe and I do invite and welcome and I desire and have an intent of health and wholeness.  I therefore collaborate with the Universe in this one and the same purpose and allow it to do its thing.





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  1. I do think that everything is conscious energy. As conscious energy, we are a part of it, and if we can get past the physical thinking of 3D solidity and realize we are a conscious solid energy hologram, we can change any part of the energy signature out there. After all, we’re consciousness, and what we consciously project, is.


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