All Truth is Found Within Each Person

“Real” Truth

Now I ask you can you be partially pregnant?  You are or you are not.  So I ask you can it be “real” truth.  Isn’t truth just truth.

I’ve commented before on how sometimes our word arrangements are out of order. An example of course is the page on this site “Spirit Mind Body”.  Typically it is always referred to as “Mind Body Spirit”.  We’ve got it upside down when we have it in that order.  It is like saying to ourselves that we must first consider what the physical has to say about something, and then lastly let’s see if we can get Spirit to line up and agree.

The same thing applies when we use the words real and truth.  If we use real first then we are suggesting that what the physical has to say comes first and then what we choose as being truth must line up with what the five physical senses tell us.

Again, we’ve got it backwards, and actually we’ve shot ourselves in the foot when we choose to think of truth in that order.

If we say truth and then real, what we are saying is that truth is reality.

When I think about reality these days, more and more I am leaning towards everything that the physical world is not.

Yeshua told us that he is the “truth”.  Truth as an interchangeable name for Yeshua is indescribable because Yeshua cannot be defined and boxed in, just as the Father cannot.

We are the children of the indefinable, as is Yeshua who speaks as being truth.  But he also says in that same sentence, and before he uses the word truth, that he is the way.

So, if I may, I would suggest that if we follow the way it leads to the truth which leads to life!

The way, the truth and the life is what I believe every human seeks or will seek at some point in their quest on this human journey.  Let’s try to get it in the right order.  Would you ever attempt to put a roof on a house without first laying the foundation?

  • John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Let’s face it folks, truth does matter for without it we are truly walking around blind.  Never mind the term of the year 2017, “fake news,” that tries to suggest that nothing we hear is true.

As individuals we need to be honing our sense of intuition to perfection and enhancing our ability to discern.  We are warned in Scriptures about the need to avail ourselves of this gift of discernment.

I believe that all gifts from the Creator are accessible to every human being and that if we need it and we seek it, we will be given access — only so long as we do not seek it for our own selfish satisfaction and to meet our lusts of greed, power and things to overlord it on others.

Lies Quicker than Truth


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