Shapes, Energies & Numbers of Nature

Like language that was first numerical, the numerical patterns of the human body and the natural world are as relevant as the names we apply.  Perhaps they are even more relevant.

The entire universe – which includes our earth – is a wonder of geometrical designs.  As a child I used to play connect the dots while lying on my back staring up at the stars.  I came up with some pretty nifty designs.

Numbers have meanings in a plethora of systems:  numerology, Hebrew and Greek Languages (in fact all languages for every letter has an specific number), astrology, medicine, engineering, and so on.  Then we get into the different shapes, and a square, for instance would also have the energies of the number four.

As some of you may have read, when this year began the message from Spirit was that (at least for me) this is a number 3 year.  So, let’s take a look at the number 3 as defined by various sources.


In nature the number three is a time of magic and new birth; creative imagination is very active and should be worked with.  We are to express ourselves but be very careful about gossip.


Michael McClain defines numerology as being the study of numbers and the occult manner in which they reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies, as an integral part of the cosmic plan.

If we are number three we will likely exhibit some, most or perhaps even all of the following characteristics, qualities and/or traits:

  • creative
  • socially active
  • artistic
  • very positive and optimistic
  • playful, happy and fun-loving
  • inspirational
  • imaginative
  • motivating
  • enthusiastic
  • uplifting

A person who is a three will have great verbal skills and a talent for self expression. S/he is a great communicator, enjoys life and doesn’t take things too seriously.

Combinations of Number Three

A triple three (like 3:33 on the clock) holds deeper meaning and reinforces and strengthens the power of a single digit.

The number nine is of course 3×3 or 3+3+3. In nature it means a “time of healing and completion.”  Issues of endings and new beginnings are at play and will surface.  There are energies of:

  • transition
  • leaving the past behind
  • a tendency to be “over sensitive”

When we know these things, have done our home work, then we are “forewarned and forearmed” to handle whatever will present itself to us.  It is important that we do our homework, especially in times of transition.

On January 1, 2018 [if you click on the date it will open a new tab-window] I wrote about this year being a three . Haven’t we seen major transitions and changes already and it is still January. Look at how the dark deeds of yesterday have come to the surface – the #metoo movement that is globalized.  I have no doubt that though this is a tragedy of humankind, good will come out of this; the much needed increase of women in positions of authority and power.

This is an amazing opportunity for the human race, to leave the past behind and forge ahead with renewed confidence on the wings of change.

I still stand by what I have always said and written, and that is we need the return of the Divine Feminine to restore balance in this world.  I am not talking about male and female, I am talking about the feminine and masculine energies of every human being.

Working with Mother Nature

Every human being is composed of feminine and masculine energies that are intended to TreePosework and complement one another.  For too long there has been an over abundance of the masculine with a resultant shortage of the feminine qualities.  Too much testosterone permeating the boardrooms and offices of the decision makers is not a good thing.

What better way to continue this evolution of restoration of the Divine Feminine then to press closer into the embrace of Mother Nature and all that she has always had to offer to this world.

If you happen to be a “three” person and are encountering challenges, then I dare say it is safe to suggest that when you encounter these challenges, you find yourself a place in nature where there are elements of nature that correspond to who you are as a person.  There are many plants and other elements which hold these qualities and in times of challenges we need to do our own work.

I have often researched nature and what she has before going out and then found a place that would likely be the source of whatever it was I was looking for to help me at that time.

Energies of North, South, East and West

I believe that Feng Shui works closely with the directions and I am not very well versed in that practise. Webster’s description reads:

“a Chinese geomantic practice in which a structure or site is chosen or configured so as to harmonize with the spiritual forces that inhabit it; also orientation, placement, or arrangement according to the precepts of Feng Shui”

Whatever the practise, Mother Nature does not change her attributes and nature to meet a man made program or teaching; they are only interpretations of the real, which is Mother Nature.

  • East is the direction of healing and creativity.
  • West is the direction of visions and dreams.
  • South is the direction for cleansing and purification.
  • North is the direction of teaching, sacred wisdom and knowledge.

When we pray, we are down on our knees.  We are resting on the breast of Mother Nature and our Spirits lift our hearts to the Father.  Perhaps if we are praying for specific needs we might sit or pray in the direction holding the energies that will reinforce our prayer energies.  It cannot hurt us to try this, and I don’t know about you but I will take extra help wherever I can get it.

Energies of the Landscapes – Geometric Shapes & Meanings

Carl Jung said that symbols are not manufactured but are discovered through primal inner sources.  Landscapes are living mandalas filled with symbols that stimulate the primal inner sources that are imprinted on the deeper levels of our consciousness.

Landscapes and their elements miniaturize archetypal energies such that we experience and relate to them; we’re put in touch with the energies through our sense when we are out in Nature.  I only have to pass a wild rose bush and I am transported back to my grandfather’s house.  Almost simultaneously as I pass the wild rose and those memories flood in, I swear I can also smell the salt air, even though I am thousands of miles from the sea.  That is how powerfully we are connected to these treasures deep within our conscious and subconscious selves.  

This is a brief outline of the meanings of the different shapes of landscapes and their energies:

  • Circles: Circles are the most natural and perfect shapes in nature and create an energy of wholeness and health.  The circle is the womb and helps establish union between human and divine, inner and outer, upper and lower.  It awakens energies to resolve problems, etc.
  • Crosses (& Intersections):  These are power and points.  Wherever there is an intersection, there is a thinning of the veils between the physical and the spiritual. They balance opposites, creating polarity -0 the balanced male and female with all of their symbolism.
  • Crescent Shapes: These enhance the healing of emotions and stimulate greater expressiveness.  They awaken intuition and the imagination.  The next time there’s a crescent moon, spend some time looking up and contemplating it, especially if you are seeking to awaken your intuition and imagination.
  • Diamond Shapes:  Besides “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” as the old Marilyn Energy SpiritualMonroe saying goes, these shapes are activating and stimulating.  They awaken our creativity and inspiration and can have a powerful effect on dreams, making them more colourful and are often reminders for us to pursue them (our dreams).
  • Polygon Shapes (Many Sided):
    • Five-sided shape of landscapes are balancing and grounding.  Who, today, doesn’t need more grounding, every day, sometimes every moment!. They activate our individual energies strengthening our creativity and individuality.  It can awaken a concentrated force of spirit, reflecting spirit over the elements, reason over matter.
    • The six-sided landscapes have an energy that touches the heart and issues of the heart. It activates energies that balance opposites in a healing way.  Six is the number of home and family and these energies which are stimulated in landscapes with this energy.
    • Seven-sided landscapes manifest gentle and dynamic healing energies.  Seven has always been a mystical number and its energies affect all of the major systems of the body.  It is soothing to the emotions and amplifies healing energies for children.  In Scriptures, seven is the number of perfection/completion.
  • Squares & Rectangles: These shaped landscapes are grounding!  They create energies that are calming, that provide stability and foundation.  They bring together a merging of the inner and outer forces.
  • Triangles: These landscapes amplify and diminish energy flows, depending upon whether they are upright or reversed.  They stimulate emotions and can bring unresolved issues and events to a head.  Inverted triangles reflect the yoni or feminine energies.  The triangle being three-sided holds the energies of the number three and will be especially important to people whose number is also three.

Be Open

There is no better place to be then in the midst of nature, no matter what it is you are seeking.  You do not even have to have a quest in mind.  Just being in nature restores a sense of balance, a peace and calm that I certainly never found living in the City of Toronto; the concrete jungle.

Whenever something draws your attention, don’t pass it by.  Take a good look at it; its shape, whether it is soft or rough, has thorns or spikes, the smell, the shape and size of leaves, if it is an old plant or tree, etc.  If you are continually drawn to anything in nature, you can bet your bottom dollar that Mother Nature holds a messsage for you and wants you to dig deep within.  You are seeking and we are promised when we seek we will find.

You’ve taken the first step; sometimes the hardest step.  You are well on your way once you have taken that first self-exploratory step looking for answers for even the tiniest of matters.  You see, for the Father there is nothing that is “too” anything; too big, too small.  I believe that for Father when we come to him a question is simply a question and an answer is an answer.  There is no need to qualify or try to justify.  Just seek, just ask, just take that step and then wait.  The Father always responds.

One last thing though; be open.  Don’t wait with preconceived ideas and expectations.  Go about your everyday living and do so with an excitement; that of a child who is about to open her/his eyes for the first time and see life.  Be that open and never will you be disappointed.




  1. I totalling agree with you regarding “so much going on.” I got dizzy reading through it just now. I forgot everything that I had written. That’s what happens, because I don’t pre-meditate a ‘script’ like this (never ending blog). A simple word, I sit down and Spirit speaks revealing through the keyboard. The message is always one for me first, and any drawn to read the words. You’re a patient person to read through this. I got a headache and thought as I read, “Where on earth did this come from?” Blessings …


  2. There is so much going on in this post that I will only be able to to touch on the material briefly. To say the least, you have expanded my understanding somewhat.
    I was thinking about a new concept one day as I was driving through Minneapolis. Right at this moment I saw a square in the clouds. “That’s odd” I thought to myself and inquired about it immediately in prayer. The answer I got back was that this new thing I was perceiving was the square truth. My thoughts had influenced the odd sky formation.
    Shape awareness has been a thing for me ever since. I’m often drawn to shapes that parallel my thought processes at any one time.
    As for this year being a 3, it is definitely a 3. Spot on!

    Liked by 1 person

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