DNA, Thoughts & Healing

I “thought” I was finished writing about thoughts for a while; thinking that I’d covered enough scientific stuff for now.  But, I thought I was, but I guess I wasn’t because when I picked up yet another book in my library, well it opened to a page and though the subject is water, the human and DNA, thoughts play a significant role, once again.  And, computers are used to help give non-scientific people like me who are such visionary types, a better idea of what is being said.

I guess Spirit is trying to make sure I continue cleaning up, cleaning out my mind and filtering any new stuff I allow to take up residence, because it’s going to be a long, wild ride and we’d better be ready for it.

So, where do I start; I read so much yet it all fits together.  Perhaps I’ll begin with the computers and our DNA.

Motive & Intent:  Determining Factors of Release

Apparently some folks were (or had been when the book was published) attempting to create and perfect biomolecular DNA computer units so small they can fit a trillion at a time into a lab test tube!  The reason being is that the potential output of a microscopic DNA computer has performance capable of sixty billion controlled computer operations per second!

Let’s back step a bit. The Mayans, Egyptians and other countless civilizations had developed themselves to the point they were already using this technology.  Every advanced civilization reaches this point of amazing “uncovering” what already is and the ways and means of using it.  It is just that once they get to that point we end up with the folks who want to use it for the good of All, and the others who want to use it for the good of Self.

So, we end up with civilizations getting destroyed before they completely destroy the entire universe, not just this planet on which you and I live.  A repeated Noah’s Arc or Sodom & Gomorrah, or whichever story you wish to use to support this suggestion.

So all creation has the ability to do amazing and unbelievable things (creations, miracles, etc.) and uncover amazing things. As Scripture tells us, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

We humans as creations of the Creator, inheritors of all abilities of the Creator are capable of doing all that our Creator does.  However, when the prime motive is of a material nature, then we defy and defile our Holy purpose, for the essence of Spirit has nothing to do with motive.

When heart centred thought reaches resonance with the conscious vibration of matter and then through focused intention that the highest good be served, the substance raised to its exalted state of being is either transmuted into new forms or disappears entirely.

Spiritual DNA - Becoming YouWe are born with the abilities, each and every one of us.  It is all coded in our DNA.  I also like to think that it is also part of that 80% of the human brain (in the head) and the brain (in the heart that science proved was there) that the average Joe or Sally like me doesn’t use.

When we start seeking within, well things like what is happening with me this very moment, begin to happen.  Things start popping into plain view (things that may have already been there but I did not see), and the pieces start to fit together.

Spirit had to get me to the point where I really believed what I was saying, that just because I do not have a degree in science, engineering, medicine, quantum physics, does not mean that I do not have the “capability” to get involved, write about and solve things, if that is part of my purpose on this journey.

Heart Centred Thoughts Raise Vibrations

The ultimate expression of who we are as children of YHWH (Creator) occurs every time we raise the vibration of our own thoughts, those of the collective and matter of all densities and structures. It occurs in the simple things that I have often taken for-granted.   This is attained as well when we raise our vibrations to the perfection that is manifest in all the beauty that surrounds when we attune to the scent of a rose or the sound of a song bird or perhaps envision ourselves travelling along the rainbow we see in the sky.  We are raising our vibration and thus our ‘godliness’ nature; our true essence.

DNA – Genetic Continuum of Inherited Family, Ancestry and Coded Intelligence of Creator

Spiritual-DNA-2Our DNA isn’t just our immediate family.  It is coded DNA of thousands of years and the coded intelligence of our Creator!  All of these go into forming and creating our physical form.  What we see with the eye isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of who we truly are as Spiritual Beings.

Our DNA is coded into every fibre of this physical form.  From the etheric (I wrote about this in another blog on the Etheric Energy Body that permeates the skin layer and extends 1 to 2 inch above the skin) to the densest aspects of our body (anything we see is dense and the energy vibrates at a much slower rate than what is not seen).

Everything about us is “blueprinted” with unbelievable precision.  Again, I wrote more on this re the Etheric Energy Body being the overlaying “blueprint” of all that we are, and the interconnection that exists with every aspect of the body.

Every live cell contains the DNA data management molecules.  The double helix molecule (foundation of our existing DNA) records data based on four primary chemical platforms; identified by scientists as the scripted letters A, T, C and G.  Scientists are focused in the left brain approach to what can be done, whereas those of us on this Spiritual quest are working to access from a right-brained perspective:

the capacity of human awareness and focused mind to affect every molecular unit in the body, altering the makeup of the body, mind and spirit.

I dare say I am not the only one on this quest who is as right-brained as me, 99% intuitive and all that kinda stuff.  I am logical and analytical, but I am first and foremost intuitive.

Every human has 10 dormant strands of light coded DNA.  The scientists call this the junk DNA, of no use or value.  Nothing is ever created with value and purpose.  Creator cannot create what Creator is not.  If science really thinks that about these 10 strands of DNA I guess they must be of the same mind about the 80% of the mind brain that we don’t use – that it is empty, void, junk and serves no good purpose.

I am of a mind to think that these 10 dormant strands of light coded DNA are what us light workers and such are tapping into as we journey.

My Point – Physician (You and Me) Heal Thyself

I am suggesting to you that our minds can be used to regrow parts of the body.  Why not?  Would our Creator give an animal the ability to regrow a tail or some other limb that it needs, and not the human?  I seriously doubt IT.

Even if you don’t want to go that far, surely it is worth working on gaining access to our abilities to help the body continue to heal itself, by using our minds.  Can you imagine what it would do for our seniors (those who may suffer Alzheimer’s), people who are suffering with addictions, people who have suffered injuries in accidents that affect their thinking, ambulatory or other processes?

I believe it works with animals and us because the animal doesn’t think about it. S/he just regrows the missing limb or the skin that it naturally sheds.  It is because we “think” about it and we are preconditioned to think that it is impossible, crazy, out of your mind (maybe it is time you got out of your mind) to think that, a miracle and only someone special can do it for themselves or others.

We call what is natural, what comes naturally, a miracle.  In the beginning when Created there were no miracles,  Life was created and it existed and it thrived.

I am presently working with Creator and praying for healing in the area of my teeth. A dentist messed up, caused an infection, and well, you know the story.  Lost the 2 teeth and the crown.  Why can’t we regrow teeth.  All the cells and molecular structure is still there.  Can’t cells sprout new roots (for the tooth)?  Just saying …. I’ll keep ya posted!


  1. Regarding the 10 strands of DNA, 10 is the number of completion in Scripture. Suppose those 10 strands are that elusive God particle, the very thing that connects to Source and completes us. Most don’t activate them, scientists may throw them away, but they’re there for a reason and we need to complete them.
    As to spiritual healing, as you say, the body is not static. It is what it is believed to be. If we move beyond the normal and trust the Creator that it can grow, even rearrange parts into a new form, then we are on our way to realizing what’s really normal. As a healer and one that has had many bodily healings, I know this to be true from experience and so do others.
    You can grow teeth back. I came across a YouTube video the other day where some souls are already doing this. Nothing is impossible. Blessings with the new teeth!


    1. I appreciate your wisdom and sharing and glad we’ve connected. Yes re the teeth … love for this to be so, now that I’ve committed my ‘faith’ to the electronic highway — testimony and proof “in the tooth.”

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      1. It is good to say Hi. After reading your posts, it appears the Creator has sent us on a similar journey, out of the darkness of Catholicism and into the Light of Messiah.
        I love your use of YHWH. I usually say Yahweh, but that’s okay. We know who Is really worshipped by Name … YHWH/The Self-Existent Ones.
        Anyway due to some weird quirk of WordPress, my reader and site are not totally one thing yet. I’m working on it. So If you would like to see what I’m writing, enter thejobblog.net into your reader’s managed sites or simply drop by thejobblog.net if you’re in the area.
        I’ve got you on my reader and look forward to your posts.


        1. I agree with what you’ve said about the journey. More and more people are connecting, and more visible about their Truth. I’ve sent you an e-mail via your site (which I love by the way!) as I am creating a new resource on my site for places like ours of like-mindedness. Our pre-existence is somewhat similar re the corporate world of Canada. Will say more privately.

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