When I sat down to write this blog, it was going to be another informational sharing with respect to the amazing body.  I will write later, because Spirit had something else she wanted me to write – and I just finished.

There is a dawn arriving – a time when we will, if we are open and not fearful to remember who each of us is individually, collectively and as a part of the All.

It is not something that is just happening, we are being awakened and have been for some time.  My sense is that there is something of a ‘grander’ scale about to happen and because it is not something our physical senses are consciously aware of, many may be fearful.  Do not be afraid.  Remember, let yourself remember who you truly are Spiritual Beings.

Moments to Treasure - Remembering

What follows I wrote before the above introductory note.  I had fun remembering my childhood days at our family’s homes on Cape Breton Island. Because I have finished writing, I now know what Spirit wanted to tell me, and then for me to share.

A Childhood Memory

I look at that picture of the little girl walking towards the rainbow and it brings me back to the hills across the road from my father’s and grandfather’s properties on Cape Breton Island.  That little one could very easily be me as it was in those childhood days.

I see that road as the path I walked from our house, after exiting the ‘paved’ road, to take the last stretch of a garden path over the tiny wooden bridge where I played with the tadpoles, and then skipped a few more feet over pebbles, rocks and such, dancing in and out of the flocks of sheep crossing over to the next pasture.

There, just down the road, where the rainbow drops out of sight – can you see it?  Well, just beyond the tall grasses it dips downward into the sand and ocean, where the rainbow waited for me every day of my childhood, even when we were having another one of our foggy days – what I called Cape Breton mist.

Just writing these remembrances is making we feel wonderfully warm about life.  I am thinking of my mother and father, no longer on this earth, but still with me, in the image on the side of the computer desk, but more so in spirit.  I am sensing this great pride they have, and that is something quite unusual.  It’s almost as if they know something I do not.

Something is in the Air – Embrace What We Know but Forgot

I can indeed taste the salt air, and even though it is snowing out here, I can feel the salt mist and Cape Breton fog on my rosy cheeks.  I was very much a carrot red head with the tiniest of freckles that started to spot my face at about age 5.  Until then my mother tells me I had peaches and cream cheeks with tiny rosebud pink in the middle of each chubby cheek.

There is something very much in the air these days.  It doesn’t matter what I do or where I am, I can sense it, can feel it and it cuts to the core of my being.  Big changes are already happening and will soon be visible to the naked eye.  Many may welcome those and many will not.

I have no doubt I am one of those who will welcome because for my entire life my enjoyment has always flowed from changes. I’ve never been satisfied to remain glued to any one thing; always flitting in and out, up and down and forever investigating.  I believe the Lord made me for such a purpose at such a time as this:  a women whose very being would fade into nothingness if she did not have the joyful challenges of changes.

I love evolving and that is what we are all doing every second of our lives.  I’ve noticed it over longer periods of time, say for instance six months ago I was different than 12 months ago, etc.  These days, however, I am seeing changes within a 24 hour period.  These are physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual.  What I am sensing is in this ‘remembering’ that I just blogged about, is that there is about to be revealed to many a remembering of times long, long ago.

Choice:  We Will Run To or Away

There is coming to us a time in which we can run to embrace because what we have sought is finally within our grasp, OR, we can run away in fear of the unknown.  I think it will boil down to just that one factor in deciding what you will do.  If you are not afraid of the unknown (what you’ve consciously not remembered) then you, like I, will skip, hop and dance into its open arms embracing it.

But, if you are afraid of what you do not now know, it will be a lot harder for you to embrace it.  I am not saying you won’t embrace it; I am saying there is a possibility you may, but with struggle, or you may not.  It is not for me to say.  I am only here to share what I sense is coming.

Prayer for All

We are all brothers and sisters, I don’t care what anyone says.  It’s a fact.  My heart prays that we will all embrace what is being remembered because there is a Source that has longed for too long to have us seek those blessings; the things we’ve long forgotten.  My prayer is that all my brothers and sisters everywhere will be OPEN, just be open to check it out; they no one will not even take a peak at what is about to be offered, because everyone of us is needed for a special part in the Whole.

Be open, be available and stand firm on the foundation of Love upon which you were created and of which you were fabricated.  How can love be fearful of more love?



  1. There is something in the air. A change is coming,I feel it too. Thanks for writing this and making me feel im not the only one 🙂


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