Brain Injury & Healing: A True Story

Not to be redundant, but again I say there is 80% of the mind brain that we do not access.

The other day I was thinking about one of my brothers.  I’ll call him my brother “B”. He owned a multi-million dollar construction company here in Canada.  He was involved in the construction and beautiful changes to the Art Gallery in Ottawa and other high profile projects.  He had a car accident and was lucky to have lived, although for years (and still today, I am afraid) he wished he had not lived.

Traumatic Brain Injury – Closed Head Injury

He sustained a closed head injury.  I know about the seriousness of this type of injury because when I worked in the legal profession I spent several years working with high profile lawyers, specializing in these types of cases.  I had some clients who committed suicide and I saw and felt first hand the devastation that the client’s injuries had on the family.

Brain Injury-1My brother’s family was not immune to these tragic events.  He had a son who was 3 or 4 and his wife gave birth to their daughters shortly after the accident.  Months later (possibly a year or so, it was several years ago) he woke up and went downstairs to find a couple of big guys standing in his doorway as his wife moved out of the home taking both children with her.

For anyone unfamiliar with closed head injuries, the brain is traumatized and brain atrophy sets in, were the cells start dying off.  In my legal practise the thing I noticed was that it wasn’t until between one and two years after the accident the client’s personalities and changes became clearly evident.  However, long before this family members noticed major changes taking place, that the client him/herself was not aware of and denied when brought to their attention.

I think it is safe to say that in 80% of the cases I worked on, all clients became addicted to prescription medications because of the extreme pain of the initial accident, and then … well you know how the story goes.

B’s Journey: Injury & Prescription Drugs

My brother was no exception.  He slept sitting up in a chair for well over a year following the accident.  When I say slept, I really mean he would nod off for minutes and if lucky and hour or two.  He was heavily medicated, his moods were changing, he became angry and I am told violent, throwing things.  His wife couldn’t stand the outbursts and I believe she was afraid.  I haven’t seen or spoken to her since they separated.  When they left my brother (in Ottawa) she moved out to British Columbia.  My brother has not seen his children since.

Eventually when my brother was more stabilized and able to get around, he moved out to British Columbia to try and find his family.  That’s a whole other story and of little importance for the purpose of this blog.

In the year before moving to British Columbia my brother was getting therapy on a regular basis, involved with lawyers, etc.  I distinctly recall a conversation I had with him at the time.  He was being stubborn with one of his therapists who wanted him to carry around note paper to write things down so he wouldn’t forget and he felt the therapist was treating him like a cripple or invalid, which he felt he was not.

Brother “B” Defies Medical Profession

We talked about the type of injury and I shared my knowledge from my working with people who had the injury. We talked about the brain and how we still had a reserve of 80% to tap into.  Seriously, we discussed that and my brother was actually venturing into the Spiritual aspect of life during this period.  He returned to a church where he found comfort and hope, and that together with his self-help and reading material gave him new hope and strength to try things his therapist told him were impossible.

Just before moving to British Columbia he finalized the work and shutting down of his business.  He lost everything and even though the accident was totally the fault of the man who broadsided him, he didn’t have the strength or desire to continue with the legal case and told his lawyer to settle it.  He was determined to move out west to find his family.

Over the next few years he was able to work, something he had been told he would never do again.  In his construction business he had 18 full time carpenters and other tradesmen working for him, yet he was always on the job working side-by-side with his employees.  His skills and work ethic travelled with him and one of the jobs he got after moving to BC was to go to Japan to build a golf putting course on the roof of some Brain Injury-3corporate office tower (due to lack of land, they make use of all space).  He had other high profile jobs like that and was away quite a bit.

He not to take any more jobs out of the country so he could continue his search for his family.  He found them, but wasn’t allowed contact, and anyone who knows the legal system knows it can at times be very daunting.

The reason I share this is because my brother did what therapists and the medical profession told him he could not and would never be able to do.  He defied the odds of “their” possibilities and did what needed doing.

I believe that he was capable of doing this precisely because he thought he could and because his desire and intent was to improve and return to his pre-accident ability.  He was able to do all of that, though he still had pain because of the types of injuries to his bones.  He no longer had people working with him as before and was even more involved in the construction then the design.  He was also running on the adrenaline that he would get the money that was needed to help him to reunite with his children.

He had desire, intent and hope and everything was working for him.  But, like I said, the legal process is daunting and he found himself getting frustrated at the lack of progress.

Also, not to make lightly of it, B completely changed his diet to pretty much vegetarian, roots, herbs, teas and all that good stuff.

Prescription Drugs to Crack Cocaine

He was still taking prescribed medication for his pain, and when he found himself at lose Injuries Not All visibleends, with no work available (slow down in construction), he began to lose hope.  He still had the desire and intent, but hope was fading; he no longer believed as strongly that the results would be what he wanted.

My brother ended up abusing the prescription medications and got involved in street drugs.  I saw him in 1996 when I flew out to Victoria.  My oldest brother (brother “A”) had suffered a heart attack and was in a coma.  Brother B looked pretty good, at least physically.  He had changed in the way he behaved.  Little did I know how bad it would get for him.  He personality was “fidgety.” He wasn’t as calm and meditative as before.

Time to close off this sharing to let you know how bad things can get when you lose hope.  Years later when my father had a heart attack and passed on I had to contact the Pastor in Victoria to try and find my brother B.  He was living on the streets, strung out on crack cocaine and other drugs.  When I saw him I almost could not see him.  He was pretty much skin and bones.

Brother B returned out west and moved north on Vancouver Island, back to nature.  He dried out, gave up the street drugs and was healing.  We’d talk and he’d tell me he was sitting on his deck watching the whales go by as he sipped on his morning coffee.  He sounded so good, was getting stronger.  He was building again, helping the locals and working with some of the native peoples on a reserve.  He was loving life again, and feeling hopeFULL!

He was learning new things, working and helping others. He was planning on resuming his efforts to find and get access to his children.

His thoughts were positive, he had an intent and purpose to strive for and he was content within the surroundings of Mother Nature who was helping him heal.

I wish I could say it is still that way, but I am unsure and concerned at the moment.  He left Nature and returned to live in Victoria.  He was clean when he moved to Victoria, but I am not sure he is now.  I am concerned and send prayers daily.  Two days ago I sensed he needed help and whispered a message via Spirit, “B.  Call me.”  I haven’t heard and he chanted his phone number.  I pray and trust the Lord is carrying him if he needs carrying.

My Prayer

I am praying that I am right in my thinking that we can tap into parts of the brain that we do not use for their resources.  I am also praying that my thoughts are True – that using the energy as a therapist there is sufficient voltage to perhaps solder or reconnect those parts of the brain that have atrophied because of these types of head injuries.  Cells do shift, change and adapt.

Along the same vein, if we can do it for traumatic brain injuries, why not for the brains of those who suffer with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease?

Two or More Come Together in Agreement

I believe what Scripture tells us, that when two or more of us come together in agreement, there in the midst we will find the Lord and will find and be given the answers to our prayers.  We don’t have to be in the same room, for there really is no such thing as time or distance.  If I am here in Canada and you are there in China or Finland, and we come together in agreement in a moment of no time, no space … it will BE.

Whoever and wherever you are, will you agree with me for the healing of my brother and others who suffer the devastation of closed head injuries (aka traumatic brain injury) and for our beautiful seniors that they be restored to a place and space of remembering the families they’ve given life to and the precious moments they’ve woven together during their journey here on earth.

Thank you, and may your blessings bless you as well.  No one is ever alone, and never more so when we agree in Truth and Spirit.  A-men.

Healing Light
Our Prayers Rise in Rays of Light & Rain Down in Miracles



  1. My wife and I, through the Spirit’s direction, began healing around 2008. Many healings were done after that, ending in a remote deliverance in England from here in Canada. But then it all stopped.
    The reason wasn’t because we no longer had Ruach flowing through our veins, but because of a switchover behind the scenes in the Spiritual, moving from the old physical world to the new spiritual paradigm. For a time we were no longer able to reach those who had stayed on the old path, and still can’t.
    But recently those who have entered the new consciousness have come up before us as souls we can work with. These are at all stages of development, but pointed in the new world direction. This is gratifying, as to help no one seemed limiting.
    As you mentioned, there are no limits to the reach of the healing Arm. I’ve healed people on the other side of the world, others I have seen clearly, while in the process, while remaining a nation’s distance away. It doesn’t matter where we are, it matters who we are. Are we the Greater Part that is within us, or the lesser part that is in the world?
    I wish brother B well, as my wife’s Dad went through the same trauma in the same trade, and I wish for you the discernment to know which world brother B has entered.


    1. Thank you so much for your generosity & kindness re my brother. As for the Spiritual what I see is getting back into the nurturing of Nature as a co-contributor to our earthly health, thereby reconnected what is above with what is below. I envision this amazing,unbroken flow of love and light. From the N (above) to the S (below) forming a straight line up and down (Father-Mother Connection), and then where it intersects forming a line from east to west, thereby including all of humanity, intersecting at the mid point of NS and EW in the formation of a Cross – where Yeshua is as the rightful centre of salvation for mankind. His arms open wide inviting all to come …

      As for your question “Are we the Greater Part that is within us, or the lesser part that is in the world?” I would say for now we are a bit of both, but prayerfully hope we are increasing in numbers to be the greater part (as it says, greater is He who is within us than that/they which are in/of the world.)

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