Thoughts (& Prayer) Activate Healing

Sometimes when we seek healing it isn’t enough to just prayer and receive.  Sometimes we are required to take action.  I share with you two instances of healing; one which was totally out of my hands and the other where my hands were required (italicized ’cause I think it’s funny re actual use of my hands – you’ll see).

I have had two experiences of healing; perhaps more than even I am aware of at the conscious level at this moment.  Healing is healing; not big nor small.   I keep forgetting what Spirit has done for me over the years, how I’ve been lead to prayer and meditation sometimes without even knowing why.  Then it is that Spirit reveals to me things, including things that may be malfunctioning in this human body.

Case #1: Cancer Diagnosis

Romans 8-11 Power Raised Christ SameI had moved to Toronto from Ottawa.  I was on a ‘high risk’ watch list with my gynaecologist in Ottawa so prior to my move to Toronto he had contacted a specialist in Toronto and had me registered with that doctor as one of his patients.  We knew when I’d be arriving in Toronto, so my doctor arranged the first appointment with the Toronto guy about a month after my intended move.

I had started a new job that was in Toronto.  When I saw the specialist I was diagnosed with presence of cancer cells and the doctor wanted to book me for surgery.  It was a new job, I was alone in Toronto and I needed to work, at least until the three month probation period when my medical and other coverage kicked in.

I asked the doctor if waiting another two months would make the situation any or much worse.  His response was no, but his preference was to deal with it immediately.  I told him I wanted to wait the two months before meeting with him again to book the surgery.  I told him I would call to book.

During the time of the first doctor’s appointment and my return booking two months later I had accepted an invitation from a woman at work to join her at her church’s fellowship services on a Sunday.  In fact, this invitation came later in the week of the doctor’s appointment. It was a church denomination I knew nothing about.  Up until the move to Toronto earlier, I’d always attended the Catholic church, into which I’d been born.

I Discovered Yeshua

I’d never heard or seen anything like what went on in that church.  I only knew the rituals of sitting, standing and kneeling at appropriate times during a Catholic ceremony.  I thought these guys were out-to-lunch; singing, dancing in the pews and aisles, waving their arms, laughing and crying.  It was a Pentecostal fellowship.

There was what is called an “altar call,” at the end of the service. It was like an out-of-body experience for me.  I was in the pew and then I was at the altar, on my knees and crying.  I was there for what seemed like hours (but wasn’t).  The woman I went with came to me, gently helped me to my knees (still sobbing).  We left the church and went back to her home for Sunday brunch.  I was so exhausted and she knew something I did not know.

She suggested I go into a reading room by myself and rest/relax.  I sat there, trying to analyze and even remember what had just happened.  It was blurry and made no sense.  I fell asleep because next thing I knew the woman was gently touching my shoulder, waking me to join them for brunch.  I’d slept for an hour.

The woman gave me a book to read before I left her house that Sunday.  It was a book called “Hinds Feet for High Places,” by Hannah Hurnard.  It was like that book was to be my story, but of course I didn’t know at the time.  I returned my friend’s book to her having bought my own copy.  I still have it and have reread it many times over the years.

Between then and the follow-up with my doctor I’d shared some of my life with this new friend and she and others I got to meet often prayed with me in a group and in the background.  When I called to book the appointment I still remember telling the nurse that I had been asked to call and book it, but I didn’t need it because the cancer cells were no longer there.

I Told You Doctor – I Am Cured

I don’t recall if she said anything but she insisted I needed to book the appointment.  I

Woman Open to Miracles
With Open Heart I Received His Healing

went to the appointment, saw the doctor and told him the cancer was gone, and I do remember him saying, “Well, we won’t know that until we get the test results back.”  I left the office being told I’d hear back from them within a week or so with the results.

They called for me to go in and get the results.  I went in to the doctor’s office, reminded him I was there for the results and told him that I was cancer free.  I remember his smirk as he opened my file, and then silence.  He looked up from the file and said something like, “You’re right.  The test is clean.  How did you know?”  I just smiled, thanked him and left his office booking the required six month follow-up.

Sidebar: Required Background

It’s a bit of a side-track, but it is part of my story and needs to be told to get my point about the next instance of healing.

Between 1996 and 2007 I lost a brother, mother and then my father in 2007.  I had started a new job in 2006.

In 2007 there was a lot of stress from the new position I held, not one I was accustomed to.  Most of my life I worked in Bay Street law firms.  This was a corporation and they do not think like lawyers!  I found it frustrating and stressful and some days went home in tears.   If you know anything about personality profiling, I am a #4, I am an intuitive and I am very sensitive, caring, compassionate, etc. individual.  None of this is conducive to a corporate work environment in North America.  The guy at York University School of Business told me that they’d love me in Europe where they were about their employees and staff etc., whereas North America is all about the bottom line, bottom dollar!

My father passed away in March 2007, I decided to get drunk Thanksgiving week-end, went back into Rehab on November 1st (my father’s birthday) and I’ve been clean, healed and delivered since then.

About Addictions

Most people with addictions are people who do not want to feel, not just their pain, feel anything.  I have recently experienced pain such as never before.  I moved to Moncton in 2012 (was originally heading to Halifax or Sydney) because I had a brother, who I’ll call “C” living here and he owned a duplex.  The part I was to have was too small to accommodate my massage table for my Reiki, so I moved out within a year of arriving.

Brother “C” committed suicide in May 2014.  I knew no one, per se, and found myself isolated.  I was closer to this brother than any of my other siblings, and my heart was ripped! I did not run to the booze.  I never resorted to my old ways of avoiding pain and decision.  I wanted to run away, to move immediately, but I knew I had to stay and deal with whatever would come.

I was also offline due to computer viruses etc. pretty much from October 2014 until November 2017!

I really was isolated and I knew that for whatever reason this was exactly where and how YHWH wanted me in those moments.  For three years I read and read and wrote and wrote.  I prayed and meditated, I cried and sometimes laughed and cried some more. In June 2017 I lost another brother to suicide.  I was numb and for the longest time I didn’t cry.  But, I didn’t drink either … see there’s good news in every event of life.

I accepted and embraced with open arms whatever emotions flowed my way, and I allowed each and everyone of them to have their time (like they were individual people).  I didn’t try to push them away or ignore them.  I guess you could say I really did allow All of me to BE.

I was healed and delivered from things that I didn’t even know existed.  I was able to find forgiveness for myself, something I had never done.  It had to do with my relationship with my own children, that was strained and torn apart with gaps and valleys between us that still seemed insurmountable.

Case #2: Dissolved Cyst

I spent my whole live running away from books I was drawn to in bookstores.  For as long as I can remember I was drawn to books about Shamans, not even knowing who or what they were.  I’d scan the aisles of the bookstores – Christian/Religious section only – and if my eyes happened to glance on something my Catholic upbringing had warned me against, I’d immediately turn my head the other way, “so as not to become infected” by the book’s contents!

Romans 5-5 Hope Does Not DisappointDon’t laugh, please.  I was brought up being told only Catholics are going to heaven and if I ever stepped in another church the Lord would strike me dead with a lightning bolt!

Anyway, in February 2008 I studied and became a Reiki Master-Teacher and continued thereafter taking other courses in healing.  I studied and became a Level 3 Therapeutic Touch practitioner.  I acquired bookshelves full of books about just about every kind of esoteric healing modality:  crystals, colours, pendulums, long distance healing.  I also amassed quite a collection of Spiritual-Religious-Metaphysical books.

I had developed a cyst on the left side of my head, eye brow level at my hair line.  It was growing and getting so large I was having trouble with my eye glasses.  After studying Reiki etc. I decided I’d try some practical application vis-v-vis prayer, intent and using my “hands” to heal myself.

I don’t know how long it took but remember one morning getting up and when I looked into the bathroom mirror there was gunk in my hair.  The cyst was gone and presumably the gunk used to be it.  It had been quite large, yet there wasn’t a hole or cut or abrasion where it used to be.  There were no distinguishing marks.

It might not seem like a big thing, but think about this.  What about all that bad news that people get telling them they have cysts and they are cancerous.  I don’t think that healing energy will determine for “itself” what is or is not “cancer” or “malignant”.

Institutions Not Our Best Friends

I believe that someone or something does not want us seeking to know what is Truth. For as long as we remain dependent upon external institutions, systems and remedies, without accessing our own abilities, we continue to support some industries that may be doing us more harm than good.  All too often it is about how much money can be made in the sale of their product(s).

An institution on point is what I (not so lovingly) refer to as BigPharma, or the Miracles Happenpharmaceutical industry. How many of their cures have proven more harmful than the illness the purported to ‘heal’.  Most pharmaceuticals mask the symptoms.  When they numb the pain, they’re not helping to rid you of the pain.  When we continue to treat the symptom without delving into the reason we will never recover and we will continue with flareups.

Our Loving Creator made us with all of the equipment we need to maintain the perfect health we were born with.  A manufacturer of a product always provides a means for maintenance.  Darn, this computer I am working on comes with all kinds of info for proper maintainance, and heaven knows I have spent a fortune on virus and security protection over the years.

Do you or I seek out the manufacturer of these bodies we are walking around in and ask Him to give us insight and how to fix our transmissions?  Thankfully, I have begun to do that in prayer and meditation and Spirit always gives me direction and messages of what to do.

Every manufacturer has great pride in what s/he has created or built and will do everything within her/his power to maintain that beautiful creation.  How much more the Father would do for you and I; just imagine!

Give Him a shot.  He never disappoints and will heal and deliver and give you guidance and counselling.



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