Love Our Mother

In a recent post I indicated I’d be following up with ‘a’ post about the Essenes.  I am afraid it could turn out to be a book, and go give you a taste of what to expect, the more I dig the deeper the well of resources gets.

For instance, I keep getting stopped every time I read something that the Essenes wrote (their practices and how they lived, including some of the teachings) and find that what I am reading is in fact found in volumes of both the OT (Torah) and the NT of our multitude of versions of what we call the Bible!

Love the Greatest

An example would be the quote from 1 Corinthians 13:1 (KJV) that’s telling us it doesn’t matter how great an orator or salesman or judge or engineer we are, or anything for that matter, without love none of it matters.

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.”

This self-same quote is found in the teachings of the Essenes, in fact in the words of Yeshua as an Essene in the Gospel of Peace:

“And then with the kingdom of God shall come the end of the times. For the Heavenly Father’s love gives to all life everlasting in the kingdom of God. For love is eternal. Love is stronger than death. “Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become as sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal.”

Most are familiar with that Scripture.  Most are familiar with loving the Father and loving Yeshua the Son, and love of the Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) – it’s all covered in the Bible/Torah/Tanakh and the millions of supporting books that have generated from those.

But what about our Mother?  Where in the “love of Mother” is our love of Mother?

Love Our Mother

Note:  Anything in [square brackets] is my comments or notes.

As I continued reading the above words of Yeshua, he then addresses love and in so doing says that the Father is Love, the Mother Earth is Love and the Son is Love.

No where in the Bible do we find reference to Mother Earth, and certainly never in the same way as we re told to love the Father and Son.  This is what has been missing from all the teachings that I have ever been exposed to.  I only found and started to investigate Woman Open to Miraclesthis aspect outside of the normal religious institutions when I began studies in Reiki and other alternative therapies.

I am beginning to think that is why the organizations I’ve fellow-shipped with have always steered me away from anything to do with Mother Earth and things like Energy Healing, Shamanism, etc.  Love of Mother, or the female/feminine certainly doesn’t fit into the “old boy’s club” of religion. Even something as insignificant as switching from the Sunday keeping fellowship to a Sabbath keeping fellowship drew out comments and warnings from people I knew trying to dissuade me from leaving.  I still recall one ‘sister’ saying, “But you’re not Jewish!”

Yeshua continues in his teaching and there is more reference then I have ever read in any of the versions of the Bibles in circulation.  Imagine my delight, as a Light Worker and Reiki Master when I read his words about light.  Yes, I do recall the Scriptures where Yeshua says he is the light, but I am thinking that much more should have been said.  Unless you have branched outside of the church, like I did, I doubt you would question further what he meant by calling himself the light.  Before my studies I thought he simply meant he’s going to light the path to show me the way.  Perhaps it does mean that, but it means so much more.  We need to think about the properties of light; its energies and powers – not just as some kind of a flash light to show the way in the dark.

This light of which he speaks, I believe, is also the energy that heals. It is energy, and light can be equated to sun and its energies and power.  Try and think of the energy that emanates from our hands as being a sort of laser beam (from heaven :-)):

Yeshua is the LightI am sent to you by the Father, that I may make the light of life to shine before you. The light lightens itself and the darkness, but the darkness knows only itself, and knows not the light. I have still many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them yet. For your eyes [eyes of the body, not the third or Spiritual sight] are used to the darkness, and the full light of the Heavenly Father would make you blind [but when we look within it is there that we truly see]. Therefore, you cannot yet understand that which I speak to you concerning the Heavenly Father who sent me to you.

Follow, therefore, first, only the laws of your Earthly Mother, of which I have told you. And when her angels [the following is found earlier in the text about the angels of Mother Earth]:

“The angels of air and of water and of sunlight are brethren. They were given to the Son of Man that they might serve him, and that he might go always from one to the other. “Holy, likewise, is their embrace. They are indivisible children of the Earthly Mother, so do not you put asunder those whom earth and heaven have made one. Let these three brother angels enfold you every day and let them abide with you through all your fasting.”

shall have cleansed and renewed your bodies and strengthened your eyes, you will be able to bear the light of our Heavenly Father. When you can gaze on the brightness of the noonday sun with unflinching eyes, you can then look upon the blinding light of your Heavenly Father, which is a thousand times brighter than the brightness of a thousand suns. But how should you look upon the blinding light of your Heavenly Father, when you cannot even bear the shining of the blazing sun? Believe me, the sun is as the flame of a candle beside the sun of truth of the Heavenly Father. [So, what it is that we cannot look upon, and bear? Is it the Truth of the Heavenly Father.] Have but faith, therefore, and hope, and love. I tell you truly, you shall not want your reward. If you believe in my words, you believe in him who sent me, who is the lord of all, and with whom all things are possible. For what is impossible with men, all these things are possible with God.

If you believe in the angels of the Earthly Mother and do her laws, your faith shall sustain you and you shall never see disease. Have hope also in the love of your Heavenly Father, for he who trusts in him shall never be deceived, nor shall he ever see death.

As the light, Yeshua is very much the energies of Mother Earth and her angels.  Likely those are the same energies that flowed from him healing people.  Why couldn’t I see this before writing this blog?  Guess that’s why this blog is what has been written, and not what I intended.

Mother Earth – Angels of Air, Water & Sun

Surreal Father Sky-Mother Earth & MankindWhy I am drawn to this more so than ever before is because of my own personal journey that goes against every grain, every method and tradition that I understood, inherited or was taught by anyone to do with mainstream religion (church).

I am  Light Worker, I am an intuitive who sees and feels energy changes in the human body as easily as the average person sees the flowers in the gardens with her eyes.  I have never spoken this out loud, once so concerned with what the ways of the world would think.  I cannot deny by my silence any longer. It is very much a part of my human journey.

Over the years I have done many things that the world, including friends and fellow Christians would have and did think weird.  I have prophesied, I have prayed with others and uttered words that had them stand back in shock asking me “how did you know.” I have self-healed and I have helped others in their healing processes. I have amazed myself so many times that I find it incredulous; as if it is someone else.  My hands are like human x-ray machines and pick up energies and their differences as easily as the average person feels the flame of a candle when she puts her hand over it.  My hands radiate heat.

When I say “I” it is in the sense of me the human vessel through whom my Spirit essence does the work.  No human can heal another human, ever.  As a human we call them miracles but for Spirit it is as natural as the breathing the human does, without notice.

Our Earth Mother Needs Love from Us

Our earth is seeing increases in devastation due to the weather; the elements of Mother Earth.  We have a man who is a president of one of the wealthiest countries in the world

Love Your Mother Earth
Time We Returned Mother Earth’s Love

denying that what is happening is not an environmental issue.  We are trying to cooperate and at least slow down some of the damage we have inflicted upon Mother Earth by stopping what we know is contributing to the damage.

We are also disrespecting Mother Earth, individually, when we run to the pharmacy of man and not her to get help in healing our bodies.  If you examine some of the prescription products you will no doubt find a plant base element in it, but added to it are chemicals that are sometimes worse than the disease they purport to eradicate.

Mother Earth’s angels are air, water and sun.  We are 75% water compound in our cellular structure and the rays of the sun are healing, and they increase the energies of the body structure.  That’s why people resort to taking Vitamin D during the winter months due to lack of sunshine.  As for air, trying living without it.

Everything you or I need for a perfectly healthy human journey comes from the bounty of Mother Earth.  We need to open our arms and hearts and embrace her once again.  It’s time to bring her Home; to throw open the doors of the old boy churches, and welcome her Home.

Where do we go from here?  How many people are truly seeking Truth, and can one or two, like Yeshua and his bandits (sorry, disrespectful me – disciples) make a difference?  Like I said, I become more confused and overwhelmed the more I read and dig and really do need Spirit to help wash away all the debris I’ve accumulated.  We can’t keep putting new wine into the old wine skin that is still filled with debris and sediment.

On a personal note I want to share that growing up I always seemed to have issues with my own mother.  My parent of preference was always my father and I think my mother may have sensed that as well.  I had a chance once when my mother was coming out of surgery and still sedated, to hear her crying out to her own mother.  I had heard stories of how hard her mother had been on her, and it softened my heart towards my own mother.  I realized that she was a mother the only way she knew how – as she had learned from her own mother.  I was blessed in that revelation and able to offer forgiveness to my mother and get to spend a few quality years with her after that before she went home to the Lord.

It felt good to be able to love my own mother.  So, as I have said about how the Father feels when we don’t speak with him or pray, the same applies to Mother Earth.  I am glad that I am seeing this at this time.



  1. You’ve alluded to it, but I’ve began to see everything in nature as One thing. This does not include the things that mankind has created during our short stay on this planet.
    Nature is The Book of Life. If we watch it, learn from it, seek it’s knowledge, and preserve it’s goodness, we are rewarded 10 fold. More than has ever been written in a sacred book constantly passes before our eyes and we cannot fathom it. We are so programmed to believe it is only physical stuff. It is physical stuff, but it’s physical stuff that illustrates all the secrets of life. We, together with it, are a singular living organism.
    Im not sure why religion has hidden the Mother aspect of Truth. We should know that Yahweh is not a He, but rather a combination of both the male and female energies. After all, El Shaddai is decidedly un-male, as it is translated Mighty Teets.
    As for churches, they more often hide Truth than reveal it. It is more important for them to keep their distinct identities, which keeps money pouring into their coffers, than to be about what should be their mission, which is to reunite all creature and creation into One Consciousness, because that is what it really is …behind the scenes.

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    1. Reading your response to this post, I can’t help but think we’ve been cut from the same cloth! (ok so everyone has :-)) Your point on YHWH re neither male nor female (feminine or masculine) yes, as agreed for YHWH is Spirit and we, created in His image are Spirit. We wear male and female clothing, but again our physical bodies are not us.

      I believe this is why the topic I’ve so often ‘alluded’ to and in fact been quite precise about, is the matter of the discredit (by omission or commission) of the Divine Feminine and that what we are seeing (not necessarily on the physical realm, but that too we things like the #metoo movement) is the return of that aspect of every human being.

      The Divine Feminine, as far as my personal understanding as of this moment, is the return to man and wo-man of the qualities of compassion, understanding, wisdom, knowledge and most importantly service to the Divine Family. She is restoring to the earth and its institutions those qualities that were usurped for too long by the masculine drive for “money” and “success” over the need for treatment of humanity in a humane way.

      And yes, no argument with me on the churches. Years ago I shared a story about visiting my parents at their winter place in Florida. I went with them to their Catholic church where the priest joyfully announced the success of their campaign for funds; that they’d gotten something like $3 million dollars which would be “invested for future land development as the church grew.” As we left the elaborate church grounds there sitting on the side of the road were two elderly men, living on the street and asking for money. Speaking from the back seat of my parents car I said, “What’s wrong with this picture?” My mother turned around and asked me what I was talking about. I just said nothing but later on at home during brunch I explained to them. Neither had much to say; both being very RC by nature.

      “Consciousness” behind the scenes as you say, is working Her way to the head of the line. As I have written what we are seeing is the return to right order of things – like the saying mind-body-spirit ought to be spirit-mind-body (and yes to me it does matter, all little things matter). We are seeing the rightful return of Spirit as the driver of this human train and our physical attributes as the tools for use by the Spirit, no longer the other way around.

      Thanks for stirring this up in me and for continuing to challenge me!! Blessings …

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      1. That’s an amazing response Shammah. I couldn’t agree more!

        When I was young, out of ignorance, I pursued my manly traits almost exclusively, to the detriment of my sensitive, caring side. I thought I was supposed to do this, so being in the matrix, as I was, I did.

        One day I was riding with my Dad in our old wood truck. It was a 3 ton old Chevy that we used to use to haul wood to customers. We were driving up a hill to some fairly well off person’s place to sell and unload the wood. As we did, we passed a guy on a bike.

        But at first, coming up from behind, the guy looked like a girl. He had the shape of a girl and the long hair of a girl. I began thinking to myself …nice! Then we passed and I got a look at his face. What went through my mind next was pure horror. I was attracted to that?!

        The incident stayed with me for years, but I never told anyone about it. Why would I? It would only lead to embarrassment.

        It wasn’t until I began studying the true Names of God that I started to understand. YHWH is neither male nor female. YHWH is a balance of the characteristics. This only makes sense as a Spirit that accounts for everyone.

        The guy on the bike was a very femme guy. Back when I was growing up, this was rare, but it was beginning to change. I do believe that back then is when the reversion to balance between the male and female energies of YHWH began to change in our consciousness.

        Of course it is now on display in so many ways that are both beneficial and detrimental, but the Truth behind it remains the same: we are becoming aware once again that The Almighty is One.

        Since realizing this, since I Am made in YHWH’s image, I’ve tried to balance the energies in myself as well. It’s made communication a whole lot easier and I feel into situations like I never could before. I don’t find myself doing stupid hormonal things as much these days either.

        I cannot wait to see what happens in the world where true balance, and full reflection of the Creator is achieved.

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        1. The relationship thing on earth in our human capacity has been one of contention over the centuries, for sure. The brother C who committed suicide was gay and had a rough time of it, especially when he had been studying in a monastery (RC) and the head guy came on to him. It was before he told the family, but I already knew. People love and people have both sets of hormones. The church has a lot to answer for – especially when people, like myself, took the word as Gospel, because it was “in the bible.” Getting to the original root word usage is so important, and just a letter out of place can turn meaning upside down. I tried to simlify things: we are made of love and are here to serve in love … and the best thing that eases any tension is the fact that I know I “am not god” and have no right to “judge”. The day I become Her, I’ll be sure to let the entire world know …

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