Becky the Beaver

Meditation, Journey & Vision

This morning during my meditation time I was doing some self-healing, felt a twinge in the left side around my heart.

As I sank into the meditation I found myself in a boat, small like a canoe, travelling along the waterways in my veins and arteries, in the area of my left side of my heart.  My animal totem is the Salmon, and Sammy the Salmon was heading up the expedition. I was content to follow him because he was so adept at swimming against the current.  I knew we were headed upstream and I would need his extra strength to continue on.

We came to a point just as we were entering my heart where it narrowed.  Spirit, my companion, told me to hold my hand out just over the protrusion area and as I did so what was there dissolved into nothingness, and our boat moved through without obstruction.  There had been a crustiness forming that was getting pretty close to totally blocking the route.  When I held my hand there I felt the warmth that seemed to come out from behind the dark, crusty matter.  It connected with the warmth from my hand and was enough to dissolve the unwanted material.

Continuing along through the heart, crossing from the left breast area to the right breast area we came to another standstill.  I called out to Sammy asking why we were stopped again and he yelled something about the way being blocked, and that he wasn’t going to be able to clear the way without some extra help.

Just as I was about to climb over the side of the boat to help him, I heard someone whistling from somewhere to my right.  Looking in that direction I saw this chubby little beaver, almost skipping alone and totally unaware of our presence, as “he” kept moving along, singing and whistling, carrying some branches.  Just then Sammy yelled out, and Bucky the Beaver, as I had decided to call him, glanced our way, stopped and then at the behest of Sammy walked towards our boat.

When Sammy explained to Bucky the Beaver that he saw this blockage up ahead and we needed to get through, Bucky said rather nonchalantly, “Yes.  That’s my dam.  I’m getting it shored up and stored up for the coming winter.”  I just sat there, looking at the two of them looking at each other and when no one said or did anything, I spoke up saying, “Mr. Beaver, we have to get through.  We’re meeting up with someone on the other side, and if we don’t clear the way now, it’ll be too late.”

Bucky the Beaver turned his head, smiled at me with a twinkle and said, “It’s Ms. Beaver and my name is Becky!”

Well, my realization at that moment is that so far in my journey every Spirit animal I have encountered I have given masculine attributes, not once until now thinking that the helping hand was from the Divine Mother!  I was slightly embarrassed, but too grateful to hold on to any embarrassment.

I had just learned a valuable lesson about my own thinking.  I too have left Divine Mother out of most of my journey, attributing strength and the ability to get things done or move forward to the Divine Masculine.

As for Becky, well both Sammy and I helped her.  She had been carrying the twigs and branches to continue with her dam reinforcement.  She showed us where she could clear a passage for us that wouldn’t interfere with her home and we worked alongside with her, joining in with her whistling and singing.

As I looked at Becky at work I realized I was learning yet another lesson. When we see what we are looking at there is always a lesson for learning.

I noticed the reverence with which Becky carried and placed each twig; like it was a still living and valuable thing and I knew it was.  I thought of Yeshua and his death on a cross, once a living tree, but ever so more valuable as it held the body of the Beloved Yeshua.  Becky showed me, in truth, that even the fallen branches of the trees are of value, to someone.

Nothing born of Mother or Father is ever valueless, even if all life has drained.

It was quite a journey, and that is where it ended for today.  No doubt I’ll pick up another day.

And, I know that something was cleared and healed in the area of my heart.  The pain was totally gone by the time I finished the meditation.  Actually when we met up with Becky, now that I look back, there was never any further thought or feeling of pain.

Beaver Symbolism & Spiritual Energies

A site on animal spirits has the following to say about the beaver, not as my animal totem but because she appeared in my meditation/prayers.  An animal totem often contains more specific and relevant information for the person who has it as a totem, like my Sammy the Salmon.

He will be reminding you to act on your dreams in order to make them a reality. He also sets the example that teamwork in your work life and family life make it easier to build your dreams into reality. You have to work at them to make them real.

It is often associated with industriousness and independence. The beaver as a great planner and builder, is offering protection and care to their young. The word beaver sometimes has sexual connotations – the sexual organs. If there is emphasis on the beaver dam, then it may suggest either conserving your energy and emotions, or holding back feelings, depending on the dream action.

Given my vision included a dam, there is more to this message that I need to meditate upon.

Life, my friends, is always exciting and always revealing things to us when our eyes and hearts are open to see and receive.