Essene Communion for Tuesday

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The Essene Communion for Tuesday is as follows.  I will insert any thoughts that I may have within the text in square [] brackets.

THE DEEPENING: The heavens smile and the earth celebrates as the children of light [Again as an energy practitioner and having been called a Light Worker, I don’t hesitate in saying so, for we are all children of light, as we awaken to the true Consciousness] sing the songs of life; and the bodily world of thy Earthly Mother, and the celestial worlds of thy Heavenly Father, give praise to the joyous voices.

 Angel of JOY I invoke thee. [Every day if I invoked the Angel of JOY, can you but imagine how awesome and beautiful our days would become, having invited that energy into our earthly presence?] I come before you with the voice of the wind for thy Holy Law is within me. Descend upon this Earth and spread your blessings to ALL living beings. Touch those who walk in darkness so they may see the light, and partake in the Holy Communions, and eat of the fruits of your blessings; And as each morning comes, I shall embrace thee.

MEDITATION: Meditate on the image of a newborn child, seeing the world for the very first time. Experience the newness, be the child. [How often I have used this analogy when writing or talking about how each new day we are given, we ought to awaken to it with the wonder and awe of an infant whose physical eyes see for the first time.  Wouldn’t that just add to our joy of the day?]

NOON CONTEMPLATION: Peace with Humanity, Social Peace. [I think about what my noon hour was like, working in the corporate world; how I’d close my office door, dim the lights, play meditative music in the background…and just breathe in Peace.  It restored me so that I could again approach the day’s work with a restored sense of

Gibran re Love Your Enemy
YHWH Said Love Your Enemy & I Obeyed and Loved Myself

Peace.  If I do not have peace within, then I have no peace to breathe without and share with the world.  Our energy vibrations will be sourced from either positive or negative.  Heaven knows how negatively charged some work places and spaces can be in their competitiveness and thrive to survive.]
Let thy love be as the Sun which shines on ALL creatures of the earth, and does not favor even one blade of grass for another.

EVENING COMMUNION: Angel of POWER I invoke thee; descend upon my body and help me to direct my thoughts, my actions, my words and my deeds; And as each evening comes, I shall embrace thee.

[Evening, often the time when as I wrote about Monday’s Communion, we seek peace for a restful sleep. So when I see here seeking the Angel of Power I was a bit puzzled.  Then I remembered.  In the times of Yeshua and before (as it is still Judaic & Messianic practices) the beginning of a new day was just after sundown.  So, of course it makes sense to want the power to enter into a new day.  As I close my eyes to sleep I often ask for help to keep rambling thoughts at bay and to dream dreams and have unconscious thoughts of truth, light and love.  That certainly is “power” within which to enter a new day.]

THE BLESSING: Within me lives the meditating Monk. The builder of the temple. In this season of inner reflection I shall discover the center for I am guided by the light from within. [Only thing comes to mind is the return to source, or as it says my centre – my essence.]

The following is found at the bottom of the Nazarene page on Tuesday’s Communions:

  • The Holy Temple can be built only with the ancient Communions. Those which are spoken, those which are thought, and those which are lived. ~Gospel of the Essenes

  • To make the human heart a temple, the soul an alter, and the mind a priest. These were the missions of Jesus the Nazarene. ~Kahlil Gibran

Kahlil was one of my favourite writers of all time.  He fits in with Hannah Hurnard and C.S. Lewis as my greatest influencers in this journey.  I still have every book written by all three of these, and often am drawn to them for refreshing of my soul.  I wonder if Gibran was an Essene?  Certainly his writings line up with their teachings; his great love and respect for Mother Earth and all life.

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