Thank You for Visiting

This is a big thank you to all of the people who have dropped by, taking the time to like and even comment on what has been written. It is precipitated by a notice from WordPress that I have received over 100 likes on this blog since its inception just over a month ago.

I started this site on December 27th, 2017 not sure where it was going, but knowing when I started it that it would be called Return to Source.  I chose that name, or perhaps Spirit gave me that name, because it covers every aspect of this Spiritual journey as a human being.

I believe that when I entered earth through birth I came fully equipped with all Spirit needed to fulfill life’s purpose for this journey.  But, I like all humans, lost access to likely 80% of everything:  I choose that percentage because that is how much of the mind brain we do not use, and heaven only hows how much of the heart brain any of us use.

Source is where all of us will find everything that ever was or will be.

I called the blog aspect of my domain because “esoteric” covers the whole gambit that I sense will be poured into the blog.

I’ve gone from being religious to Spiritual.  In the work world I worked as a senior law clerk in law firms in Toronto and for a major automobile corporation where I set up their in-house legal department. Apparently, in the corporate world of North America, my personality type is not an asset because I put people above profits.  I was told that at a course I took at York University School of Business.  The good news was that in Europe I’d be a smash hit!

I studied to become a Reiki Master and it was during then that my life began to unfold.  I knew I was an intuitive, I had dreams that came true and I knew the energies of people that made me want to leave the room.  I just didn’t know what this was called and I never thought I was any different to anyone else.  I was very wrong, and particularly in the corporate world of North America I was more a liability than an asset because my number one love wasn’t the money, it was the people.

I’ve gone through bible college, sauntered through different religions, attended a non-orthodox synagogue in order to become proficient in learning and understanding Hebrew (which made my soul sing every time I heard it).

I’ve journeyed (as it is called by Shamans) but only thought I was praying and meditating.  I always thought everyone else had the same experiences, visions and thoughts.  I was wrong about that as well.

So, most of my life I have been doing, experiencing and sensing things that not everyone does – so I am learning.

This blog will be a place where I try and piece together the plethora of ways and means at our disposal, known and unknown, that enable us to be the amazing Beings we were created.  This will come forth randomly (as you may have guessed by what has been written in just one month), as Spirit reveals to me through my prayers and meditations and all the other ways she has of showing me.

WordPress just sent me notice that I have received over 100 likes on this blog, and I am honoured and I am privileged, and I thank each and every one of you.  My only desire is that somewhere, somehow at sometime, someone will be helped by a word or two shared by me from Spirit.


      1. You are a rare voice. I’m glad to have you around. One of the very few that I have followed first. I used to wait until I was followed and then follow back. But I’m looking for souls that can think deeply, truthfully, and out of the box. And you’re it!


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