Journal and Journey

Yep, another word association post because of my meditation time this morning.  Spirit brought to my attention these two words and their similarity with the instructions to check out the following:

  • the meaning of the letters/word “jour” – I know it is French for the word day, but obviously there’s more to it
  • the meaning of the letters/word “nal” and “ney”
  • the connections, if any between “nal” and “ney”

I sense the purpose of this exercise is of course to learn something new and reinforce the need to look beyond the obvious or not so obvious.  Beyond that, I have no idea until I check these points out and then start writing, to see what Spirit will reveal for me, and perhaps even you.

My initial thoughts are of course I know how important it is to journal what we see or feel or think during meditation, fragmented or not, because at some point (maybe not for years) these pieces or fragments will come together and form a very specific message.


Jour – Root of Journey & Journal

Here you go.  A picture paints a thousand words.  There is the connection for journey and journal, the word is a French derivative and it is because a journey was the distance one could unusually travel in one day (“jour”).



The dictionary defines this as being:

the English suffix ‘-nal’ or ‘-nus’ is a suffix that when combined with a Latin origin root gives the English meaning of belonging to

It is also noted that words that end in the letters “ial” or “al” have characteristics or energies of being personal.  Journals are usually very personal in nature because they are written from the perspective of the person writing.

So, in the case of a journal, we can say the writing “belongs to the day” on which it is written?  I suppose what that reinforces for me is that it is absolutely necessary that when we are given ideas or thoughts, we must write them on the day in which they are given to us.

My personal experience has been I’d get these brilliant ideas while driving in my car and think to myself that when I get home I’ll write about them.  They are so vivid and real I am positive I will remember them.  I was wrong!  I kept a pen and paper in my car to make note of those flashes of ideas and messages.

I learned the hard way that when the clarity of a message or image is given to me, in the moment, it is as alive as the energy of that moment and unless I commit it to paper, it will dissipate and disappear into the apparent nothingness from which it came.

Thoughts, ideas and visions are as fleeting as the moments of the day.  If I know it is something truthful and needed to be learned of for me and then shared, I must commit it in the moment it belongs to or it will be no more.

I was looking more for “nal” being a root word and so I checked Strong’s and couldn’t find a thing.


First thing I think of here looking at those three letters is the saying that means no, “nay”.  Uncertain if the fact the vowel is an a in stead of an e – especially given the Hebrew language had 22 characters none of which were vowels.

I couldn’t find anything for “ney” as a suffix.  I did find some guy called Ney who was in Napoleon’s army.

I discovered this about words that end in the letter “y”.

Words that end in the letter “y” have characteristics (energy) of being happy.

Typically when I go on a journey I am happy.  I am usually going to visit family or friends; away on a holiday or for a visit to a park or beach to rest and relax.  I am always happy.

When we travel to work are we “journeying” to work.  Is travelling the same as journeying?  I don’t believe it is because the movement of travelling denotes getting from point A to point B, usually in the quickest method and shortest time, whereas when I say I am journeying, it sounds more casual, leisurely and almost exploratory by nature.

Sorry I couldn’t be more profound about this exploration; not what I expected, but at least I have learned something new.

It is safe to say that when I journal my meditations and journeying I am writing about a leisurely, relaxing, exploratory journey as opposed to knowing where I am going when I travel.





  1. Yes, I find the same things with dreams. The minute I awake from sleep, they begin to dissolve. So I have to write them down as soon as possible. If I get a download or brainwave on a trip, I find myself reviewing it until I get home so I don’t lose it. This has been the root of many songs, as these brainwaves are more easily remembered in song form.

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    1. Me too, re the song thing. Only for me it is poetry and prose – I think in poetic stances …. seriously and those I can remember. That’s what is great about the Psalms (the short ones) which are songs … the rhythmic beat and rhyming help us to remember.

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