Wednesday Communions

It is Wednesday and here are the Communions from the Essene teachings. The Essenes’ teach that this day is guarded and ruled by the Angel of Sun that equates to sunrise and the Fire of Life.

My thoughts or comments are in red in square [] brackets within the context of the teachings.

The Essene Daily Communion For WEDNESDAY

THE DEEPENING: Let thy love be as the Angel of Sun which shines upon ALL the creatures of the earth, and does not favor even one blade of grass for another. [Love, simply put, has no boundaries and is not discriminatory.]

MORNING COMMUNION: Angel of SUN I invoke thee. Thou art the fountain of light that warms our days and lights our path. It is by your glory that man is born to live the words of the Holy Law, and as each morning comes, I shall embrace thee. [Allegorical to saying we are embracing Love.]

MEDITATION: This day brings to the world the divine blessings of the glorious Sun and its radiant gifts of warmth and of light. How mindlessly we go about our days shielded from your nourishment and unable the receive your blessed gifts.

[Reading these words I think how the gifts are available, and being unable to receive these gifts, perhaps because I was closed in and would not stretch out to receive.  They are offered, but will I receive?  Another thought is that even though they are offered, many won’t even see to have the opportunity to open up and receive – because still blinded by the ways of the world, traditions and man’s fallible teachings.  Thus far perhaps they have deliberately avoided going within to seek, find and receive, out of fear of what they may find (about themselves).]

Without fail, I shall find time this day to take the gift of your light into my soul, so that my own light may shine unto others with the same power and glory that you have given unto me.

NOON CONTEMPLATION: Peace with the FAMILY. He who hath found peace with his brother hath entered the kingdom of love and shall experience the Oneness of God. The Heavenly Father knoweth the hearts and the minds of his Children, and their inheritance shall forever be Peace.

[I need to heal with my family.  Everywhere I turn these past several weeks, it has been about family.  How much more obvious could my blessed Spirit be then to have me journey with Becky the Beaver.  I do think I got the message Lord – really.  Yes I know, time for some action.]

EVENING COMMUNION: Angel of LOVE I invoke thee; for love is the first blessing of the Heavenly Father. Yea, it was said in the days of old, thou shalt love thy brother as thyself; and to every one who loveth another is born of the Heavenly Order, and shall drink from the well of eternity. And as each evening comes, I shall embrace thee.

THE BLESSING: The warmth of this day has filled me. How natural it is to feel this blessing and to radiate it back into the world. I look into the eyes of another and see only shared divinity. The boundaries have disappeared. You are no longer a stranger to my heart.

[Having written this post, after my post on Becky Beaver’s Story – and the message about light connecting with light and magnifying and increasing in strength…I am amazed and say a heartfelt thank you to my blessed Spirit and Father and Mother!]

“Truly, all must be born again of Sun and of Truth, for your body basks in the sunlight of the Earthly Mother, and your spirit basks in the sunlight of truth of the Heavenly Father.” ~~ Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ



  1. I really enjoy your insight and comments. Years ago I tried to find where it said that to serve YHWH you couldn’t be married – and nowhere in the bibles was it found. Besides it is only the Catholics that held that “old boy” point of view, or rather ‘law’. I always wanted to be an ‘altar’ girl; having six brothers and watching them I always felt left out. Sort of glad, now, that I was left out!!


  2. A long time ago I realized that the true personage that was embodied in the Sun was Yeshua. There are allusions to this all over Scripture: The Light of the world, Sun of Righteousness, etc. Enoch notes that the Sun is in fact an angel (we can translate that as a type of messenger or some Entity). And how can we miss the part about it giving us Light, hope, love, and sustenance?
    On the flip side, I marvel at how the Babylonians worship/ped Sunday, a different day of the week for a different reason. There the Sun equated with Nimrod, the first King of Babylon. This day is set at the direct opposite end of the week as is Shabbat, as if it can’t get any further from Sabbath in meaning, but still cozies up as a close alternative. Instead of being a sign of love and sustenance, in Truth, Sunday is nothing more than a control factor based on sin.
    What a world of difference a little understanding makes.

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    1. I often saw the analogy between the words “son” and “sun”. Also, I don’t know if you’ve read any of the Nag Hammadi Scriptures or the Keys of Enoch but it is all through those ancient writings – they are the scrolls or at least some of the scrolls from the caves at Qumran. You mention the Babylonians and I immediately think of Daniel. When I was baptized there were two scriptures given to me (should say books) by Spirit: Daniel and Esther and some time later Malachi. You asked about the name Shammah – that is something I will write about on the blog at some point. Most interesting and the beginning of my journey – happened at my Baptism at age 40!! They’re all tied together, and what we have here is a huge pot of homemade soup in which the cook included all of the dead weeds and things that make one sick and fainthearted. It’s like wading through the pot, finding what we think will feed us and not make us sick or foggy or groggier than we already are. Need a good strainer, and mine is Spirit.

      Having gone through Bible college the gift I got was that they were just men and women sharing “their” interpretation of what they thought the Word said or meant. Only Truth knows Truth – therefore if I do not seek it from Spirit I will never find it.

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      1. Again our paths converge. You went to Bible college and I went to seminary and we ended up with the same takeaway. These are just people sharing an interpretation with no real relationship with YHWH at all.
        The seminary was where I began to lose all taste for religion. It was just unconnected people repeating what other equally unconnected people had concocted due to lack of Spirit.
        Yes, and re Daniel and Esther, that was also my first introduction to Babylon. I’ve studied deeply into in since. I had to. I had to figure out what made my Dad tick, because he didn’t make any sense on a normal level. Eventually I found out that it was his religion, and his religion was linked directly back to Babylon. In fact, it was the picture perfect mirror of it. Babylonian teaching is entrenched in modern religion.

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        1. Can I say WOW again regarding the similarities of our journey and in amazement (want to say that quote from Bogart, I think, about of all the dives in all the whatevers… :-)) that we would connect (the Lord is smiling, I can see it and feel it) — given the number of websites and blogs there are. There really is no time, distance or space that can ever divided ‘what the Lord has joined or put together’ for sharing and learning, etc. About seminary, my brother who committed suicide had been in St. Augustine’s Seminary studying to become a Brother … when hell started to close in on him, in the form of the head guy who came on to him. My brother took a ‘temporary’ leave of absence and never returned. That same guy was the one who had baptized my daughter at the church in Ottawa! And, I still remember being at service on a Sunday, sitting at the back of the church with this little 2 year old; church over & she wanted to leave. Told her we had to wait for Father to pass and she yelled, “He’s not my father.” Out of the mouth of babes!!

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          1. Yeowww! There are many RC leadership pedophiles. Again it goes back to the Babylonian mysteries. It is that way not by accident, but by design.
            The angels are neither male nor female and so this is a path that is (secretly) encouraged by RC priests. But it is coming from the wrong direction, like usual. This world’s elites think they can change reality by altering physicality to match what is found in spirituality. It doesn’t work that way. The effort is going in the opposite direction.
            Spirituality keeps the genders and balances the male and female energies thereby creating Heaven instead of hell.


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