Friday Communion

I apologize for not posting this last evening.  Computer challenges with all of those bugs and stuff floating around.

It is Friday, and I prayerfully hope that as we enter Sabbath at sundown today, we will do so with expectations of a full presence and awareness of the Love of our Father in all affairs of our lives.  He delights it when we acknowledge His presence, and eagerly awaits our time with Him.

So, this is the Communion set out by the Essenes for Friday.  Not too late to at least reflect if it is late in the day when you read it.  Perhaps think about how if you had taken the approach of the Essenes in living Friday, would it have been better or no different using the approach.

As always, any comments I have in each of the sections will be in red and [] brackets.


[It is noted at the beginning of this Communion that Sabbath and Fasting begins at sundown.]

THE DEEPENING: In the gentle breeze of the forests and in the winds of the fields, thou shalt find the Angel of Air. Breath long and deeply, for the rhythm of thy breath is the key of knowledge which will unlock the secrets of the Holy Law. [Funny (nah!) during meditation I wondered who the Angel of the Air was for Friday, and I thought of air and felt a slight breeze cross my cheek.  Guess She was listening and responding.  I was in fact concentrating on breathing in and breathing out in an effort to still myself.]

MORNING COMMUNION: Angel of AIR, I invoke thee; for no man may come before the face of God whom the Angel of Air hath not passed. For thy body must breathe the air of the Earthly Mother before thy spirit may breathe the Holy Law of the Heavenly Father. And as each morning comes, I shall embrace thee. [Our Earthly Mother, once again visible in the topics and meditations that have frequented me this week, and this blog site.  I am writing this post having written the blog on the Dove & South Korea Olympics in which the Divine Earth Mother became a subject of the teaching.]

MEDITATION: This morning brings a different breeze. The winds of inner change and reflection. These winds blow strong as I unfurl my sails and set a course for yet another journey. May the wind be my guide, and the calmness of the truth lead my way. [“Calmness of truth.”  The news these weeks, months and year have been anything but truthful and anything but calm.  Truth, is obviously missing, else-wise there would be a calmness in the air.]

As thou movest the air with thy breath, movest thy body with thy soul. Eat of the blessed fruits from the Earthly Mother, and walk in the light of the Holy Law; for he who hath found peace with the body, hath built a holy temple wherein may forever dwell the spirit of God. [“light of the Holy Law” to me seems to say that this light is in fact Truth and without truth there is a darkness that permeates everything.]

EVENING COMMUNION: The HEAVENLY FATHER and I are One; Thou hast made known unto me the deepest of mysteries. By thy fourteen fruits of the Tree of Life thou hast directed my heart, and guided my steps, that I may walk in your presence and dwell eternally in the essence of the divine. [Reading this, where it says essence of the divine, I read presence.  If I walk in the presence I get a sense of separateness, whereas if I am walking in the essence it denotes I and the essence are one.  I do like this and what a difference a word makes in the meaning of what is being said.  My mind had been forecasting what it had already thought even before reading the words.  Definitely not being present in the moment if my mind is racing elsewhere.]

THE BLESSING: What is man, that thou art be so mindful of he? Thou hast made a covenant with the Children of Light, and thou hast given unto all the Holy Law. To some it has been lost, and to some it is forgotten. But to some it is lived, and those whom walk with thy Holy Angels shall dwell forever in the kingdoms of God.

Hear me, Sons of Light, for I will impart to you the gift of tongues, that by speaking to your Earthly Mother in the morning, and to your Heavenly Father in the evening, you may go closer and closer to oneness with the kingdoms of earth and heaven, that oneness for which the Son of Man is destined from the beginning of the times.
~Essene Gospel of Peace

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. ~John 8:32


  1. Fascinating that air, water, and Light are angels. I know from my study of Hebrew and Greek that angels mean messengers. To this, I would conclude that we are supposed to witness these. The physical attributes are equal to the spiritual realities in Truth. One derives Truth from the way material things work and visa versa. I have come to believe that all these elements are present as a representation of the consciousness which is in Truth. The consciousness creates the symbol messenger, which in turn points back to the Consciousness.

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    1. I was thinking about the Angels and how we are to commune with them and then how the church replaced them with the “Saints” that are assigned to various days throughout the year (via the Catholic Missal). Once again the pope substituting the earthly (things of man) for the heavenly (things of YHWH). As for ‘praying’ to angels, I’ve always felt awkward in that regard; guardian angels, invoking their protection (asking them to do what YHWH assigned them to do) is not praying. I mean why go to that which is created out of if you can go directly to He who Created?

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      1. I’m with you on that point. I believe there is no middle man. This is because I believe that YHWH dwells directly inside us once we accept and open up to this. If this is true, then the idea of going through an angel to get to YHWH seems ludicrous. The same would go for the saints. Plus, let’s be honest, most of these are dead. When would it be appropriate to approach a casket and ask the one inside for advice? Certainly there would be no expectation of anything. Besides, it is not a church that decides who is elect or not. It is YHWH alone. I have little doubt that sainting has anymore effect than knighting. Once their dead, they can do nothing.
        But back to the angels. In Scripture they are described as ministering spirits. How and when do they minister? If air, water, and Sunlight are angels, and Enoch agrees, then they are ministers in their function of leading us to YHWH.
        But once YHWH is implanted, these being of the Spirit/Ruach of YHWH as well, no longer work as go-betweens or assistors. What do they do then? They apparently move into the space of being part of the greater consciousness and the work of fully uniting Heaven and earth behind the scenes.
        And one last thought. If angels are messengers in the vein that they are ministering spirits filled with the Spirit of YHWH, are we anything less, once the Ruach of YHWH has been implanted in us?

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        1. Well, there is one thinking that ‘sainting’ has in common with all the other man made regulations – it brings $$$ into the church coffers along with masses for the dead, yadi yadi yadi … Angels, I believe may receive special assignments to help people – that t.v. show Touched by an Angel, touched me. And there are warrior angels – so I guess what’s happening is I’ve always attributed human physicalities to them …. but I think the closest I can get to beginning to describe would be perhaps as mighty thunder storms that roar when angry, or gentle breezes that bring about a sense of peace … ethereal if you will.
          Angels, us —- we’re one and the same with a different hairdo, so to speak … more or less in energy output perhaps – again the difficulty is thinking like a human. More and more I am sensing the energies around me that evoke different emotional and physical responses; sense of well being or insecurity — I’ll be glad when the fog lifts a little more.

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          1. I do think angel activity is present in weather phenomena, especially right now. I do believe, and am witnessing some in a protected position spiritually and some in an unprotected position. During these events I do think angels are active preserving some while leaving others to their own devices. In this way the wheat and the tares are actively being harvested.
            Lol! Moneymaking off of saints. Well, shake that moneymaker! I think angels are present in sorting out the moneychangers in the temple as well. 😉
            I do think their presence, which is part of YHWH’s presence also brings us a heightened awareness.

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