Sabbath (Saturday) Communion

Sabbath ends at sundown on Saturday.  May you be blessed by the words you read and those that your minds brings to your heart for consideration and blessing.  Comments in red [] per usual are mine.


THE DEEPENING: Fasting is the first principle. Fast from negative thoughts, words and deeds. Fast from ego, pride and desire. Fast from all physical ills and Ye shall behold the strength and the wisdom of the spirit.

[Ooh, I do love this.  What better thing can we do for our entire physical form than to “fast from negative thoughts, words and actions.”  As I have shared before, even before I ‘found the Sabbath’, it has always been that my communion and fellowship with the Father has been the richest and most meaningful for me.  I have received blessings, words of wisdom and literally had that ‘light bulb’ go off over my head.  Things I’ve read before, I now see; words I once heard I now hear with my heart and there is wisdom and understanding, not just knowledge.]

If you have not ‘tasted’ of the Sabbath and you are seeking something, anything – especially peace – then the Sabbath holds all these waiting for us to show up.  Try it, I know you’ll like it, a lot!]

MORNING COMMUNION: The EARTHLY MOTHER and I are one. Blessed is the child who knoweth the Earthy Mother, for she is the provider and the sustainer of life. Her harvest becomes thy body, her waters become thy blood, her winds will carry thy spirit, and as each morning comes, I shall embrace her.

 The richness of the Mother’s garden surrounds us. The forces of nature toil unendingly for the benefit of all. For this we are blessed. The kingdom which guides and nurtures the plants and the forests is yet another manifestation of the Mother’s love for us, and we within this kingdom must return her blessings with respect, with caring, and with love.

[The communion of the Sabbath, in the morning, is focused on our Divine Mother Earth and the afternoon our Divine Heavenly Father.  Equal time of respect, love and fellowship.  What a blessing, that I have just seen this, and several hours ago wrote about the same thing.  I am learning to love my Mother, through healing of the relationship I had with my physical mother. 

Even though she is not present, this morning during prayer I spoke with her and my father, about the times that were difficult; I asked her if she was happy and she said she was.  I had just been thinking about how even on her death bed, as I arrived at her hospital bed following a 4 1/2 hour panic drive from Toronto, she had looked at me and all she could do was tell me I looked awful and why didn’t I clean up.  Obviously this still hurts me to think that even as she was dying she still seemed to be angry at me and hate me.  During meditation I saw a softness and a sorrow in her eyes for how she had been with me. I felt her regret and knew her love. Below it speaks of Peace with the (Heavenly) Father – This a.m. I found peace with my biological Mother.]

Ye that love thy Heavenly Father do Ye then his bidding; Walk Ye with his Holy Angels and you shall find peace within his Holy Law.

EVENING COMMUNION: Angel of ETERNAL LIFE I invoke thee; descend upon my soul and bless my spirit with the splendour and the knowledge of eternal life. And as each evening comes, I shall embrace thee.

 The food upon my table shares its life with me. And as this life nourishes my body, one day my body shall nourish this earth. And until that time shall pass, I shall return her blessings with kindness, with respect, and with my love.

Verily I say unto you, if in the daytime the Earthly Mother holds you in her arms, and in the night the Heavenly Father breathes his kiss upon you, then will the Sons of Men become the Sons of God. ~Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ


  1. Well, I finally made it to the day we are on. I’ve held Shabbat to be my favourite day of the week for some time now, for reasons not unlike your own. I find the greatest peace on this day. My mind is clear and at rest. I have noticed nature mimics this too and more than any other day of the week comes to a full stop.
    The fasting and the rest (Sabbath) are the same thing to me. Leave behind the earthly endeavours and spend some time with the Father and Mother. This is the day we often spend time in nature and it is so rejuvenating. That’s why this day is famous for re-creation.
    Speaking of that, this is also the day on which we have done most of our healings. The spiritual energies are much higher on Sabbath. So there is rest from pain and dis-ease as well.
    It is the special day to draw us into Oneness with The Most High. Too bad most are ignorant of it due to one of the greatest lies ever perpetrated …all to keep souls in bondage. Sabbath is freedom and rest.
    But I don’t keep it as a day keeper. One day is as another. I keep it as a sacred appointment with the Creator. If you miss it by a day or several, then the blessing of Communion is not there. It passes on to another.
    So glad your relationship with your personal mother is healing. The best to you and yours!

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    1. Exactly, as a sacred appointment. I allow it to unfold. When I was with the Messianics they warned a girl if she kept dining in a restaurant (thereby causing others to work on the Sabbath) she’d have to leave the fellowship. She had to eat out because the place where she lived was without cooking facilities (sort of a boarding room). Unbelievable! Reminded me of the pharisees reaction when Yeshua healed on the Sabbath. Too legalistic, for sure. Thanks re my mother. She passed in 1996, but there was still stuff lingering – can’t erase overnight 40 or 50 years of stuff, right :-)!

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      1. Yes, I’ve been in similar situations where the day becomes a big thing and the time and the way it is spent become secondary. But I see it as an opportunity for the extraordinary to unfold, not as a set of dos and don’ts. It has a Spirit to it, not a Law. Of course, if kept in the right Spirit, the Law thing will not be a problem, because as we move deeper into YHWH, the real intent of the Law unfolds within us. I think the girl you spoke of would be relieved to know this.

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        1. I think that we have made a ‘dirty’ thing out of the word ‘law’ – I always look at what is laid out as guidelines for me to live the best life I can. Having a ‘legal background’ I’ve not a lot of respect for laws because they either don’t get enforced or they are just too stupid and people wanting more laws makes me choke – we don’t need more laws we need more love! The ones we have don’t work so only insanity would think doing the same stupid thing, more laws, is going to work! Oops…you touched a sore spot there!

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          1. Actually the word Law in Scripture, if translated according to the original language, would be more akin to Divine prescription – or as you said: guidelines to live the best life I can.
            The funny thing I noticed along the way is, we don’t need any law if we have Ruach. Once the Spirit is installed, it becomes natural to do that which is best in every circumstance.


          2. Exactly! With Love our essence, the very fabric of all that we are, it is not a ‘natural’ thing to do anything that might harm a brother or sister – and that covers all, including our thoughts, words and deeds. Nature cannot be what nature is not. So where Love abides hate cannot take up residence.

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