Rooted in Love – Yeshua Speaks

When the disciples found themselves on the outs and ashamed for the human failings in keeping the Law, turning the back on their Father and Mother, they asked Yeshua for his wisdom to help them do what they knew was the right thing to do.

How many times I have messed up and thought, wow, this time there’s no going back.  Surely the Father has had enough of my wilful disobedience and backsliding.

Gratefully, I have reached a point where my greatest dread would be to lose the communication and intimate relationship that has developed with Yeshua.  I am loving him because He first loved me.

The disciples’ dilemma is one that all men have continued to suffer, without exception.

Yeshua & Disciples
Yeshua & Disciple Discussing Teachings

Even those who we see in the pulpit, men and women that we sometimes put up on a pedestal (which of course is not the thing to do), mess up.  When you or I attend a fellowship because of a particular person, what do we do when that person is ‘disgraced’ in the eyes of the church; commits some grievous offence?  Are we there because of this one person, or are we there because of the fellowship that we feel because of the presence of YHWH.

When one person strays from the flock, the Shepherd doesn’t throw her/his hands up in the air and walk away from the rest of us.

Too often I have seen a church crumble into a vacant building because the pastor who lead the flock left, either on his own volition or at the request of the church board.  We need to examine ourselves when who we are in relation to the Lord is depending on the person giving the lecture/sermon.

I knew those things, but the Truth really hit home when I was studying in bible college.  Finally my ears and heart were opened and I understood that you and I will share what we know with others, but we cannot and ought not try to teach them that the Word says this or that, because the Word is individually crafted for every human being in the exact moment in which they find themselves.

The Word is Spirit, and only Spirit can know Spirit.

Yeshua responded to the disciples on their question of how to talk with the angels and to stay within their holy circle of protection, that “the Law may burn in our hearts with a constant flame” in the following words that read so beautifully.

“To lift your eyes to heaven
When all men’s eyes are on the ground,
Is not easy.
To worship at the feet of the angels
When all men worship only fame and riches,
Is not easy.
But the most difficult of all
Is to think the thoughts of the angels,
To speak the words of the angels,
And to do as angels do.”

One of the disciples pointed out that they were only human so how could they possibly do that, and Yeshua spoke saying:

“As the son inherits the land of his father, 
So have we inherited a Holy Land from our Father.
This land is not a field to be ploughed,
But a place within us
Where we may build our Holy Temple.
And even as a temple must be raised,
Stone by stone,
So will I give to you those stones
For the building of the Holy Temple;
That which we have inherited
From our Fathers,
And their Fathers’ Fathers.”

Thoughts, Words & Actions Build Holy Temple

Yeshua goes on to tell his disciples that the temple can only be built with the ancient Communions, which include those that are spoken and those that are thought, neither of which is any good with action.  If I think and speak one way and go out and do something entirely different, then I negate any good that may have been in my thoughts and words.

It is that blessed triune repeated:  i.e. Father, Son, Spirit (oops, no Mother).  In order for us to fulfill what is required all three must be present: thought, word and action.

It takes all three to form that first brick that forms this temple in which our Spirit Self resides.  If something is wrong, then we cannot say that our temple is a Holy Temple, and where what is unholy resides, Spirit cannot.

Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh).

Chances are most of you know these things, but I am learning as I type and Spirit speaks, edifying my soul.  I am so grateful every time I come across words that Yeshua spoke, because there is just too little of this found in the Bibles.  I suppose I am just wanting to share my excitement with others, thinking that they too hunger after more words from the mouth of Yeshua.


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