When Spirit Speaks – Poem by Shammah

I have been recovering materials that I wrote and posted over the years on the web site I operated until 2014 when it got hacked and turned into a phishing site and got shut down.

There are some things I’ve salvaged and this is one of them.  It’s just a copy of a poem I’d written.  It is about sorrow and was written in the Fall of 2013.  I was going through challenging times following a move, some personal stuff and inability to find work due to my limited French speaking abilities.  When I wrote this poem I had no idea it would be a prophetic message, a precursor to the sorrow that would enter my heart and soul in May 2014.  That was when my brother took his own life; the brother who was the reason I moved to where I am now.

I had lost other family members before him and it was hard.  I was not prepared for the darkness that would settle in, but I allowed everything to come and go as and when it wanted.  I no longer tried to stifle the tears, stop the sobs or apologize for not wanting to be around anyone.

In looking back at this poem and at the years 2014 until December 2017 when I came back on line and began writing again, I see that I have wept a few rivers and in those tears and rivers of water, I feel like I have been washed clean.

I have a new love and appreciation for what is now written through these fingers, and am hoping a keener awareness that Spirit sometimes has me write these things to prepare me for what is to come.

If you have lost someone or are concerned about someone because of their lifestyle, may you take comfort from these words and know, as I now know so deeply, that Spirit is forever watching over you and me and that Spirit clearly does see the “big picture” and what’s coming down the pipeline.

Pay attention and then seek guidance from Spirit as to how to prepare for whatever it may be.  If you are drawn to a certain object, a certain story or poem, investigate them for their qualities and messages.

The first line of this poem, Weep No More, is telling me not to weep for things gone by.  If when I wrote that I had the presence of mind I seem to be acquiring, I may have asked, “Then what am I to weep for; is it things to come?”

Weep No More - Shammah 2013

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