When Life Rocks Your Boat

I am continuing with the meditation and visions of my journey where I left off the other day. For anyone who hasn’t read earlier posts, I began a journey in meditation several days ago and have been posting my visions and messages.  It involves me, Sammy the Salmon and Becky the Beaver.  These are the earlier posts:  1, 2, 3 .


I thought the journey would be continuing, that we would have finished breakfast, helped Becky clean up and be on our way.  But such was not the case.

I had time to myself after the earlier incident of reading Becky’s note.  I was gazing out across where I knew the lake to be, although I could not see it because of the darkness caused by the clouds that blocked out the moon, and the heavy cloak of mist that covered everything like a thick blanket.  I shivered, stood up and walked toward the shore.Row Boat

Sammy was still asleep at the edge of the water and the shore.  To the left was our tiny boat so I climbed in and began to row towards what I thought would be the middle of the lake.

Moon Over LakeA few paddles later, there was a break in the clouds and the moonlight tunneled directly down over the top of my head and seemed to penetrate me through the boat and the deep lake waters.  I released the oars, locked them in the retaining sockets and sat there.

It was like a flashlight or spotlight had been set directly on me, from the far away heavens to beyond the water on which the boat and I sat; seeming to tunnel through, perhaps to the other side of the earth.  I was breathing slowly, the waters rippled slightly rocking me in the boat, like a mother holding her infant child rocking her to sleep in a rocking chair before putting her to bed.

Suddenly the waters picked up their tempo, the winds picked up and the ripples became small waves, growing in size to the point it felt like they were smacking the side of the boat with their fist.  My body rippled with the tempo, yet my heart remained as calm and unmoved as before.

There was this sense of peace that permeated me.  Here I was in the midst of a storm that was brewing, out in the middle of a lake and no one knew I was there.  Becky and Sammy, as far as I knew were still asleep, and even if they were awake, they had no idea I’d gone out in the boat.

I felt like I was living that childhood story I’d heard about Yeshua and his disciples, out in the middle of a lake, the storm brews and they are terrified.  I remember something Yeshua-Disciples in Boatabout Peter too.  I think he saw Yeshua who looked like he was walking or standing on the water at a distance beckoning him.  Without thought Peter stepped out of the boat, began to walk towards Yeshua, but as soon as it dawned on him, “I am walking on water,” he sank.  While his eyes were fixed, while he was focused on Yeshua, there wasn’t anything he could not do.  As soon as his focus returned to the human self, his self-imposed limitations caused him to sink.

Matt 14:26-31 “And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, It is a spirit; and they cried out for fear. :27 But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid. :28 And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.

:29 And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.

:30 But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.

 :31 And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto  him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?

With that, Spirit nudged me to lay down in the boat.  I thought, “Are you nuts!  If I don’t control the boat with the oars it will capsize and that’s the end of me.”  I know Spirit heard me but there was silence.  I seemed to sit there for a bit and realizing nothing more was being said, I slowly lay down on the bottom of the boat.

I was on my back, could feel the roughness of the wood on which I lay.  My arms were spread out on either side of the boat, palms down and my fingertips would occasionally touch the water as the waves rolled in and out.  I didn’t feel scared or cold; I felt safe and warm. I was as relaxed as a wet noodle!

It was neat to look up at the sky where the moon still seemed to be shining on me only and permeating through me. The sky was pitch black and I couldn’t see any clouds. My eye lids were getting heavier, I’d blink them open but eventually they closed as I succumbed to sleep and my mind wandered.

I was thinking about Yeshua and the cross and the wood and was sure I heard Spirit say that my boat was made of wood from the same tree as the cross. I vaguely remember snickering, “Yeah, right; 2000 years later!” and that was it.

Even as I was falling asleep I was still finding the energy to argue with what Spirit was telling me, based on the very human idea that there’s no way the wood from a tree, from the other side of the world would be the same wood that this tiny, rinky, dinky row boat was made from.  The word “impossible” sums up my response.

Who would not feel safe in such circumstances.  Above the Father watched over me, my form was wrapped in the love of Yeshua and the wood upon which I lay was being supported by the waters of Mother Earth.

I felt the waters, the moon light, the wood upon which I lay – as a part of me; there was no division or separation and I rocked with the waves, because I was the waves; I slid up and down that beam of moon light because I was that moon light; I tickled the dark clouds because I was the dark clouds; I kissed my face with the misty air, dew drops and water, because I was the misty air, dew drops and water.  Nothing existed apart from me.

I was All.

I fell asleep, for how long I do not know.  I awoke to the sound of Sammy and Becky calling out for me in concerned voices.  Pulling myself up into a seated position, hesitatingly I called out to let them know I was in the boat and would be back on shore in a minute.

Looking up at the sky I saw the clouds beginning to take shape, the light from the moon no longer shone down like a funnel on me, but was lighting up the land around me.  The blanket of fog and mist was beginning to thin, and the shoreline came into view.

I took hold of the oars and began to row into shore.  I didn’t want the time to end, but we had to get going soon in order for Sammy to get home to his wife for the birthing of their children.

Rocky Boat Lessons

We live in chaotic and some times terrifying times.  Between man’s atrocities to man, Mother Nature seems to be increasing in her intensity. Of course there are debates as to whether man also contributes to what is happening – some say yes and some say no.

We might not have the answers to the questions that plague us, and there is a need to:

  • know that you will never have the answers to everything that you question
  • we have no control over anything external to the human body we are walking around in
  • we cannot change and make something better until that change becomes who we are
  • in the middle of the storms of life, not one human being is alone or without help
  • there is a Creator who watches, sees and knows all
  • there isn’t one human being who can usurp or have authority without the permission of the Creator
  • the created has no control over the Creator and cannot change what Creator has determined and created
  • all we need to do is seek, knock and ask and we will know the presence of Love in all life’s circumstances
  • when we keep our eye on the problem, the problem rules
  • when we keep our eye on the solution, the solution rules
  • when our lives get shaken up, look up, and all of these are but tiny bits of what it is:

To know who we are, truly are beneath that human clothing, and that who we are can never be separated or taken away.  When we know “us”, really know “us” and the magnificence of our essence, of what is there to be afraid?

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