Energy of Your Name(s)

Just a fun post here.  Yet, it is part of discovering who you are, where you hailed from; family roots and generations.  And, of course there is energy attached to our names.  In the olden days, as they say, a child was given a name that would determine how the parents wanted the child to grow up.  If to be a warrior the child would be given a name with warrior energies.

My middle name is Anne, that is it is the name my parents gave me when they had me baptized at like age one month so I wouldn’t die and go to hell – or so the Catholic Church was teaching in those days.

I was checking out some things and came across a name/etymology site that provided me with some interesting information on the meaning(s) of my name(s) in the Bible.

Meaning of Anne (Anna)

The name Anna shows up only once in the Bible. She is a prophetess in Jerusalem who  testifies about the identity of the infant Jesus, together with a male prophet  named Simeon.  Both Simeon and Anna are well advanced in years, but of Anna we know that she was a daughter of Phanuel of Asher, and that she was a widow whose marriage lasted only seven years (Luke 2:36).
I knew about Anna being married to Simeon, after all that is all the bible says about her, Letter Aoh yeah and the fact that she was old.  She later gave birth to John the Baptist.  The Bible did not directly identify her as being Prophetess but was sure to make mention that Simeon was a Prophet.  Seriously!

Etymology of Anna

The name Anna is probably the Greek version of the Hebrew name Hannah. Both come from the common Hebrew verb חנן (hanan), meaning to be gracious or to be compassionate. It’s pretty safe to conclude that the name Anna means Favour or Grace, but it also means Ah! Now!.

I love that last part.  Just call me “Ah! Now!”

Someone did tell me years ago that my name meant Graced by God and I chose to accept that as a Truth!  My Irish grandmother changed her name when arriving on the shores of the USA.
Her birth/baptismal name is Hannah and her family name is Jewish.  She was one of those who came from Ireland during the time of the potato blight.  I guess it made her less Jewish to call herself the only name I knew, Dorothy.  My father never spoke about it and when I suggested the we had Jewish roots, he shook it off saying I was nuts.  Love my dad and he just didn’t like change or surprises.  Miss him a lot.
Anna the Prophetess
Anna the Prophetess

I’ve dreamt dreams that came true, I’d had premonitions and they have happened.  I’ve had visions (including 9/11 in May of that year I had seen exactly what happened on 9/11, and thought it was something that would happen in Toronto, where I was living.  The office towers and downtown core are quite similar).  Family members told me not to tell them about a dream, unless they were in it.  The reason was, the accident or what I dreamt was never about the person I dreamt about.  Weird or what.

Oh, and I’ve won a couple of big trials for the law firms I’ve worked for because I would wake up at 4 in the morning with a “weird” thought in my head.  Telling the lawyer and following up on this “weird” thought was the winning point for our legal case(s).
Guess should the prophetic thing a little more seriously.  I knew I’d rated 99% intuitive on those psychological testings; didn’t need the test to tell me what I knew.

Names Have Implications & Are Not Coincidental

Do you think it is a coincidence that my christened name is Hannah, my Irish Grandmother’s name is Hannah, my mother’s name is Mary, my father’s name is Joseph and the family name of both parents (i.e. before my mother married my father they had the same last name, which for privacy sake I am omitting). My grandmother on my mother’s side of the family is Sarah and grandfather is James. My pedigree includes:
  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • Hannah
  • Sarah (whose middle name is Anne)

Leaving out the men in this picture, because in Israel custom as in Ireland, you get citizenship status based on whether or not your grandmother was born in that country; not the male, but the female relationship determines your right to citizenship.

Just another way in which the women of today have lost some of their authority in the eyes of mainstream society.  When we get married we take the husband’s name and ours disappears (at least it was like that when I got married).  Now some women do and some will use the two-name last name.

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