Easter – Eostre Goddess of Spring

With Easter around the corner, what better time to write about it.  The idea that Mary Magdalene is somehow tied into this ‘ceremonious’ holiday quite intrigued me.

Key themes or ideas to keep in mind are the use of symbolism and allegory by the artistic masters of the time periods we are talking about in this post.

It is noted that allegory in art was never crude or unduly surreptitious, especially not from masters like Leonardo DaVinci.  Symbols and emblems were often used in art to convey things that could be written as descriptive explanations in a book.  It’s like that saying, “a picture paints a thousand words.”

There were many famous artist portrayals of Mary holding a red egg.  In the Russian church of Saint Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem there is a painting of her holding a red egg in the presence of Emperor Tiberius.  Mary wears a white nun’s habit – a familiar

Mary & Red Egg & Tiberius
Mary M & Red Egg with Tiberius

Magdalene attribute in artwork at the time, notably in paintings emanating from Dominican and Franciscan sources.

The egg presentation is apparently the original Easter scene of the Christian movement.  The egg is symbolic of birth and new life.

I remember as a child being taught that the use of the colour red within the church context denoted someone or something very unvirtuous; short of saying a woman was a ‘harlot’.  Funny, isn’t it, how others form our attitudes and thinking on our behalf without any objective input from us?  We, as children, absorbed it all like human sponges.

Eostre, Goddess of Spring

Every year there was a Celtic festival to celebrate Eostre.  The Celtic festival was not a Passover celebration in the Jewish style, nor was it anything to do with Yeshua.

Festival of Oestre - Goddess of Fertility
Festival of Oestre – Goddess of Fertility

The festival of Eostre was a fertility celebration.

This rather makes sense and would explain the portrait of the red egg in Mary Magdalene’s.  It was a sign of fertility and life; a lifeline perhaps.

Easter “Adopted” Existing Eostre Goddess of Spring Celebrations

History tells us that at the 664 Synod of Whitby in England, the Roman bishops achieved a first doctrinal victory over the traditional Celtic Church.  The main debate was about the festival of Eostre, the ancient goddess of spring.  It was decided to subsume the Eostre (Easter as we now know it) custom into mainstream Christianity.

The purpose of the “Easter” creation was apparently to separate the crucifixion and resurrection of Yeshua from their historical association with the Jewish Passover.  It so happened that the Eostre spring celebration so coincided with Passover so made a “good substitute.”

The Feast of Passover falls on the 14th of Nisan (March-April) every year.  Easter is not  fixed because the Pope wanted it to fall on a Sunday, after changing the Sabbath to a Sunday.



  1. Easter, if we follow the timeline and changing of the name throughout history originates in Babylon. Easter is a collection of names centring around Nimrod’s wife, the temple prostitute Semiramis. From Semiramis we have Astarte, Isis, Eostre, and Easter, all different variations of Semiramis. This is why it is a fertility ritual. This is why it has nothing to do with Yeshua. It is just another way the Babylonian RCC has chosen to bring to the forefront its Babylonian underpinnings and hide the Truth. It is nice to serve Babylon under the guise of Christianity. If only people knew.


    1. It’s all mind boggling for sure, but only if you happen to not follow what you’ve been fed all your life by ‘authorities’. More and more, however, are waking up and seeking truth, and we all see and understand in our own time. I have found that when I am ready then I know; not before.

      I love the background and information that you have come into and what you share. It really helps me in my seeking to understand things.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. My life has taken a very interesting course. When I, like you, began to break away from the “authorities”, Yeshua began to bring the Truth to me. I was always running into information and circumstances that caused me to redirect my learning. I haven’t gone digging to the extent that it would appear. The material has been placed right before me and I have been given an interest in getting to the bottom of it.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I agree with your last sentence about Yeshua bringing the material before you. I’ve noticed it more and more these days, how opening one book or reading a post or email, strikes me and seems to align with thoughts I’ve recently had on a subject matter. The thoughts themselves are the first clue that it is something that I am to get into.

          It is a wonder that I ever sleep, but strangely enough this past while my sleep has been better than ever I can remember; solid and uninterrupted. Perhaps it is because some of the conflicting thoughts are being removed.

          Liked by 1 person

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