Teach Me to Pray


I am a person who often thinks more in poetic stance than anything else.  This morning was no different.

During meditation/prayer time I often find myself in the presence of Yeshua.  My journey has taken me to the other side of the ‘ocean’; or at least I believe it is, it’s a large body of water.  The last time I was on the roadway where Yeshua and I had been, sitting on a bench (much like the one you see in the site’s header image) and I’d met up with a counsel of three whom I’d been before, on and off, during this journey.  They had been summoned by the Father to pick up with me at this point.

I’d had a stroll with one of them, Gabriel, and then Michael took over for a bit; switching back and forth between them as I was being taught/trained.  I tell you this only for some background on this morning’s meditation and conversations.

Today’s Meditation & Prayer

Heart Knows
The Heart Knows What to Pray

This morning in my quiet time I had a yearning to be with Yeshua, and also to return to the seashore where we’d spent much time in which I’d been prepared to do the crossover to this side.  Since arriving on this side I’d never actually sat at the seashore with Yeshua, so this would be a first.  I think I’d avoided it because I was rather nostalgic about the times we had spent at the shore, on the other side, and I didn’t want to be a Mrs. Job yearning for what I had or was leaving behind, and find  myself turned into a hardened pillar of salt.  We’d spent too much time getting me to shed those things of this world that had kept me frozen in space and place; to pick up the loads that Yeshua had helped relieve me of was just too crazy to think about.  And yet, I still didn’t trust myself not to do so.

I think my heart and soul, my everything, knew She needed to return to this “sort” of same seashore, but when I’d asked Yeshua if we could I hadn’t realized my reasons for doing so.

Sitting there, side by side at the water’s edge, legs crossed and looking across to the other side, which I could not see, without turning my head to look at him, I asked Yeshua, “Teach me how to pray, what to pray.”  I seem to recall asking this because I was afraid that I would once again resort to my old ways of thinking and therefore ask for things of the world that would be of no use for this holy purpose journey.

Yeshua said, “Speak with and from your heart.  That is prayer.”

I began to think in poetic stance and was prompted to get up and come to the computer so that Spirit could give me a message, the fullness of Yeshua’s response to me which you and I will hear together in this moment.

Spirit’s Message

Lord, I asked,
Teach me to pray.

Turning to me Yeshua smiled and said,
Speak with and from your heart,
Wherein lay
Then you’ll never need to think.
Truth always knows what to say.

Don’t force it, just remain there
Centred in the heart where all is just,
All is truth and all is fair.
Just feel the words beating in your heart,
And let them flow,
Like free flowing blood in the veins,
These will be exactly the words
For you to pray;
Perfect energy for this day.