Energy of Colours – Red

When writing earlier posts I came across the colour red in reference to the red egg held by Mary Magdalene in the artists portrait of her with Tiberius.

Growing up in the church I was taught that the colour red as associated with women depicting her moral character as being less than upstanding.  Bluntly it was meant to portray she was a harlot; in today’s language a prostitute.

However, according to the artists of the times (biblical) the colour red had to do with birth and lineage.

In Reiki and other practises that employ the use of colours, vis-a-vis the colours attributed to the various chakras, etc., they identify the quality of the energy that is found within.  For instance, the heart chakra is associated with the colour green.  In astrology each of us has a colour associated with our birth sign, as well as a stone or crystal, they too having their own colour associations.

Energy of Red in Colour Therapy

Red Human Aura
Human Aura – Etheric Field is Red

This colour is one of love, passion and of th vital force that constructs and builds.  It is of instantaneous energy which has a direct influence on the etheric centre which governs the physical vitality.

I wrote about the etheric energy field in a post in which I set out the seven energy fields around the human body. The energy field closest to the skin, that extends between one to two inches beyond, and also penetrates just below the skin is the etheric energy field.

Red is the colour that feeds the living forces of the body, the blood and the immune system.  Red enlivens and energizes. Red symbolizes fire, heat, anger and materialisation on a physical level.

Because red is so powerful, we must use it with caution.  When it is employed in treatment it must always be balanced afterwards with green or blue.

There is a tincture of ruby that some use when they want to prevent falling asleep, i.e. if on a long distance drive.  A few drops of the tincture under the tongue takes immediate effect and they become completely wide awake.  Caution must be applied in its use, as with all medications or stimulates used to enhance bodily functioning.  As with any other substance, an overdoes could be harmful.


If you require stimulation, strengthening or increase in activities and creativity, red is your colour.  It is the colour of the heart and the small intestine.  Note: when working with the ‘heart chakra’ the colour is green (I know, can be confusing).

On an emotional level, red stirs up love, passion and devotion.


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  1. There is a Biblical colouring system too. This is based on how colour is used in Bible context. There are both positive and negative sides to each colour. Negatively, red can be anger, but on the positive side it is most often associated with spiritual anointing. Blood is where the Spirit flows in our bodies.

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