Ability & Stability: Which Comes First

I was just reading a quote by Lou Holtz that talks about ability, motivation and attitude. Obviously he is writing about how one succeeds in a business, or just generally to achieve our goals and desires.

What was funny was as I was glancing away from the quote, I was sure I saw “Stability,” and so I looked and the word wasn’t there.

My first thought was whether ability had something to do with one’s stability, or vice versa, does one’s stability have something to do with one’s ability – OR – you can’t have one without the other.  Thy are in fact interdependent.

For instance, my ability to earn a good living provides stability in my living conditions. My stability depends on my ability to earn the income, AND my reli-ability in showing up for work.

I started thinking about those to words, with only one letter difference, that is the “s” on stability.

We learn the energy of words is basically comprised from the number value.  But also in deciding the energies and weights and where two words might equate, you take into account the number of letters that the words have in common.

*Ability has 7 letters. Stability has 8 letters.

So, here goes nothing.  I know about letters and number values.  But what I didn’t know is the English language has two sets and Hebrew has theirs; as does Greek, Arabic and a whole bunch of other languages.  There’s no need to ask which came first, the letter or the number:  numbers were the first communicators and you and I, our makeup, are all about numbers and designs.

Hebrew-English Numerical Values
Hebrew – English Alphabets Numerical Values of Letters

Calculating the numerical value, ability is 7 and stability is 8.  In the bible the number 7 means Divine Perfection,  and 8 means New Beginning, or Resurrection.

Ability-Stability Biblical Power-Meanings

Do you see what I see?  It was only after writing this blog and reviewing it that it dawned on me that the value of each word is the same number as the number of letters in the word.


*Ability has 7 letters. Stability has 8 letters.

It rather makes sense to me, that we first need the ability before we can develop the stability.  However, I am not saying any one of us will be ‘finalized’ as Divinely Perfect, but we are being perfected, and it is that working of Divine Perfection in our lives that will render unto us, stability.

Speaking for myself only, I do not think I would ever be able to attain stability unless there was Divine Intervention, therefore for me I am convicted that ability must precede stability.

By way of stability I am thinking along the lines of no longer wavering all over the place, as I have been in this pursuit of truth; one minute I understand or was taught that X=Y, and then someone else teaches, explains or develops another meaning that is plausible, that sits right with me, in the moment, that X=W.

For now, as I said, I am still learning and for now I am very content with where I find myself.



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