Today, during meditation and prayer time I found myself once again sitting at the seashore with Yeshua.  As we sat there looking over the ocean beyond where the eye could see, to the other side which was not visible to the human eye, I was wondering, “Why?  Why the ocean?  Why is it I always return to the seashore when I want to be still, to rid myself of stress, to feel alone but not lonely, to feel safe, secure and at peace, at-one as it is meant to be.


I knew Yeshua heard me and I started thinking and observing my surroundings, the elements and how I felt in relation to those things external.

The ocean waters touched and tickled my toes as they gently rolled into shore, my hands were sunk into the granular sand on both sides of me, holding and supporting me, a breeze was blowing as gently as the ripples of the water, my hair was tousled and strands would cross my face tickling my nose; I had to squint my eyes because the sun overhead danced on the waters and the radiating light seemed to pierce my eyes, almost like a pin prick.  I ran my tongue over my lips tasting the salt from the ocean spray.WomanBySea

Occasionally I felt as if a tiny insect or sea creature was crawling over the back of my hand as if my hand was some kind of a mountain it had to climb over in order to get to the other side.

At times I felt the vibrations through my butt (smile please) almost like heart beats from far beneath the ground where I sat.  Closing my eyes, it felt and sounded like the same rhythm if my heart.  I could not see nor was I touching Yeshua as I continued to gaze straight ahead.  I couldn’t hear his breathing as the soft breeze tunneled through my ears from one side to the other. I knew he was there, whenever I even think his name he is always ‘there’.

My eyes were still closed and even though I’d experienced and felt all of these things as described above, all of a sudden none of it was, including Yeshua and me.

What I have described above was as real as any walk on the beach and I was present in the moment, as present as I consciously am here at the keyboard.

The moment, the feelings, the senses, the knowing, Yeshua, me; the ocean, sand, seashore, water, ripples, waves, sunlight glistening on the water, birds heard in the distance, bugs and spiders in the sand – it no longer was.

I just was, but I wasn’t I.  What I ‘sensed’ and was a part of in that moment was (as best I can describe and yet I can’t do it justice nor begin to explain with the limitations of this human mind and all of her senses):

Existence Reality All Wholeness Oneness

I Was At One

At one, or is it atone(ment)?

The word atonement is used 81 times in 70 verses (what a ‘perfect’ number – 7)  of the KJV bible:  80 times in 69 verses of the Old Testament, then of course that must mean once in the New Testament.

Without even looking at the passages in the OT, my recollection is they are likely about animal sacrifies and things that the High Priest would do or say as an offer on behalf of the people for their messing up (sins:  missing the mark).  For example, in the following verse we see that the atonement was to be acted upon once a year:

Leviticus 16:34 “And this shall be an everlasting statute unto you, to make an atonement for the children of Israel for all their sins once a year. And he did as the LORD commanded Moses.”

And I am guessing, before looking, that the one verse in the NT has to do with Yeshua being our atonement:  dying for the ‘sins’ of mankind.

The NT verse is:

Romans 5:11 “And not only so, but we also joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have now received the atonement.

We know how dangerous it can be to take anything out of context.  I remember in my early days I would justify wanting to continue along my merry old way, with habits I knew needed cleaning up, by quoting Scripture to myself and to others, totally out of context, to justify my actions.  We can all talk our way out of things this way, by taking and interpreting out of context.  I think it is called “self-justification.”

Romans 5:10 leads into 11 and is explaining what precisely 11 is all about:

For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life.

As for the various meanings of the word atonement, in all instances there is little or no variation or conflict about exactly what it means:

kaphar – to cover over, pacify, make propitiation

Transliteration – kaphar
Short Definition – atonement

NAS Exhaustive Concordance

Word Origin
denominative verb from kopher
Definition –
to cover over, pacify, make propitiation

NASB Translation

appease (1), appease (1), atone (3), atoned (2), atonement is made (1), atonement shall be made (1), atonement was made (1), atoning (1), canceled (1), expiation can be made (1), forgave (1), forgive (4), forgiven (5), made atonement (3), make atonement (71), makes atonement (2), making atonement (1), pardon (1).

The use of the words “received” and “the” in Romans 5:11 caught my eye and that is why I italicized and bolded them. My understanding is it means atonement is offered, but you and I must receive it; that is we acknowledge that it is available to you and me and we need acknowledge and say, “yes please.”  As for the word “the”, it is singular and confirming there is but one atonement.

So, just because Yeshua did this for all of humanity, he being the at-one-ment, it does not mean we are atoned for until we acknowledge and receive, or accept what has been and is being offered to us.

I see that atonement as being Yeshua standing there, arms open wide, waiting for me to come to him that he might embrace and fold me back home into the One.





    1. I knew you were busy …. just amazing how our thinking is; almost as if I am thinking of something and there you’ve said it!! And yes, I will use your comments and give you the cudos (sorry, how unprofessional) “credits”.

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  1. In the Biblical numbering system (see BW Bullinger, Spiritual Numbering), 7 is perfection and 8 is new beginnings. Like perfecting a week and then the new beginning of entering another. I find the 7’s and 8’s in the mention of atonement indicative.
    Spiritually the ocean is the sea of thought, people, ideas… and the sand then becomes the extremity. Egypt and sand are linked in idea in Hebrew, both being of the same quality = extremity. It is probably no mistake that there is so much sand in Egypt.
    But if you are sitting on the sand with Yeshua, the picture becomes perfect. You and Yeshua are looking out upon earth’s extremity as One. I have this symbolism in my dreams regularly.
    In the sacrificial system, it was always an animal that was killed to make atonement. This signifies the killing of the beast power within us. The beast power is exactly what it says it is: it is operating in the disconnect between flesh and YHWH, like a beast would do. Atonement puts us back in the One in Spirit position. Thank goodness we don’t have to get the idea through the symbology of killing anymore, it is quite self evident. Christ’s Life, His spiritual at-one-ment needs to be coursing through us.

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    1. I wish I lived in your neighbourhood — I’d be hounding you and your wife all the time!! Thank you for this. I’ve actually been doing some research and had to shut down ’cause having issues with my office products. Am about to post a study having looked up numerical values of the letters.

      Now, what I find so interesting, of course, is that the English has not one but 2 sets of values, and the Hebrew just the one. Then there is the Greek, the Arabic, etc. etc.

      By the way – what you just wrote here – you really should do a separate writing of your own. I find that so many gems get lost if they are just comments to someone else’s writings. Wish there was a way to bump your comment up to the front of the post!

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