Dream-Vision-Ram: Dying & Rebirth

I woke up this morning with a dream as vivid as if I were awake when I had it.  It was not what most people would call a good dream.

Dream – Death & Detachment

I dreamt that I had just come from the doctor’s office where I got test results that confirmed what I suspected, I was dying and it was liver cancer.  I calmly walked out of his office and the next thing I was standing at a bar in a coffee shop waiting for someone.  I looked and I saw my mother and father walking towards me, smiles on their faces.  We were happy to see each other.  It had been a while. I got the sense they were visiting me as they lived in another city.

My mother and father have both passed away:  1996 and 2007 respectively.

We chatted and sipped on coffee and tea and nonchalantly I told them the doctor told me that I was going to die; liver cancer and it was incurable.  They looked at each other and then me, and I told them I wasn’t sure how long; perhaps 6 months.

I wasn’t scared or angry.  I felt like it was a natural progression.  I thought about my daughters.  I woke up, headed to the kitchen and put on the coffee.


Later, during meditation I was thinking about the dream, was asking Spirit to help me understand the message.

==>Dream Interpretation

I was sensing something like it wasn’t death of the physical body, it was more a sense of detachment.  I then heard something about six months again and wondered am I going to die in six months, and what month is it?  Counting on my fingers in my head, I calculated it would be August.

My birthday is in August.  I was baptized on my birthday when I gave my life to Yeshua so many years ago, and this journey began.

I was getting more of an impression that it is a severance, a complete detachment perhaps from my reliance on the things of this world in my continuing journey.  Hopefully I was thinking it might be that I’d stop trying to go back to the old ways of doing things; of relying on the five physical senses and be at the point where Spirit was truly in control and the five human senses would be in cooperation with Spirit.

Throughout all of this I did feel a tightness in the area of my liver, through to my mid to low back area.  I need to impress upon you that there was absolutely no fear of death, either in the actual dream or while awake and meditating.

Spirit has been teaching me to stop ‘assuming’ every pain or change is bad!  Isn’t that how we humans normally think, that if something isn’t happening or being done the way it always has, then it must be a bad thing?

Spirit is and has been affirming within me that to the contrary,

from this point or time forward into the whenever, those things once thought of as not being good, we are to think and know what they really are (the exact opposite), wonderful and exciting and a blessing, and the human must start changing how we think.

If we do not begin to change how we think about things and life in general we will continue to live and operate in darkness.

Vision of a Ram

Ram - Shakespeare Quote re NatureAs I continued in meditation I saw a light outline in the shape of a ram’s head with its circular horns.  I new there was a message and I have now looked up the ram (male sheep – female is the Ewe) as a Spirit animal.

==>Basic Symbology

Many ancient societies held the ram as a symbol of determination, action, initiative and leadership.  In astrology the Ram is a symbol of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, further reinforcing ram like attributes of leadership and authority. As the first sign of the zodiac the ram is also symbol of impetuous fervour, renewal, virility and fiery force.

The ram embraces the return of the warmth of the sun as the March equinox approaches.

Other symbolic meanings of the ram are:

  • power, force, drive, energy
  • virility, protection, fearlessness
  • compassion, peace, purity, sure-footed (remember my book that I’d mentioned recently, “Hinds’ Feet for High Places” :-))
  • creative, infinity, circle of life
  • pushing past barriers, big dreams and goals
  • courage and safety in numbers

The ram is also associated with many of the ancient gods:

  • Zeus (Greece)
    Apollo (Greece)
    Agni (India)
    Indra (India)
    Hermes (Roman)
    Ea (Middle East)
    Baal (Middle East)

==>Message of New Beginnings, Rebirth

Is it time for a new beginning? Are you ‘butting’ heads with the people around you?  Is it time to walk away and let them be; for you to regain your solid footing?  These are the helpful energies that are offered by the ram and sheep.

Ram is, as I said, related to the Spring.  Spring by its very nature (pardon the play on words & do smile) is a new beginning, a rebirth, and that is what the message of the ram holds.  I am sensing that, because as I asked Spirit to help me understand the dream, it just makes so much sense.

I am not “dying” in the physical sense of the word.  My sense of feeling a coming detachment is a letting go, a moving on, a new beginning, a rebirth.  This is the message that I am getting when you combine the facts of my dream and the interpretive energies of the ram.

The spiral horns of the ram are an ancient symbol of eternity.  Spirals represent the circular nature of life, death and rebirth.

In this return to source, we are turning to the point of our origins, for a rebirth and rise as and who we truly are – Spirit Woman.

==>Message to Charge Ahead – Stop Procrastinating

A key message of the ram’s appearance as a spirit animal is that it is time to:

“lower your head and charge straight toward the goals you’ve been too afraid of going for”

I have freely shared how I continually fall back on the old reliable ways of doing things

Always Do What Afraid to Do
May You Always Do What You Are Afraid to Do

in order to sustain myself (money is needed to live).  I have also negated myself, thinking I have to be crazy to think that I can do this or that; who am I the question of the day!

Who am I?  I am a reflection of I AM; the physical self a ‘mirror’ image of what is reality. AM I a mirror opposite of I AM.  Yes, all humans are exactly that and the I AM that I am beginning to know so intimately has no limitations.  The I AM, that I AM – meaning whatever I AM determines IS.

Celtic Symbols

The Celtic god Cernunnos is shown with the ram and in some depictions he is shown seated with a ram-headed snake by his side, a symbolic gesture of renewal and power.

Celtic mythology has the sheep associated with the Goddess Brigit who presides over:

  • healing
  • motherhood
  • midwifery
  • element of fire, in particular the hearth at home

I am beginning to think that mythology is truth and what we’ve come to know as truth is either completely not truth, or a shaded version of truth.

==>Horns & Antlers

Celtic mythology says these point to the recycling nature of all life.  Stags grow antlers in the Spring (symbolic of birth, renewal and the return to life), and fall off in the Fall (symbolic of death, introspection and hibernation).

CelticSymbolsCernunnos -Ram&Snake
The earth delights to feel your bare feet; the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Khalil Gibran

Horns and antlers are a testimony to the very transience of life.  They are also a miniature reminder of some very cosmic concepts: the sun and the moon.

  • horns in a crescent shape are symbolic of the crescent moon
  • the moon is a Celtic symbol of union with female energy
  • moon-horns are symbolic of agricultural abundance.  Celtic god Cernunnos was known as “The Seeder”; the one who plants the seed and secures the proliferation of life.

An interesting sidebar about seeds is that seeds of all kinds are almost always female in symbolic-gender.  The visual of an upwards-turned crescent moon doubles as a womb, a container in which potential is caught, held and incubated to new potential!

Number 6

In the Bible the number 6 symbolizes man and human weakness, the evils of Satan and the manifestation of sin. Man was created on the sixth day. Men are appointed 6 days to labour.

In numerology the number 6 is a symbol of completeness.  It also symbolizes beauty and high ideals.  The Pythagoreans acknowledged that number 6 is the first perfect number.


I know messages of Spirit are for me, but also for others.  As I am finishing up writing I am smiling, because March is just around the corner; spring is in the air.  My dream, the message of Spirit and the message of spirit animal ram – well, they all just jive.

I also think about Yeshua, depicted as the sacrificial lamb for humankind.  Easter, or Eostre is just around the corner.

Spring is in the air for all of us who are seeking to walk in truth; for all light workers who are seeking to become the best self for the greater good of this universe.

What will happen six (6) months from now?  Who knows, I just find it cool that it is my birthday month, August.


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