Electromagnetic Thoughts & Emotions

How aware we are of the energy that is produced by our emotions and thoughts will determine how our lives turn out, including the body that we wear in this human journey.

In the book Seth Speaks, The Eternal Validity of the Soul, he says that

“the ‘inner self’ forms the body by magically transforming thoughts and emotions into physical counterparts.”

Now, I am the first to say and believe that how and what I think about will be my projected reality.  However, I never once thought that the body I am wearing is my formation.  The only extent to which I can say I might think that is I believe that the health of my body and how well it functions has everything to do with my thinking.  As an example, let’s say flu season is coming up.  We are pounded by ads to get a flu shot, which I will not do.  People start thinking, “Oh, if I don’t get the flu shot I will get sick.”  So they get the flu shot; some get sick and some don’t.  It is no different for someone who says they will not get the flu shot.

The difference is that when we hear the flu is all around and we start thinking, “Oh no.  I’m going to get the flu.”  We continue with that mind set and sure enough we will get the flu.  But, if we refuse and adamantly say there’s no way I am getting the flu and turn our mind to anything else, then we are not “feeding the sick thoughts.”  We give them no energy to develop.Head Shaped Like Earth-Trees

Seth tells us that the condition of our body perfectly mirrors our subjective state at any given time.  I will give him that.  But like I said I am having a difficult time wrapping my head around the fact that I decided to build this perfect piece of machinery I am walking around in.  And, that is okay.  At least now I am thinking about it.

If you and I believe that our thoughts can form and project into reality, external to ourselves, all sorts of matter, then we ought to be able to believe that we can do this with our body.  As I am writing I am recalling my wondering about how animals can regrow limbs and the like, and why the human cannot replace a missing appendage or other body part.  Surely the Creator, creating us His most masterful piece, would endow us with these same abilities and more than animals.

I believe the difference is that the animals don’t think about growing a new limb, it just happens.  Nature takes its course without any invitation by the animal.

Whereas the human, so conditioned to it not being the way it is, or it is impossible or it needs some preacher to pray a miracle for us, we just don’t believe it.  The simple fact of thinking about it, preconditioned as we are, negates any possibility of it happening.

“Every single cell in the human body replaces itself over a period of seven years. That means there’s not even the smallest part of you now that was part of you seven years ago.” ― Steven Hall, The Raw Shark Texts

“The author cites researcher David Howard’s idea of post-traumatic growth. Howard contends that some individuals faced with a traumatic event actually develop new strength.” ― Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder

Each emotion and thought has its own electromagnetic reality, completely unique.  It is apparently equipped to combine with certain others according to the various ranges of intensity.  A good analogy to what this suggests is that like the images we see on our television set, we form these three dimensional objects in much the same way as what is seen on the television.  Like the television set, if we are not ‘tuned in’ to the particular frequency then the object of our projection will not be seen by us.

Question:  Is Seth saying that I may have produced 3D objects that are in existence, but because I am not tuned into their frequency, I cannot see them?  Are there things currently in existence that I cannot see, yet you or someone else can see them?  As I try to understand with my limited human thinking, I recall seeing flashes of shadows passing out of the peripheral of my eye, on many occasions.  Is this an example of being ‘somewhat’ tuned in, for whatever reason?

I see waves of energy all the time, and as of late they are increasing.  In fact last evening I saw this curved wave, some distance in front of me, just above head level, when I was sitting in a chair.  I couldn’t get rid of it and could see it out of the corner of my eye as I watched the news.  It slowly moved in a forward direction, to the right and was moving towards me.  Eventually the waves of energy had lengthened and had reached a point right in front of me, on my right side, where I reached up with my palm faced upwards and felt ‘something’ as it stopped in the middle of the palm.  I felt like I was greeting a friend and I felt a warmth and welcoming.

Is that a projection that appeared because of some thoughts I was having or had earlier in the day, an energy assuring me of its presence?  I’ve felt an intense closeness to something I cannot describe; a changing in my vision and in my hearing.  To pick up the Seth book and open to a page that dealt with what I have just written, was almost like a confirmation of the reality of what I saw and felt.  I am tuning in, of that there is no doubt.  To what end, only time will tell.

The key message I am getting as I write this is that we really need to open up our ‘everything’ to the unknown, the impossible and improbable, and in doing so we will encounter things like this.  They are already in existence (for lack of a better word), but we’re just not tuned in.

Seth tells us that we each act as transformers, unconsciously, automatically transforming highly sophisticated electromagnetic units into physical objects.  I like his use of the word “unconsciously” because he just now answered the question I asked above.

Mind-Thoughts-EmotionsThough I cannot see it, does not mean it does not exist.  Each thought and emotion spontaneously exists as a simple or complex electromagnetic unit — unperceived, incidentally, as yet by our scientists.  “As yet” is the key here.  Things that I and perhaps many others have intuitively known for years, are now being proven by science.  Just because science hasn’t proven, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or isn’t a fact.  Two years ago they published a paper after proving that our heart has a brain of its own.

It is like saying that the world was flat until someone proved it wasn’t. The need here is to start living a life that says believing is seeing – not seeing is believing.

As you and I know, when things get intense – when our emotions get intense, various parts of our body react in different ways, depending on the emotion.  The more intense the feeling the greater the impact.

Well, it is the same with respect to the projection into existence of the matter of our thoughts.  The intensity determines both the strength and the permanency of physical images into which the thought or emotion will be materialized.

Perhaps this explains the ‘fleeting’ images I get out of the corner of my eye; as if they were but weren’t really there.

If our thoughts are creating these things, then the ‘form’ that we have created is not permanent; permanency is an illusion.  Consciousness must always be in a state of change, so why would anything created ever be of a permanent nature?

If this is too far out for you, think about the times you or someone else you knew called out of the blue and you or they said, “Oh!  I was just thinking about you.”

What we call miracles, is the natural order of things as they were created.

“Jesus is not suspending the natural order with His miracles. He is temporarily restoring it.”  ~ Jon Hauser

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  1. I’ve been noticing the phenomena you’re speaking of for years. We may know some of the things we are creating, and we may not know some of the other things. I may tune into a certain frequency here in North America, and something may physically appear or change in Bolivia. Much of it is like the famed butterfly effect. We don’t always know what we are creating, but we can see the general consciousness by doing no more than looking around us.

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