Our Body Regenerates

In several blogs I have made reference to the fact that animals can regrow lost or missing limbs, suggesting that surely the human, YHWH’s greatest creation, ought to have that same ability to regenerate lost and missing limbs, etc.

This is one of the blog’s where I discussed the subject of regeneration.

Tooth Regrown in 9 Weeks

I have a personal desire to regrow teeth that are missing due to a dental “error” that caused an infection requiring tooth extraction.  To get implants I was looking at $10k plus; a bridge or crown of course was impossible.

By chance (no way) I came across this video and article (dated Nov 2017) by Dr. Jeremy Mao, where a person regrew her/his teeth within 9 weeks of stem cell therapy, using stem cells from their own body.

So, I am not wrong in my belief that our bodies can regenerate.  Our skin cells are dying off and regenerating all the time.

As individuals we simply need to know, to belief and be open to the endless possibilities before us.

The procedure is less intrusive and less risky. Their is no possibility of rejection like there is in implant work where foreign materials are introduced and installed in the mouth.

I am still applying Reiki to that side of my mouth and bringing it before Creator in prayer and meditation; still acknowledging to the living organisms that make up this body I wear that they do have the power and ability of regeneration.  With intent and belief – in the Creator for whom nothing is impossible, I will continue in my belief and doing what is impressed by Spirit.



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