Body’s Wiring System-Meridians & Acupressure-Puncture Points

I didn’t realize how fortunate I was when I lived in Toronto with so many traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and apothecaries.  My favourite store was just up the street from a place I used to live and they were like family to me.

The elderly apothecary did not speak any English, and if his son or daughter weren’t around when I went in, I would have to go back if I needed something different or had questions.

In this small city where I live, we are slowly becoming more international with the influx of new immigrants but I have yet to see a TCM shop being set up.  I am hoping it does happen, whether or not I remain in this city, people could benefit much.

Now, about this blog.  I was re-reading and reviewing some of the symptoms and things in a couple of books I have (of course I have books … for just about everything).

Man in Your Ear

I was actually trying to hunt down this picture you see here of the Man in the Ear which shows the various acupressure-acupuncture points in the ear and the parts of the body that each connects with.

Man in Your Ear - Acupuncture Points - Mar 2018
Ear Acupuncture-Acupressure Points – Man in Your Ear

In the above image of the ear, it is pretty amazing how the outline forms that of a complete human body.  You have to admit that our blessed Creator truly has mapped out our lives beautifully.  If I am not aware of the points in the ear, then perhaps I am aware of the points in other parts of my body, covered by studies in:

  • reflexology (foot-hand)
  • iridology (eyes)

and, I am sure other types of “…ologies” (psychology?) that are available to us.

Below is a chart with images of the acupressure points in the hands and the feet.  As with the ear, these points and meridians are associated with the different functions and organs of the body.

We are certainly wired for health!

Hand-Feet Acupressure Points

Hand-Feet Pressure Points 4 Body - Mar 2018
Hand-Feet Acupressure Points

Traditional Chinese Medicine & 5 Elements

Still haven’t been able to locate the man in the ear article and in my searching on the internet I came across some other information on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)  about the influence of the five elements on our health.

TCM Yin-Yang Body Organs & Elements If you now include the the hand-feet and hands meridians and eye iridology with the influences of the five elements on our health you cannot help but be amazed at just how loving and nurturing Mother Nature is in the desire that we stay healthy.  After all, we were fashioned from earth.

When I was reading the material and putting this together I found that it somewhat

12 Meridians
12 Meridians

simplified things a bit.  I don’t know about anyone else, but when I first looked at all those dots and lines criss-crossing the body defining our meridians and pressure points, I wanted to have nothing to do with it.  It looked too complicated for someone like me with no medical background (other than living life, of course, and knowing my own body).

My hope is that this chart re TCM and the 5 elements might be a trigger for someone to take an interest and realize they can help themselves stay healthy in collaboration with their own body.

I doubt very much that Father created us such that only the millionaires would be able to maintain healthy bodies.

I believe that “MY” Father created me, just like every other human, with my own “no price attached” ability to keep my body healthy. So, having said that, knowing I do not have the money to walk into a dentist, for instance, and slap down $20,000 for two implants:  unless I win a lottery, then these teeth of mine WILL come back.

TCM 5 Elements & Body-Symptoms - Mar 10, 2018
5 Elements-Body Areas-Symptoms in TCM

Personal Experience(s)

In looking at the symptoms associated with metal I cannot help but conclude that these symptoms which I have suffered are as a direct result of the element of metal.

  • I suffered grief with the loss of two brothers in the last four years.
  • minor breakouts on my face – never so much as had one zit my entire life until the last couple of years
  • unexplained rashes and itching skin
  • left chest pains in the area of my heart
  • nose bleeds for no reason
  • tooth infection that had the entire right side of my face swell up like a balloon (never before had anything like this occur)
  • extreme dryness of my skin (which I attributed to being in North America with dry heat of winter and air conditioning of summer, but which has been worse.)
  • I have also experienced intestinal issues and self-treated for parasites which may have been as a result of something I ate.

I listened to these symptoms and my body.  I researched alternative therapies which I utilized, along with doing monthly detoxes and weekly 24 hour fast detoxes for over a year to clean out my colon.

At its worst, I felt like I was more bloated than when I had been pregnant with my children and I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  My stomach was as hard as a rock and at times I felt a pressure under my rib cage.In reflection I realized that during those grieving periods, especially the year following my first brother’s death, I had stopped taking care of myself and eating as I have most of my life.

==>>Crap Food Hurts

I proved to myself (not consciously intending to do so) that eating the wrong food makes you sick and hurts your body’s organs.

An avid juicer, who was happy to live on juice and nuts, I was buying processed food products (cans and packaged).  It is my absolute belief that putting those processed foods in my body and eliminating my juicing helped to contribute to a build-up of parasitical infections and blockages in the colon.

I am ever grateful that Spirit continues to impress upon me to seek natural remedies, reminding of past successes since beginning my alternative journey with TCM, Ayurveda and of course my studies in Reiki and Therapeutic Touch.

I am so grateful to the people who share their wisdom, knowledge, experience(s) and expertise on the internet.  With so many resources available to us, there is no earthly reason why all of us cannot be at our best.


  1. The man in the ear makes perfect sense. Our spirit man comes out of the act of spiritual hearing. Why wouldn’t there be a whole man in the ear? The physical body is always telling us something about the spirit man.


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