Seasons of Nature – How to Collaborate

The view from the Zen Den in my home where I do my writing and also have my massage table for Reiki.

Sitting on the shelf I have several plants I took in from the balcony last Fall and they are beginning to blossom.

Winter raged through here the last few days and it is gorgeous.  Compared to other winters, this was a breeze.  Even though Winter is still here, Spring anticipates her rebirth, as can be seen by the Geraniums that have begun to blossom in the window.

Such is the beauty of contrast and differences … if only we people could see one another with these same eyes of love and admiration, celebrating our differences and how very much we complement one another forming the total package so to speak.  Sigh ….


Geraniums Mar 2018 (1a)

Geraniums Mar 2018 (2a)


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