Re-Post – Vitamin D-Cancer & Nagalese

Sharing this post just written on my other blog today.  Contains info on Vitamin D and its sources, etc., but more than I originally intended on writing.  There is a video included, that I came across as I was finishing the blog.  It’s a lot of cloak and dagger stuff, stuff of which clandestine movies are made!

Sharing it here to impress upon all of us that we are responsible for our own health and ought never blindly accept and ingest something when we do not know what is being fed to our body.  Sometimes the cure is very much worse than the illness.

I came across some information that I found rather critical concerning vaccines and the introduction of something into our bodies that negates Vitamin D’s ability to defend against cancer and other viral infections.  It is information I do not want to believe, and yet I was brought to it for a reason.

As for vaccinations, I do not do the flu vaccine that rolls around every year primarily because I have no idea what they are injecting into my body.  My body is my responsibility and not knowing what I am taking is not something I choose to do.  I cannot blame somebody else for something that I willing participate in doing to my body.

As of today, at least, I am not forced to get these flu shots and so I will continue to avoid.

This blog provides basic info on the reasons we need Vitamin D, sources, etc. But, it also contains some information that I tripped over recently concerning an element called Nagalese that negates the body’s ability to fight off cancer by destroying the element that binds the Vitamin D. There is a video included at the end […]

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