Science & Truth

This is short, sweet and succinct.

It’s about something I just read in The Last Four Books of Moses about Science and its bid to define Truth.

Science comes from the Latin “scire” meaning “to know.” The author, Moshe Daniel Block, ND, expresses the opinion that:

“the goal of science is and has always been to know the Truth, the nature of reality.”

Dr. Block expresses that we have made the error of allowing the discoveries of science to become the dictates of consciousness and science

“no longer serves its purpose, but rather acts to keep people limited to its definitions.”

Hallelujah is my response!  I have previously expressed that when science accepts something as a truth, it finally catches up with what many already knew.  An example was the ‘discovery’ by science a few years ago that the heart has its own brain.  I knew, others knew; just like I know but cannot prove there is a God/Higher Being/Consciousness/Creator.  Dear Lord, if there wasn’t we would be in deep, deep sh**!

Science % Truth
Science Cannot Define Truth – Can Only Catch Up

Dr. Block states that no one can know the Truth as it is undefinable. I agree. Truth is undefinable because Creator is undefinable, Yeshua is undefinable, and Yeshua is Truth.

It is when you and I try to define something that we get into trouble; when divisions arise, conflicts follow and separation eats away at the fabric of the whole, tearing it into un-relatable pieces.  By defining we limit the potential.

By attempting to define Truth we are closing the doors and windows of ourselves to ever experience the now unknown.  I do not want to live a life that has no potential for something new and exciting happening just around the next corner, or at the dawn of a new day.  Why would anyone want to live in such a world?

Truth has infinite potential and wonder and that comes from the feeling and direct experience (Being) of the Truth.

Block says that we have become stuck in the belief systems that the search for Truth has yielded, and many of us have given much of our faith over to science.

We’ve become a bunch of doubting Thomas’ needing science to provide us with the proof in the pudding.

Upside Down Return to Right Side Up

Now, this is the part that shot through my heart like a piercing arrow.  It is a truth that I too have expressed quite often in my recent writings about how the Spirit is returning to Her rightful place as first with the human body a loving and collaborative tool in the hands of Spirit. This is the right order of things and the opposite to the way we have lived for centuries, where Spirit has often been less than a whisper or a thought to many.

It always was intended as a rightful order that it be Spirit-Mind-Body, not Mind-Body-Upside Down Right Side UpSpirit.

Block expresses the exact same idea in the matter of science and truth when he says:

“Science can be employed very well to serve humanity.  When humanity becomes a servant to science, things become negative and backward.”

Solution to Eliminate Necessity of ‘Proof’

Everything that is, was, or will be of need to anyone of us is found within.  We must start listening to what our Self tells us is True, Right and the Way.  The Bible calls it the gift of Discernment.  Discernment or Intuition, it does not matter the label we apply.

We are all capable of discernment.  We are all intuitive, but many have not discovered this and others of us need to be more obedient to Self when She gives direction or correction.  We need to hone these gifts, and this comes by practise, by use and by use more and more until it is indeed second nature; we don’t think about it, we just act upon it.

I am not discouraged.  No one should be discouraged.  Be encouraged by Yeshua himself, for we are told in Scripture that Yeshua learned obedience through the things he suffered.  Now I don’t like the suffering part, at all, yet I can relate for it too has been my way of doing things.

What I love and I hope you see and will grasp hold of with all of your heart and mind is that Yeshua had to learn these things.




  1. Everything that can be learned can be learned within, because that is where Yeshua dwells. I’d like to think that I don’t have to learn everything firsthand like science. It’s nice to know, with a little inner ear applied, the way has already been paved for us, and we can eliminate that step.


    1. Totally agree with you. When I think about these things, I truly believe that Scripture that tells us there is “nothing new under the Sun/Son”. I do not believe anybody “dis-covers” anything (i.e. that it is a ‘first time’ thing). I believe that when the time (loosely used word), appointed time is right, then YHWH permits the person so chosen, to “un-cover” what already exists.

      It is another confirmation, at least for me, that everything exists at once.

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