I am a visualizer, if there is such a word. At first I had no name for what I did as a matter of course; as second nature to me as breathing.

I see things that aren’t there all the time:  e.g., reading a simple sentence I see more than the words on the page, listening to a song or a lecture, I hear more than the words being spoken, looking at a cloud float by I see the things that are hidden within or perhaps the dancing energies on the other side.

Visualization is a method used in a relative new age movement by people and organizations to manifest wealth, the job they want, the things they want, etc.  But, visualization for this woman has been a tool all of my life for having conversations with Yeshua, for begging YHWH to please let up on the intense lessons I am often forced to learn (most times by my own decisions, which might not have been so great).

Visualize by R CollierI cannot separate visualization from prayer; since a child I held an image of a “God” who was waiting to strike me dead if I walked into a non-Catholic church.  Not a pretty picture, but a very accurate one for a 7 or 8 year old girl.  I visualized “God” with a lightening bolt raised in his hand just waiting for me to “make the wrong move.”

I visualize in prayer but never called it visualization.  I’ve just always “gone somewhere” else to have these serious conversations with my “God”.  I put the word God in quotes because he was scary to me as a child.  It wasn’t until much later in life, as I developed my relationship (after being baptized at 40) with Yeshua that I came to see “God” as my Loving Father YHWH.

What is Visualization

It is a technique that uses our imagination to create particular states of mind and being. Although it uses our imagination, it goes far beyond that as it involves all of our senses; not just sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste, but our emotions as well.

People use this technique for many reasons as hinted above; manifesting, improving concentration, training the mind, increasing self-confidence and problem solving.

How It Works

If you have something you are afraid of, say a spider, you can imagine one jumping onto your hand.  If you visualize clearly enough you’ll recall the instance when you experienced and generated this fear in detail.  You will then notice how your body responds to the stress of the situation and some physical reactons that might take place.

The reasons our bodies respond this way is that the body does not distinguish between what we visualize and the reality itself.  Pretty cool to know and realize this truth.

So, now being armed with this truth, take our friend the spider.  She is in your hand, sitting there.  See her in your mind’s eye; examine her makeup, her actions and ask yourself how such a tiny, soft, furry little thing could make big old you so scared.  Are you laughing at your silliness?  This might take some repeated sessions, but if it is

Visualize and Create

something you truly want to overcome, persist as long and for as many sessions as it takes.

Benefits of Visualization

I don’t know about you, but when I decide to go somewhere in my mind’s eye, it is always some place that I want to go, and therefore might be called a ‘good’ place.  It usually gives me feelings that are healthful and beneficial:

  • feeling happy
  • feeling content
  • feeling relaxed
  • feeling like the world is perfect and I am perfect
  • feeling like everything is working out as and when it should
  • feeling like I have the strength, the wisdom and the ability to …. whatever …. AND ….
  • feeling happy as I visualize my two teeth regrowing, happy to come back to my service 🙂

When we are thinking, visualizing or dreaming about things that make us happy, the brain produces endorphins and other pleasure-giving chemicals, and our bodies experience the physical sensations of joy.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I can never have too much joy in my life!

Visualization may start in the mind (as does everything else really), but our entire body benefits and it can have a profound and lasting positive effect on the body.  Given that our body is totally alive, I can just visualize these happy thoughts dancing through every aspect of my body on the electrical currents; stopping here or there to give something an extra shot of happy, and then moving on to the next place in the journey.

How’s that for creative visualization!!


  1. Guided visualization by Yeshua is outstanding at changing our reality. Not so much with guided visualization by men. I’ve found that to be hypnotic and even dangerous. But that’s not what I wanted to say. If I can pray into it, and Yeshua’s direction takes over while I visualize a matter, it’s as good as done. 😉

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